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Thread: Weekend escapade with a mission: RoadTrip to Gadag, along NH 17:

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    Arrow Weekend escapade with a mission: RoadTrip to Gadag, along NH 17:

    We were cruising on NH17, later saw the sky. Clouds started to gather. Felt like its gonna rain. We had left for Gadag(near Hubli, Karnataka) from Udupi (Karnataka) to give my bike(Honda Unicorn) for my brother. As my brother was celebrating his birthday next day. He was doing his engineering and was in the last semester. Dad had cancelled his FZ for some reasons.

    So I thought of giving my bike for him as it was his last semester and apart from it he was in college. We could have put the bike in train/truck, but the biker and adventure spirit of me came saying. "Dude road trip, road trip, road trip".

    As our elders always say, follow your heart. I just did that. I planned up for a road trip. In the office cafeteria I came with this idea to Shaanib(my senior in office). He readily agreed for the Roadtrip as we were getting a national holiday as May 1 and for our luck May 2 and 3rd came as an weekend. Perfect get away for an weekend.

    So all set, here was the trip's detail in the software engineering terms.

    Project: RoadTrip to Gadag.
    Number of Resources: 2
    Name of the Resources: Shaanib M.I and Mohsin (Me)
    Devices used: Honda Unicorn (Uni)
    Effort Estimated: 8 hours
    Project Duration: 1 day.
    Route Chosen: Udupi - Kundapur - Marvanthe - Bhatkal - Honnavar - Jog Falls - Sirsi - Mundgod - Hubli - Gadag.

    So with the following details and a goal (bro's birthday was next day) we set from Udupi. Had breakfast near our flat, reset our trip meter, checked our riding gear, licenses, bike documents. And here we go…

    For the 1st leg of the RoadTrip, I rode the bike. I was feeling different, the air passing through my body (its a nirvana for a rider when he feels the air passing through). NH 17, is surrounded by greenery and don't get surprised when you come across loads of bridges.

    Within 5 mins of Udupi we got road opened for us due to less traffic. Uni was cruising around 80 kph. Within no time we crossed 50 kms and we were heading towards Kundapur (A place near Udupi, famous for food especially sea food).

    We saw clouds started to gather, I was worried on what next. If it rains we had no other option to stop and it would get delayed for bro's birthday. I just prayed to avoid rain, I remembered the nursery rhyme. "Rain rain go away, little Johnny wants to play". In no time we crossed Kundapur and clouds started to disappear, we saw the sun.

    Reached Kamat Upachar ( a nice hotel along NH 17, try out idli and vada. Don't forget to try tea there). Had our breakfast, it was a powered breakfast as the RoadTrip spirit kept us exciting every second.

    Our next stop was at Marvanth Beach, what to tell bout this place. Its not like any ordinary beach. NH 17 stretches along the beach for the distance of 2 kms. Check out the snaps to know yourself.

    Marvanthe Beach:

    Picasa Web Albums - mohsin - Road Trip to ...[/CENTER]

    After a quick photo session we moved towards Bhatkal. On the way the road was beautiful, surrounded by trees and long straights and Uni was cruising like there is no tomorrow.

    Bhatkal, its also a place with a great beach, which came in way. This is where Shaanib (my co-rider) did his engineering, we got some time and halted for a break and of course a photo shoot. Our old guy went to his college.

    With a quick break we left for Bhatkal. While cruising on Top Gear I felt bike getting slowed down. As if engine getting stalled, but I was confident as its not a problem as the day before I had given the bike to get serviced at Honda Showroom. But lady luck had different plans, we reached Murudeshwar welcome sign and then bike stalled.

    Tried my best to start the bike, but nothing happened. First time in my life Uni broke, I was devastated. Within few mins, Shaanib found a small automobile garage. I was feeling uncomfortable to give my bike to a road side mechanic, later it was Shaanib who made me to believe nothing wrong will happen. Finally the mechanic found the problem, it was with the spark plug as some dust had accumulated.

    Problem solved, had a lemonade as mechanic fired the engine. Here we go again…

    After Murudeshwar next place according to our route was a place called Kumta. After few mins of ride of Murudeshwar we came across a sign of the famous Jog falls. And jog falls was near to Hubli, also Shaanib had never seen Jog falls in his life. Without thinking much we took a detour and rolled towards Jog falls.

    Within no time ghats started, no traffic and surrounded my greenery. It was a bliss, Shaanib got bored by sitting as a pillion and he started to ride. He was amazing in the ghats, by perfectly managing turns and we maintained constant speed. Many times we were about to kiss road, it was awesome.

    Sharavathi river:
    We were conquering the ghats, in the rhythm of nature. Suddenly around 40 kms to Jog Falls we spotted a sunset point. Saw the view, it was awesome. Even you can spot the famous Linganmakki Dam from that sunset point. We pitted for few mins, again another round of photo shoot.

    Jog falls:
    After an hour of ride in the ghats we reached world famous Jog Falls. The falls were not upto their usual brim as due to less rains in the catchment area. Anyways we could figure all the 4 falls and their names are Raja, Rani, Rocket and Roarer. While in school we had a kannada lesson explaining the beauty of Jog falls, they saw "If you born as a human, atleast once in a life time you need to visit Jog" . (Sorry for the bad translation, in kannada it feels good).

    After a brief photo session we headed towards Sirsi. Another well known town famous for areca nut and coconut. The road was amazing, single road and surrounding full greenery. The road was welcoming us with no traffic. And Uni was with here best, cruising along the road. We had lunch at Sirsi. Nice lunch, we were just grabbed whatever came our way. With the tummies full and fully charged up we went in the direction of Hubli.

    Along the way to Hubli we across a place called Mundgod, which is a tibetan settlement area. Which has a big monastery, schools and their residing quarters. The place looked so calm, you could feel you have achieved some kind of Nirvana. We just explored the streets, with kids waving us. We dint had guts to get some pics, as everyone there were praying. We felt it will be an offense to click some snaps. Quietly we went to our way, saying all the best for the students and people there.

    We were welcomed by Golden Quadrilateral (NH 4) on way to Hubli. The NH 4 is well maintained, structured and even traffic is well maintained. We couldn't control ourselves to get few clicks of the road.

    Reached Hubli, it feels like home for me. We went to meet my sis and cousins, had tea and chatted with cousins about their schools. More than themselves, the cousins were excited about the roadtrips. So they also getting ready to tour..??

    It was around 8 when we left for Gadag (55kms from hubli ), I could feel the smell of being at home. We got prepared ourselves for the night drive, as it was cold and reached home (Gadag) around 9.20 pm. We just entered whole atmosphere at home got changed as no one knew about the roadtrip, my sis and mom were pretty excited for coming down and the roadtrip idea was awesome for mom.

    We watched the IPL match of rajasthan royals, in which they played well. While having dinner, mom asked "Are you tired..??"

    "Give us permission, we are ready to make another roadtrip by going back".

    Trip Summary:
    - Route: Udupi - Kundapur - Marvanthe - Bhatkal - Honnavar - Jog Falls - Sirsi - Mundgod - Hubli - Gadag.
    - Total Distance: 490 Kms.
    - Fuel Used: ~9 litres
    - Food: You get loads of great hotel and dhabas along NH 17. If you are in, Marvanthe Beach try out "Kamat Upachar" Sirsi try out "Hotel Panchavati", Hubli any thing but try some bhajji's(like vada pav) and famous mishra and thakur pedhas.
    - Important tip: While riding on NH 17, don't forget to get your camera.
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    Best Travel Blogger Contest Thread Approved.

    @Mohsin: Please check the image links; these are not working. I am approving the thread for the moment. Please edit your post and update the links properly. search of that perfect world - My Travel Blog :)

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    Hi Admin,

    I just added my photos in the picasa account and later added those individual photos link in the road trip post. Is there anything else I needed to do...??

    This is my picasa album link. Even I have given permissions as public. Kindly help me out for this.

    RoadTrip to Gadag

    Or there is any photo resolution problem..?? As the photos are of 2048 x 2000 resolutions.. Does this affect anything..?/
    Last edited by mohsinkhawas; 01-20-2010 at 03:47 PM. Reason: Added a query

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    Nice pics there mohsinkhawas..
    @Aryan: Is this allowed to post links to another website on which we uploaded our pictures like picasa, photobucket, flickr etc..? I'm asking coz if it's allowed, I'd to like to do the same in future!
    Last edited by rals.aro; 01-20-2010 at 04:05 PM. Reason: typo

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