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Thread: A ride to remember

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    Lightbulb A ride to remember

    Sunday, 7th June 2009

    Total distance covered: 415km

    Aayush – CD Dawn
    Moeed – Platina
    Nirmal – Pulsar 150
    Rajganapathy – Thunderbird Twinspark
    Ravi – Pulsar 150
    Shivag – Pulsar 150
    Sriram – Pulsar 150
    Yogi – Pulsar 150

    Dinesh on Thinderbird
    Ravi’s friend on Pulsar

    I started from my home at 5:40am and reached the meeting point i.e Food world Mehdipatnam at 5:45am. Aayush and Sriram came after 5 minutes. After some time Raj, Dinesh, Ravi and his friend turned up. We started at 6:00am. Took the airport road and met Shivag and Yogi on the way. Reached the srisailam highway at 6:30am. The weather was perfect for the ride.The roads were in good condition with less trafic. I was leading the group. We were doing 75kmph.

    Our first stop at a Dhaba

    Our breakfast

    At dindi reservoir

    Our first stop at 7:00am was a dhaba for breakfast. We guys had idlis, vadas, puris and tea. Clicked some pics and resumed our journey. Speeds were maintained at 75kmph as there were guys in the group who were new to highway riding. Took a few short breaks in between.

    Our bikes in a semi-circle

    In the Srisailam Tiger Reserve

    Way to the waterfalls

    Our next break was Dindi reservoir after some 125km. It was a nice place. Went down to the water and clicked some more pics. Started off after a nice break. After riding for 25km we reached the ghat section. Clicked a few snaps there.

    Finding our way out

    Tired souls

    We're lost

    I give up

    Sweating bodies

    After a few twists and turns we entered the Srisailam tiger reserve. The road from here onwards was awesome with trees on both sides. Stopped for a while and clicked snaps and then resumed.

    Clear waters

    Soaked in sweat

    Took a left turn from the highway to Mallela Theertam Waterfalls. The road to the waterfalls was a muddy track of 8km. We had to ride at 40kmph on this bumpy track. Finally reached the waterfalls at 12:00pm. Parked our bikes. Sat for a while and drank water. Now we started descending the stairs to the waterfalls. Reached the falls. It was a treat to the eyes to see nature’s beauty in such a well preserved form. Without wasting time, we went into the falls. The water was chilling and relieving after the 200km ride. Sat under the falls for about half and hour, clicked pics and had snacks. After the snacks, we went into the falls again. Came out after another half an hour.

    Now the real game begins i.e trekking. Yogi suggested that we trek to the top of the waterfalls. So we started trekking at 1:30pm. It was no easy task, carrying the backpacks on the slippery sand and soil and climbing rocks. Somehow we managed to reach the top by helping one another on the steep incline. Walked for about half an hour in search of the tip of the waterfall, we realised that we were had lost our way. Every one was tired and frustrated and angry but didn’t lose hope. We even ran out of drinking water and were thirsty and sweating. We were so tired of the steep rock incline that we just sat down on the rocks while Yogi and Raj went in search of the way out. We tried to find out ways of getting out but instead got lost deeper into the jungle. Everyone had their fears since we were in India’s largest tiger reserve. I was clicking pics of the tired, frustrated and sweating faces of the guys. After 2 hours of struggling in the jungle, finally we heard the sound of water and the voices of people at the bottom of the falls. Everyone took a sigh of relief as we spotted the cars parked in the parking lot.

    Lost in the jungle

    Wait! The adventure doesn’t end here. We wanted more. So we trekked again to the top of the waterfalls. Sriram, Aayush and Shivag decided to go to the parking lot and rest there. The remaining guys trekked and the view from the top of the falls was breathtaking. It was worth the extra effort. We went into the water and lied down and suddenly ravi jumped up shouting leeches! Yes there were tiny leeches on all our body. We removed them off, went back to our bikes and bought water from the shop and drank water like camels and had biscuits which yogi had brought with him.

    Took some rest ans started our journey back at 4:30pm. I was so tired that I wanted to reach Hyderabad as soon as possible. So I was doing 65kmph on the muddy track. I almost slipped a few times but luckily managed not to fall. As everyone was feeling hungry after this tiring trekking, we decided to stop for lunch at the nearest dhaba.

    We needed rest after all that

    Took a break at 5:30pm at a dhaba after covering 70km. The veggies had dal, chana, butter paneer and the non-veg guys had chicken and mutton with rotis, butter naan and thums up. We had our fill. I was feeling so hungry that I ate 5 rotis.

    The clear blue sky

    Eagerly waiting for lunch

    Having our meal

    After the heavy lunch we started off at 6:30pm. Still we had to do 130km. We started ripping to cover the maximum distance before sunset as guys didn’t want to ride in the dark. We were going at constant 90kmph for the most of the time. I even touched 110kmph on a slope by overtaking the bullet and pulsars.

    It was 7:00pm and we still had to cover 90km when it started to rain heavily. We stopped for a while for the rain to stop or atleast slow down but it did not happen. So we had to ride in heavy rain and got drenched from head to toe. In a bid to reach as soon as possible we were doing 90~95kmph in the rain. I couldn’t see anything as I have spectacles and my eyes were going blur due to the water(which was literally pinching my face) and the headlights of the oncoming vehicles. I just wished that my spectacles had wipers so that it could be easy to see in the rain. After a lot of effort and concentration, I reached my home at 10:00pm. Had my dinner and crashed to bed at 12:00am.

    The Album:

    Picasa Web Albums - moeed - Highway Nawab...

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    Nice Write up and Photos there

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