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Saddlesore on Pulsar 135

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  • Saddlesore on Pulsar 135

    Hi to all happy to inform all of you that i completed my saddlesore last weekend driving from bangalore to khikvi near pune and coming back !

    Total distance
    1674 km

    time taken
    23 hours and 40 minutes

    Log comin soon!
    Saddlesore on a Pulsar 135

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    topic approved.

    Whats with xBhpians and SaddleSore these days??

    congrats anyways.
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      congrats abywaran on successfully completing your tour. Do post pics soon.
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        Congrats MAN!!!! Another little Pulsar has reached the milestone. Waiting for the log and pictures.


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          congrats man!!
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            Another p 135! Congrats bro. Waiting for the log.
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              Congrats on your SS... hope to see the detailed log soon..


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                Thanks a lot !!!!

                i have written the log in another thread i diddnt see that this thread was approved hope the mods delete that thread coz ill paste the log here itself!
                Saddlesore on a Pulsar 135



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                  I'm in my office working on a sample file but i still feel that i am on my bike .
                  the same thing in college too the lecturer asks me a question about the lessons i utter the words saddle sore.
                  My friends said do u think a pulsar which has a 135 cc engine go that far that fast.
                  hmmmm well when i said my plans to my office colleagues and college mates they looked at me and were like you need a doctor .
                  I told them back yes it can ill prove it to you guys.
                  There were also guys who said your vehicle might get seized up and conk up somewhere.

                  People never do believe that a bike is as good as its rider and the rider is as good as the bike is ! Its a lovely Bond you believe the bike and the bike
                  believes you.
                  i believe in the fact very much because i have felt the bond with my bike the day i rode it!

                  enough with the philosophy!

                  Day before the ride!

                  12 Th march
                  4 am
                  googling all the info i could get on saddle sore with some help from my senior sridhar who was rather excited about it!

                  Went home at 6 sat at my computer with my biker pal kiran writing down the city names and kms in between.
                  Kiran is supposedly my office mate we both live in the same apartments he helped a lot. Mentally preparing me by constantly telling u can do it machan!
                  thanks to you buddy!
                  then there is Gautham who was rather entertaining with his antics he was there to send me off to make
                  the mood lighter for me he cracked PJ's that was rather helpful!

                  Most helpful person with the info was Deepak Dongre (pulsurge) who i pestered so much for ride details etc etc.
                  Thanks a lot Bhai !!

                  9 am
                  Was sleeping happily in home dreaming about bikes only to be woken up by mom asking me to go to college i lied no college
                  and slept off continuing my ride on an r15.

                  4 pm
                  Was woke up by kiran he had changed my oil with a shell synthetic oil and gave me a XXX energy drink which was a freebie with the oil .

                  got ready and went to get things like perk chocolates mineral water and bubblegum's etc!

                  9 pm
                  Went to Mithlesh's place to get his camera my camera was broken! took wishes from him he said buy something for me from pune i said i can get you petrol because its cheap and that's the only
                  thing iam buying there!

                  10.30 pm
                  Went to petrol pump in Yelahanka took pics called Gautham who came in his new Apache RTR 180 .
                  the moment he saw me he said need my jacket i said no iam not comfy with jackets .

                  10.56 pm
                  the count down starts full tank up to brim and entering into the NH7 to get to tumkur road praying it shouldn't have traffic.....

                  As people say when you get your wishes you forget god well that happened to me may be god wanted me to remember him all the time because TUMKUR road was filled with trucks and four wheelers i zig zagged my way through the traffic maze!!!

                  By the time i reached tumkur i was little behind schedule as planned therefore i burst open the rev happy engine and zoomed at speeds of above hundred i was constantly above hundred since i had driven this route before for my trip to chitradurga!

                  Strange phenomenon:
                  I think many guys have heard about the hitch hikers well i don't believe in ghosts but i my believe was little broken after i experienced this about 50 kms from chitradurga i saw someone on the edge of the highway there was no vehicles in front and behind me too.

                  As routinely i switched on my high beam and low beam simultaneously i was about 50 meters i think away from that person who was dressed in something black holding a stick i honked and when i was about 10 meters away there was no one now absolutely he had vanished this was happening to me for the second time i had got this feeling some time before too don't know when but this was different. I was sure i wasn't hallucinating or something because i was wide awake and i knew there was someone because i had observed that person for about 5 seconds continuously...
                  My speed dropped i felt a chill around myself i clutched my Ganpati dollar that i wear in my neck and was OK after a few minutes

                  Then i thought god is there have no fear and ripped again towards chitradurga reached there within schedule and went on to continuing to Davangere.....

                  After that little bit of ghost or hallucination i went on to ride till davangere at 2.59 am for my first fuel break after 266 kms at an average speed of 66.7km/hr i was neck to neck with the schedule!

                  Had a nice break and started my bike again to i had promised myself that i would continue riding till 6.30 and i kept it passing by Ranibennur , Haveri , Dharwad easily with no hassles my love for nature wanted me to stop and take pics of the morning sunshine but the time didn't allow me too at 6.35 or something i stopped at a petrol punk in Belgaum it was 266 kms again but at an average speed of just above 70. Filled up up to brim and then hit the roads towards Pune praying to myself that the ongoing Kannada Sammellana shouldn't affect my ride it didn't but it brought my average speeds low because for about 10 kms the national highway was made a one way traffic due to a rally that was gonna take place during the later part of the day.

                  I had to maintain speeds and at the same time be careful about the oncoming vehicles who flashed their headlights and continued coming straight on at me it was little risky considering the turns the roads had at this part but after some 15 minutes of controlled aggression i got free roads and i took the chance to rip and rip hard ,the bike was showing no signs of tiredness neither did i feel any because i am used to waking up for 24 hours straight on many occasions.

                  As known earlier i saw an increase of two wheelers in the NH it would have been irritating for other bikers but for me i love such two wheeler traffic i weaved my way in and out of the crowd of 100cc bikes occasionally coming upon a FZ or a P 150 .

                  Don't know why but people were staring at me a little too much than the normal stares,
                  then i chuckled to myself wondering that maybe people must have thought who is this black guy on a black bike with white stripes on the middle of the bike and a stupid looking white helmet hmmm colour contrasts do play a comical part in my life!

                  I was so happy to see free roads after some time that i hit the top most speed on my bike ....

                  p.s its very high speed for a 135 cc bike!!!!
                  Last edited by abywaran; 03-26-2011, 01:35 AM.
                  Saddlesore on a Pulsar 135



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                    Huh! Its raining saddlesores in xbhp.
                    Congrats buddy for successfully completing the SS.So now you are the second person to complete it on a 135cc bike.Well narrated log,keep them coming.

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                      Wow,great buddy


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                        Originally posted by Drifty View Post
                        Huh! Its raining saddlesores in xbhp.
                        Congrats buddy for successfully completing the SS.So now you are the second person to complete it on a 135cc bike.Well narrated log,keep them coming.
                        Thanks a lot bro!!!
                        Saddlesore on a Pulsar 135



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                          Originally posted by vishnups17 View Post
                          Wow,great buddy

                          Thanks bro!!
                          Saddlesore on a Pulsar 135



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                            here are some pics of the ride!!
                            Saddlesore on a Pulsar 135



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                              Awesome man.. congrats...

                              First was nin, now you...

                              Hope all the proud P135 owners meet up some day..!!