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INDIA Capital New-Delhi to NEPAL capital Kathmandu

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    Re: INDIA Capital New-Delhi to NEPAL capital Kathmandu

    Originally posted by rreneav1987 View Post
    Bardia National Park.. Krishna gave us the best at home feel accommodation.. we went through the National Parks. They issued us some kind of pass to reach the other end.. and thats when we came across the idea of stayin back in Bardia National Park.. we couldnt stay long as we didnt have sufficient time.. but that night is unforgettable.. bourn fire on a winter night.. amazing.. talking about what not.. everything we possibly can..

    Pokhara ride from butwal during day might not be the same as it was during the night.. abandoned roads with just 3 trucks passing us every time we took breaks.. the incidents and things that we came across on the roads gave us the creeps and goosebumps.. nevertheless.. one of the best rides i have ever done til date..

    One thing. We were adviced not to go out of hotel rooms after 10:30 PM. Why?? Heard lots of tourists in Kathmandu get ripped off and looted.. is this true? We didnt go to the night club for the same reason..
    Hmm, as we all know friend, Police cannot provide security at all the place at same time. And in addition, I have not heard any tourist in Kathmandu getting ripped off dude so please Relax, nothing to worry about that! Who said that? I too travel all the day long and night of course, but never had faced such issues.

    Only some major parts/sectors of country is secured 24 hours whereas it might not be safe at all during nights in other places. Daytime is the best to travel however, if you are a night rider, then probably you should take the highways.

    If you were adviced not go out of hotel rooms after 10.30, then I guess hotel owners are trying to sell their own stuffs. Jokes apart! But make sure, not to travel solo. Happiness is there, when shared!
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      Re: INDIA Capital New-Delhi to NEPAL capital Kathmandu

      I'm here just to read about fatty 'Reneav' , Jokes apart , Awesome writeup as well as pics bro.
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        Re: INDIA Capital New-Delhi to NEPAL capital Kathmandu

        Although this is a old thread, loved reading it.
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          Re: INDIA Capital New-Delhi to NEPAL capital Kathmandu

          Originally posted by RSM2852 View Post
          I'm here just to read about fatty 'Reneav' , Jokes apart , Awesome writeup as well as pics bro.
          It isnt fatty it is Fat.. i have no idea why i was given that nickname [emoji3]

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            Re: INDIA Capital New-Delhi to NEPAL capital Kathmandu

            I stumbled upon this thread, and just finished reading it, seems like you 3 had a lots of fun

            Next time, or for anybody planing to travel to Nepal, i recommend a day around Pokhara, seems like you guys completely missed it. We, folks from Kathmandu often travel to Pokhara and Butwal for road trips and nothing beats surrounds of Pokhara.

            I also read about your horror night, i can only imagine the horror. New place, pitch dark, stranded highway, leamons, a dead body???? by the road? seems like you guys had a lifetime of scare. Next time, do let us know, we seem to have couple of members form Butwal, 1 member i think of Pokhara and me myself from kathmandu, we can tag along i guess. THis is for everybody who travels to Nepal.

            Riding highway at night in Nepal is tiresome, Truck and Bus drivers know when to dim the lights, they will give you passes and signals to pass, the only people who seems to care less are the domestic tourists in car and vans, i myself have nearly had a brawl in middle of the night near Chitwan with a car. Other than that, highway lootings, gangs ganging up on you, these never occur in Nepal. You will be greeted, welcomed, yes maybe charged a little higher (true story) but other than that, you will be safe.

            Get up at dawn, Roam the cities in the day, ride till dusk. Nobody will bother you.

            and yes about the never get out of room after 10:30, that's just bull shit.

            Anybody, feel free to ask any questions and suggestions if you are planing on to ride to Nepal.

            Edit: edited to add, and yes, don't stare at girls too much, you might get into trouble.
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