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Thread: Seeking Advice for a Bike Trip To leh!!

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    Question Seeking Advice for a Bike Trip To leh!!

    Hey Guys,

    Well dint manage to buy bike for Hubby dearest cos we needed a car.. So had to get that.. Just thought would update yall..

    Now I need all the expert advices i can get in the WORLD...

    Bunch of us are planning a Bike trip from Chandigarh to Leh sometime around 15th Aug.. None of us have any experience on such a long trip unless you count bike ride from Mumbai to Shirdi as one.. So all are kinda Scared and excited to do this trip, But we dont wanna be blind sided on what to expect on this trip.. Only my husband is aware and practised about mending bikes. this is wat i need from yall

    1. Should we even do this?
    2. which would eb the best bike. i prefer bullet but guys say its a gas guzzler, not very cost effective (oh come on, buts its bullet!!)
    3. where can we hire bikes in chandigarh cos we dont wanna carry them all the way from Mumbai
    4. What would be the best route
    5. What is the budget one can expect for 15 day trip.
    6. What should we be cautious and careful about..
    7. What all (first aid and everyting) should we carry
    8. How good or bad is the weather, a few of us are kinda not very fit in health (translation: FAT) so will it be advisable.
    We are a total of 6-8 people (4 grls and rest guys) . So that makes it 4 bikes and one car (just to be super safe plus guys wanna avoid pillions)

    The number may increse and we are even considereing joining a group.. But the thing is we also wanna enjoy the ride so we aint gonna go very fast!!

    Waiting to hear from all

    Thanks ya..

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