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Thread: Yamaha Rx135 startingcoil repeatedly fusing

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    Icon5 Yamaha Rx135 startingcoil repeatedly fusing

    Hii im abhishek,
    Guys,sincerely need your help!!! I own a yamaha RX135, recently iv been having problems with the electricals. The battery just got damaged no wonder how (probably due to overvoltge)..
    I replaced the rectifier and also got the battery replaced which was in warranty but again the battery died in a few months. Till now i was using the bike without the battery but recently my starting coil got damaged. I fixed a new one in but within a week again the starting coil has died. The local mechanic suggests i redo the wiring entirely. I am really not sure of this. Can anyone tell me what is the probable cause of such a problem?? Or what part of the electrical system needs be checked? Also how much would it cost to solve the problem?
    Realy looking forward to an expert opinion before i take any further decision.

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    Default Re: Yamaha Rx135 startingcoil repeatedly fusing

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