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Thread: Paying a visit to Pashupatinathji at Nepal in Jan 2010

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    Default Paying a visit to Pashupatinathji at Nepal in Jan 2010

    Hi All,

    Planning for a bike ride from Mumbai to Nepal to visit the Pashupatinath Temple in Jan 2010.

    Looking at leaving on 22nd and return by 30th.

    Tentative plan....
    - 22nd Jan - Its a Friday. Leave early from office and ride till Nashik.
    - 23rd Jan - Ride till Indore.
    - 24th Jan - Reach Kanpur/Barabanki/Gorakhpur.
    - 25th Jan - Ride till we reach Kathmandu.
    - 26th Jan - Sleep till late. Visit Pashupatinath Temple in the evening.
    - 27th Jan - Visit other Bhuddhist religious places. Ride till Phokara.
    - 28th Jan - Ride till Jabalpur via Varanasi.
    - 29th Jan - Reach Dhule.
    - 30th Jan - Return back to Mumbai.

    I am yet to study the exact distances per day but I think they are quite doable.
    We maintain the descipline of hitting the road by 7 AM and close for the day by max 10 PM.

    All your valuable comments/suggestions/corrections are welcome!!
    Anybody keen to Join this ride ??

    Mukul Bhat

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    Nasik - Indore - 400 kms
    Indore - Kanpur -700 kms
    Kanpur - Kathmandu - 700 kms

    Its actually doable in 4 days in a relaxed way, just try to push the first leg a bit more.
    Not advisable to ride post 7 pm on highways in the eastern part of India, its not really dangerous but its neither safe.

    Lets us know more about your preparations for the ride and there would be lots of help that you will get.

    Best of luck...
    Anup Abraham

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