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Thread: Trip to Lepakshi from Bangalore

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    Default Trip to Lepakshi from Bangalore

    Long week end thanks to Good Friday. This means I got a nice chance to escape the routine and go for a long ride. Started planning things and decided to drive to Ooty on Friday and return on Sunday. The plan was set, hotel booked and six riders confirmed till Ooty and one guy till Mysore. This being my first long ride, I was bit of an insomniac the previous night. The D-Day arrived and we all started by morning four thirty from Madivala. It was raining heavily and the visibility was horrible. We entered the NICE ring road and proceeded at a decent speed. The only thing visible for me was the tail light of the rider before me. I followed it cautiously and just when I was entering the Mysore road, the bike suddenly shut down as I sailed over a speed breaker. Tried starting it and it gave up after a few minutes. The process repeated a few times before which I decided to drop the ride and return home bidding good-bye to the other five.

    I returned home in a while completely drenched. I was a bit worried as the trip got abandoned, bike gave up because of some reason and my summer riding gloves was fully wet. Cursed Murphy and wished him good luck as he will not have to meet me. As the day proceeded I learnt that the seventh rider Abhinesh on a Pulsar 135 didn't go to Mysore but was planning for a ride to a place called Lepakshi in Andra. It has the world's largest Nandi as I learnt from him. Enthusiastically I decided to join him on Saturday for the ride. I put some crumpled paper in the gloves and let it dry under the fan. Took the bike to the mechanic. Water seeped into the petrol tank through the lid and there was water everywhere inside the bike is the problem sir as he told me and fixed it. End of day.

    Come Saturday, Abhinesh and I being a lazy ass decided to start a bit late by around 9 from Yehalanka. For those of you who don't know Abhinesh, he is the youngest in India to do a Saddle sore. It basically means he rode 1600 km in under 24 hours! And he did it on a Pulsar 135! Coming back to the story we met near the Esteem mall near Hebbal and proceeded to have breakfast at a small hotel there. He was telling me that this is the place where they used to have drag races late at night. I ll come see it someday I told him and we started riding. The highway 7 to Hyderabad is better than its section towards Salem. It was almost always empty, straight, smooth and was terrifically scenic. I was wondering if this is from where the tracks in NFS are inspired. We stopped at a few streches for clicks and a bio break. After a hundred odd kilometers, we turned left to the road to Lepakshi. The road was mostly one lane and sometimes two lanes. But the surrounding was magnificient. We soon arrived at the place. It was a very small village with the only road it had spoilt by rain.

    Never knew Photoshop could fetch so much respect!

    The Nandi was big but I was disappointed. It was because the Nandi was just a bull in the middle of a park! Took a few pics for the sake of it. He told me there was a temple nearby and it is a famous heritage site. From what I remember my mom telling me Nandi is always straight in line with the lingam. So we went ahead in that direction. After a few kilometers we realised we were heading the worng direction. Turned around and went back to the same place to find the temple some 45 degrees from the Nandi. Now I was completely convinced its not a Nandi but just a bull statue. Anyway the temple was pretty good. Had a few clicks and we had a terrific lunch at a small mess nearby. They serve only vegetarian meals for just 15 bucks and it was the best one I have ever tasted.

    We started back in a while, stopped for fuel once, a few clicks, coffee at Kamat and to catch site of a crashed Swift on the wrong lane half over the median and reached home in a few hours. All in all, it was a great day with a great ride and meeting with a great person Abhinesh.

    If you wish to go there, just head in the Hyderdabad road from Bangalore and you'll see a board pointing to Lepakshi on the left. Follow it. The place is about 140 km from Indira Nagar. Near the road to the temple there is a small canteen called AC Canteen, they serve awesome food.

    This place on the side of the road seemed like the next ground for IPL!

    Didn't I tell you? NFS tracks got inspired from Indian Highways?

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    Travelogue approved.
    (Been There Done That) x 3.25

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