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Thread: one fall, many pitstops and a great ride...!

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    Default one fall, many pitstops and a great ride...!

    I loose my inhibitions, I loose my solitude,
    With the wind in my hair and dust in my face,
    In me a great concoction is brewed.

    The grease, the pain, the oil the stain,
    Where do I go, this cross, that main?
    Oh thy road, be my abode,
    let the showers of blessings on me be bestowed.
    Fill up the tank, grease the chain,
    I ride again into the rain, I ride again into the rain.....

    Coastal karnatka on my yezdi did things to me.....The bad roads the good roads, the salt in the air, the girl who was oh-so fair....
    After cancellations and deliberations, 7 fools finally decided to go on a trip to the coast and malnad regions of our wonderful state.
    2 men on 2 bikes and 5 ladies in a car (by ladies i mean men who preffered a car to a bike) headed out to the coast, following each and every milepost. I intended to keep this travelogue short and rhyming...!!

    Started from Mysore, had breakfast at madikeri and headed out towards Kasargod.

    Their first stop was bekal fort in kasargod. Enroute the fool on the yezdi slipped and fell and had a few scratches, which bought him closer to reality a few more notches.
    The ladies took him took the nearest doc, and was treated with iodine, which made this fool whine...!!!
    And true to his hyppocratic oath, the doc who treat me did not accept any money, which in todays times, was quite uncanny.

    En route-

    Bekal, where the tuhire song from bombay was shot.

    The view was worth a million bucks..

    It was late noon when the fools left bekal fort, and headed out towards karnataka's coast. The road to mangalore had many a pothole, the traffic on the NH17 was quite out of control. Thanks to the night and diminishing site, the fools decided to call it a night and stopped at a decent lodge in surathkal between mangalore and udupi.

    The next day they were late by an hour or two, thanks to the barley and some inspiration from bob marley. They headed out towards Kaup, a little known beach near udupi. The light house, the sand the sea, sets you free...

    Sun bathing 'on the rocks...."

    After meeting an old friend here, the fools headed towards gokarna, the land of shiva, sun and beer.
    Enroute to gokarna, there is a place called honnavara, and 6 kilometers form here is a lesser known place called apsarakonda, which literally means Pond of the Celestial Nymphs.Legend says that the Apsaras (Heavenly fairies) used to come here to bathe and relax. The fools literally missed the apsaras at this place. Prove me wrong.

    Old boy and the sunset.

    The bridge crossing over to honnavar.

    5 fools, the sea, the sunset.

    After this amazing experience, the fools headed out to gokarna. On the way one of the fool on the bike got lost somewhere and the fools lost a precious hour and a half. They halted at kumta, a small town and went a little less on the barley.

    After an early start, the fools headed to Om beach in gokarna.
    The winding roads, the salty winds, the calm sea oh...i felt like a gypsy...
    The 6km stretch next to the sea between kundapur and gokarna.

    Check out the OM shape here..

    The boats beckons, the mind reckons...

    The bikes..the mountain, the sea.

    After a hearty manglore meal at gokarna, the fools headed out to yana in malnad region.
    The woods are dark and deep, and miles to go before I sleep.

    Yana- the famous rock formation. A place that everyone should visit once.

    After a tiring trek through yana the fools headed out to unchalli falls.

    After a tiring tiring day, the fools halt at sagar, and the next day head back to mysore via shimoga and arsikere.
    The roads were awesome, the ride was tiresome, and the experience...a million rupees.
    The one memorable thing this fool wont forget is about a young boy, around 18 or 19, who walked up to me in the middle of the road in sagara. He saw my Yezdi, came up to me and asked if i was from Mysore. I said yes. He walked around my yezdi, touched it here and there like a kids new toy and asked me to sell it to him..!!!! I had to somehow convince him i was not going to sell it to any one..!!!
    Finally he took my number, told me he was going to call me sometime soon, and i better search out a yezdi for him..!!
    After 1200kms, a lot of bad and good roads, this moment was my master card moment...!!!!

    I lost 2 indicators due to the bad roads, and my helmet due to some fools desperation. I gained 3 bruises, a great ride, and a lot more respect for the road...
    The greatest feeling in life is to watch the exhaust of the twin engines of a yezdi on your rear view mirror....!

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    I hold 4 aces.........but I do not know how to use them....!!!

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    Best Travel Blogger Contest Thread Approved. search of that perfect world - My Travel Blog :)

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    LOL.... that was funny... a lot of 'fools' though... Good one

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