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Thread: Nostalgic Biker's Dilemma: Bobby Rajdoot GTS. To Buy or Not To Buy?

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    Default Nostalgic Biker's Dilemma: Bobby Rajdoot GTS. To Buy or Not To Buy?

    Dear all,

    There are times when the head and logic dictates things and there are times when heart and emotions take over. I am in one such dilemma. I have never ridden a RD bobby before, but only have experience with Rajdoot 175 3 gear one. There is this fellow biker from my hometown who has a Bobby in bits and pieces. My heart says go for it, but the head says...Final cost kitna hoga...log kya kahengey( I am over six feet tall and a hefty one Hundred ten plus kilos so you can picture that )

    The parts available are

    The things missing are (not limited to, as i did not checkin person)

    **NO RC
    Sno Rajdoot GT Bobby part details Qty Estimate d Cost Comments
    1 Headlight sealed 1
    2 Headlight rim 1
    3 Wiring harness kit 1
    4 CDI, Flasher, Rectifier 1 Engine Bottom end is that of 4 speed electronic Rajdoot
    5 Headlight Horn switches 1
    6 Engine mounts(attach to frame and cyclinder head 1 Only one available
    7 Front shocks 2
    8 Front axle rod 1
    9 Full fastener kit 1
    10 Brake shoes 2
    11 Rear Brake rod 1
    12 Rear mudguard 1
    13 Handle grips 1
    14 Rear view Mirrors 2
    15 All cable kit(front brake,Accelarator, speedometer 3
    16 Petrol tank refurbished
    17 Petrol Tank chrome plate 2
    18 logos for tank 2
    19 Petrol tank Rubber pads 2
    20 Petrol Tank lock 1
    21 Bike handle lock 1
    22 Front and back hubs 2
    23 Wheel rims front and back 2
    24 Tyres front and back 2
    25 Tyre Tubes 2
    26 Frame side shields 2
    27 drive chain 1
    28 Seat foam 1
    29 Seat cover 1
    30 Foot pegs 4
    31 Stephaney holder 1
    32 Spare tyre + tube 1
    33 Spare rim 1
    34 Exhaust + bend pipe 1
    35 Exhaust shield new 1
    36 Piston only(Escorts) second oversize 1
    Engine mounts for cylinder head 4
    37 Carburator 1
    38 Airfilter hose 1
    39 Wheel hub plate and spacers 1
    40 Front fork links for shock absorbers 2
    41 Chain Adjustment assembly 2
    42 Painting 2k best quality
    43 Mechanic charges
    44 Denting and plating
    Total cost estimate

    The parts available are

    Sno part name Qty Comments
    1 Front fork Links and shock absorbers missing.
    2 Handle bar plate
    3 Front Mudguard two holes and a cut near one place, cannot be rechromed. May be useable if painted.
    4 Frame
    5 Rear swing arm attached to frame with bushes
    6 Head light Dome Needs repaint
    7 Speedometer V good condition
    8 Ignition switch
    9 Seat plate original refurbished
    10 Complete Engine bottom
    end 4 speed electronic
    Used condition, Unkown kms unsed
    11 Chain cover
    12 Rear sprocket
    13 Steel pressure plates Clutch pressure plates
    14 Tail light bracket
    15 brake and
    clutch levers
    16 brake and clutch
    Lever yokes
    17 Gear lever
    18 Kick start lever
    19 Frame batch plate
    20 Carburator Manifold
    21 Handle bar
    22 Handle bar mounts
    23 Throttle assembly
    24 Front brake cam
    25 Rear brake cam
    26 Rear axle rod Used
    27 Bobby OE block Heavy Pit rust present,
    Needs second oversize piston
    28 Bobby OE head Used and good condition
    29 Airfilter box and filter Rajdoot 175 type
    30 Rear and front number plate Rear New, front is from bajaj scooter
    31 Back Hub spacer original used
    32 New Bushes for
    shock absorbers and swing arms
    33 Side stand springs present
    34 Main stand Springs missing
    35 Back grab rail Needs re-chrome
    36 Ball racer and
    bearing for handle.
    New set

    Here are my queries

    1) Can we retrofit the old bobby head and block to the newer 4 gear bottom end...
    2) what would be the cost of missing spares alone
    3) Approx total restoration cost including painting and assembly - best of man and material.
    4) Is there a way to get this registered after restoration - what would it cost

    ##Considering the above, what would be reasonable price to purchase the existing bits from him
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    Default Re: Nostalgic Biker's Dilemma: Bobby Rajdoot GTS. To Buy or Not To Buy?

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