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Lot of engine oil was thrown out of breather tube during riding. One of the problem was leakage in between timing shaft and crank case. It was rectified by fixing a bush in crank case.
Im too have that thing going with my bullet. But when i asked dad about it. He told me its just the vapour. Oil vapour
I can see my chain and clutch case side getting oily.
Before i went to the mechanic to buy a fuel filter. So i asked him randomly about the breather pipe.. he told me there is play in piston and what not. I didn't hear him much cause some mechanic lie. And last month i went to himachal. Was continously riding at 80 sometimes 100 when adrenaline kicks in.. so there was no problem neither with my piston nor there were any oil wastage. So its completely normal atleast for me.. dont know yours. But breather pipe was invented to lessen the pressure inside bottom end if im not wrong