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Thread: Friendship too needs a revise (kalyan to lonavla)

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    Default Friendship too needs a revise (kalyan to lonavla)

    Hi friends...

    This log is just about how we two friends spend a day after nearly 4 months passed..where as we stay just 5 min distance apart from each other...

    Date: Sun 12th June 2011 time: 10:00 am..
    Distance cover : 180 kms kalyan>> shilphata>>panvel >> khopoli>>Khandala>>lonavla. same while returning.

    Got up at 10:00 am and was thinking that many months have been passed but i have not met my one of my best friend Namdeo..... Even we don't call each other or meet due a religious issue called Work schedule and no time..

    He works in a BPO and i in an IT company... He never gets an off on weekends and i get on weekends only... This time i had thought that, i will got to his house as i knew that he works for evening shift then if i reach at 11:00 then i can meet him and talk to him about this 3-4 months.....

    i have a YR15 but that day i took my legend with me Kawasaki Aspire... was in garage for nealry 1 month. But still started with a single kick.. as it was raining i was very sure that i will be drenched and so i will make him too..

    Let me introduce my friend Namdeo: Lazy, boring and very quiet... he always want to tour or roam but won't say it from himself ..when we will say /make some plans then he will agree instantly supporting the event..This is my Lazy friend..

    I reached Namdeo's place full wet.. as i was wet so thought not to spend much time at his home and take to terrace or at some Tea stall..But as usual lazy bump did't wanted to go out as it was rainning...
    Suddenly i came to knew that he has an off my wecked mind played a dice and i made a plan to go out on a trip..

    A trip undecided and unknown and no destination...just to spend some time with him.... so that we can talk freely and enjoy this quality time...

    We could not go on Aspire as i din't had the papers... so planned to take is Bajaj Awenger. His middle bro wanted to go out to buy a phone so he needed that .but again a wicked dice ....and convicened him with some emotional dialogs... Now Namdeo was too ready to go on a ride... :P

    NOTE in last 1.5 yrs BAJAJ AWENGER clocked only 4072kms...

    So this time it was the time to use the 200cc beats for what it was been made for ?????

    This was the first ever long ride of this 200cc... even this happen nice...

    We left Namdeo's home by 12:00pm and headed to Shilfhata..

    By the time i was clear where to was LONAVLA..!!!!!

    Namdeo didn't wanted to go so far..due to his laziness... but i knew he will like again a wicked dice he asked me where are we going, i said Panvel mountains....

    So he was very exicited why panvel...why so far..lets go some near by place but my wicked mind didn't supported that...because we use to roam on my Aspire in our college days while bunking classes... so i knew i like long rides...

    I said ok we will go near by...but i took him to panvel then i said we will go karjat which is very greenery so he agreed but lonavla from there was just 23 kms..he hehe ..

    Hard by chance he read one of the road signs Lonavla 10km and he said " Sale tu to Lonavla leke ja raha hai " ..very funny part of this is..Namdeo don't know to ride a bike... So i knew i am the king now after reaching aprx 70 km from home.... Wah !! Wah !!! TAAj!!! now i am the only one who will take him back to home when ever i want...... he hehe

    see his happiness...
    He had already clicked few pics and were on our mission to get many pics but we all know on sun 12 june 2011 it was ranning very heavily in mumbai/kalyan and all the way to Lonavla...

    Road were very awesome..if i had brought my bike R15 then easily could have ride at 100km/hr or more....

    reahced lonavla by 2:45 pm..lonavla was jammed with cars/bike and visitors all over...

    Worse part is 60% people parked thier vehicles on way to busy dam and tiger point, so it had jammed the inner took 50mins from mangal chickki to busy dam by bike....

    we sat on Tiger point and busy dam, enjoyed the environment and crowd all over.... later went to khandala and sat over that bridge and watched western express's awesome man!! really a good road...

    left form khandala at 5m and reached home by 7m as it was rainning heavily..
    PLease watch this Rs25 per sweet corn

    took two as we were hungry...

    There were many monkeys where we sat for the refreshment.... They were playing and asking for food from every commuter...

    Enjoyed a lot with my childhood friend and really spent a quality time with him got to all what happen in this 3-4 months in our both life....

    Awenger rocks man !!! a really touring bike....!!!
    Last edited by somen1984; 06-16-2011 at 06:01 AM. Reason: broken photos

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    Triplog approved

    Request you to re-post the images as the links are showing broken to some of the images.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noor View Post
    Triplog approved

    Request you to re-post the images as the links are showing broken to some of the images.
    I tried a lot but i din't succeed in was breaking again and attaching it....

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    Default Few more

    Here i paste few more guys see it...
    Last edited by somen1984; 06-16-2011 at 06:45 AM.

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    more pics friends....

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    more again...

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    nice trip & fun you guys had it seems.

    But please make sure you avoid doing such trips on mere Slippers, Pillion in shorts & without helmet.
    .... I will rather ride my Bike thinking about God, then sitting in a Temple thinking about my Bike.. ..

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