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Thread: The siliserh lake

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    Default The siliserh lake

    Gurgaon-(45)-Daruheda-(40)-Tijara-(52)-Alwar-(32)-Siliserh Lake-(25)-Siriska Tiger Reserve-(90)-Tijara-(90)-Gurgaon
    There was no sun, the sky was overcast. According to the weather reports there were 100% chances of rain showers. Our bikes were wet and so were the roads, but who cares it was Saturday, the weekend and we had to hit the road, on our bikes, no matter what. My Blue Stallion (The Bajaj Avenger 220) was impatiently waiting to be ridden, even though it had a 1000 Km Trip the last weekend. Late evening on Friday, we decided our destination. It was to be the Siliserh Lake at the outskirts of Alwar, Rajasthan which was about 150 kilometers from Gurgaon.
    All set to go our group consisted of my friend on his Pulsar 180, along with our seniors, Hanu Sir with his wife, Sanjib Sir along with his wife and their adorable daughter in their Tata Indigo, Hanu Sirís new car and me on my Blue Stallion, the Avenger 220.
    We started from Gurgaon at 8:00 am, the weather was beautiful and completely mesmerizing, it was drizzling a bit and riding on the NH-8 with such an atmosphere was perfect cursing. We stopped at Mc. Donaldís where we had breakfast in the parking of Mc. Donaldís as they donít allow eating your own stuff under their roof. Hanu Sirís wife had brought Puri and alluu which was the worldís best breakfast, really yummy , Iím never gonna forget mamís puri alluu,there was also a yummy cake as it was Hanu Sirís Birthday.
    Moving on from there I rolled my accelerator to 110 km/hr on the NH-8 and reached Daruheda in about 20 minutes, but had to wait for their car as there was a traffic jam at Daruheda. Re-assembling again we carried on to hit the Tijara road. The first 10 kilometers where really bad due to the bad road which was under construction and full of diversions. After 10 kilometers the road was too good, four lanes, along with beautiful scenery on both sides of the road as the rains had made everything thick and green. However, not for long where ever villages came in between our cruising speed was broken and back to the first and second gear. Overall a good ride, reached the Tijara Junction in about 45 minutes.
    Heading straight towards Alwar which said 54 kilometers. Excellent road beauty personified, the Royal Roads of Rajasthan justified indeed. It was like a painting , the black road, tall highway tress, green fields on either side of the roads and cloudy weather , perfect , I wished the road never ended , could ride for ever on this road .We saw a beautiful peacock walking on the road, wanted to stop and click photographs but did not want to break my cruising speed. Continuing we came across beautiful hills and as the clouds were low they touched the Aravali mountain ranges. The landscape was completely breath taking and soul touching! We had to stop and click photographs, so we did and moved on.
    We reached the city of Alwar; as usual there came a Y junction, two roads damn! I hate dividing roads; feels all philosophical as to which road to take we stopped and questioned two to three people and came to know the left takes one to Alwar from the outside of the city and the right one takes one from within the city , hence to avoid all the traffic and noise we took the highway to bypass the city .Very soon we were lost again and had to ask someone on every turning we reached till we hit a sign board saying Jaipur straight 140 kilometers and right Siriska 32 kilometers hence we took the right getting out of the Alwar City through a road which cuts between two hills. The scenic beauty was at its peak here too as the clouds were too low and hills were all covered by them, felt amazing.
    After around twenty kilometers once again the freaking dividing road with two roads, one going straight and one going right, we had to ask people for directions, we had to go right. The straight road went to Siriska Tiger reserve.Once again all mesmerized with the beauty of the road and the surrounding .Though there was a single road but the scenic beauty was too good. There was a canopy of trees, on either side of the road the trees and mountains lent a wondrous site. Hanu Sir was going ahead of us and I wanted to click some photographs, so had to overtake him and tell him to stop in order to capture some amazing scenes.
    For a moment we all thought, have we come to Rajasthan or to some hill station because the clouds ,the hills , rich green trees and the drizzle was delightful. Just another 10 kilometers and there it was our destination the Siliserh Lake. Pleasing sight , magnificent view because as we reached there Hanu Sirís wife said ďOh God Please give us RainĒ and there it was , the downpour started .My seniors went into their car , me and Ashwini enjoyed the rain watching the rain fall on the lake which was between mountains . We had seen such views only in paintings and movies, I had never heard of this lake, Hanu Sir introduced us to it as he had heard it of it when he went to Siriska Tiger Reserve a few months ago.
    One more successful trip in our bag and the best one so far as everything was perfect the weather the scenic beauty and the company and not forgetting our bikes. Our bikes did awesome; it is actually because of the Avenger 220 that I was in complete Bliss a super performance bike giving shear biking pleasure.
    At the Lake there is nothing much to do, there is a restaurant as we go little further up a small road they call it the Siliserh Palace. One has to pay 50 rupees for the parking of your vehicle which gets adjusted with ones meal bill. The boating was all shutdown due to repair work going on, the only one thing that could be done over there was not possible. But the amazing atmosphere created by the weather kept us smiling. After clicking a few photographs we went back to Sasuji ka Dhaba and had some Maggie and egg parantha, yummy! The Dhaba itself was filled with adventure as it started raining hell hard, the roof of the Dhaba was only dried grass resulting in rain drops on our dining table hence making the lunch more perfect. Somehow, we managed to sit under a cemented shelve and finish our paranthas.
    The Dhaba wallas told us there is an amazing waterfall eight kilometers from there, we decide to go there. The Road was in bad condition it was drizzling, also due to the heavy shower there was a huge gush of water flowing across the road seeing that our bikes went through but Hanu Sir stopped and called us back too , probably a wise decision . Hence, the visit to the water fall got cancelled but our spirits were still high due to the amazing weather.
    We then decided to spend the night at Siriska Tiger Reserve as the weather was beautiful. We didnít felt like returning home. Hence, we headed back to the dividing road, this time we knew where to go, ha! ha! Just before that turn there was a huge pool of water ahead of us my Blue Stallionís Silencer was under water my feet were on its front grill. Somehow steadily we all crossed it safely and turned right for Siriska. The road to Siriska was around 25 kilometers from there the road was in bad shape. One cannot go above the second gear for around 15 kilometers; nevertheless the beauty quotient was still very high as it was all forest area on either side of the road. We reached a gate and asked the forest officers for the safari, bad news again, it was closed.
    Looking around we saw a beautiful huge peacock sitting on a tree I could not resist clicking photographs and going close to it seeing me the peacock jumped down. It can run so fast that I could not keep pace with it while clicking, with such a huge tail somehow it got out of the jungle and went to the other side of the jungle, but it was great fun keeping pace with it. We headed for the camp after asking for directions. From there we had to follow the road till a Thank you sign board appears further a Ram Tilla mandir will come and the camp sign board appeared on the right hand side, bad news again the camp was closed too .
    We decided to head back home .it was 4 o clock I was completely satisfied and content with the days ride , I had to go to Tijara as my mom stays there, the rest went back to Gurgaon from the NH-8. Hence, I bid goodbye to everybody and started my journey back to Tijara which was around 90 kilometers. I reached Alwar really quick but again got lost inside the city had to ask people at every turning. Somehow I managed to get out of the city and back on track cruising at 120 kilometers per hour on my Blue Stallion. It was raining throughout and at such a speed the rain drops where hitting like acupuncture massage on my chest and neck .I reached home by six o clock and had a look at my bike , shoes and jeans they were all a different color and full of muddy water . Headed straight to the shower then gave my bike a shower too.
    Overall the trip was beautiful and now since the roads are known we can always have a runaway spot. I recommend everybody to visit this place as itís really worthwhile and wonderful.
    -----------------------THANK YOU---------------------------

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    Trip log approved
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    nice trip..........but where are the pics ???

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