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Thread: The Bike, Me and the Road= = = = = = Freedom, Peace, Nirvana

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    Default The Bike, Me and the Road= = = = = = Freedom, Peace, Nirvana

    The trip was waiting to happen from the time I read about Danushkodi the Ghost town and the distance from Bangalore, the trip materialized on 26th Jan2012, it was never planned for a solo ride but time and circumstances decide.
    The best part is I forgot what I did on the trip, except the road, the bike and me I dont remember much, but will recollect and pen them or shall I say Key them

    There were various reasons for me to go on a long ride- be it for a break from the daily routine, relaxation, being on my own, peace, re-check my endurance, seek nirvana.

    Whatever the reason may be I did enjoy the trip and waiting for another to happen, let me now take you for a trip down memory lane.
    Trip Statistics:
    Vehicle: Pulsar 220
    Kms :1930
    Fuel: 55 lts

    Route: Bangalore-Sri Rangam-Madurai-Rameshwaram-Danushkodi-Kanyakumari-Varkala-Cheppad-Thirssur-Gudlar-Masinagudi-Gopalswamy Betta-Nanjangud-Madur-Bangalore
    Route Map:
    Attachment 55954
    Day one: 26th Jan 2012
    Bangalore-Electronic City-Hosur-Krishangiri-Dharmapuri-Salem-Namakkal-musiri-Srirangam-Tirchy-Madurai-Ramanathapuram-Mandapam-Pambam-Rameshwaram (680 kms)
    Once I had confirmed the trip I was confused whether the ride would be on the Avenger or the Pulsar, the doubts were cleared when I took the Avenger for a short ride to meet my wife and son on the weekend.
    Having injured my delts, courtesy my dogs giving a pull while chasing, I was not able to hang on the handle bar of the Avenger and also Pulsar having tubeless tyres the choice was made.
    The last two days the bike had gone thru a complete check up by my local mechanic and a change of brake pads at the Bajaj Service centre, tanked up the previous evening as I had planned to leave as early as possible and avoid the holiday traffic.
    Woke up early morning at 3.00 , was bit excited about the trip and had not slept well the whole night , Checked the bike, carried minimum luggage, camera ,phone, took adieu from mom, who was bit concerned but couldnt do much to stop a crazy son.
    Nothing was going to stop now, I took the electronic city toll it was 4.30 by the time I reached the toll booth, from here the road was pretty good and with less traffic I cruised along 130 , couldnt do less or else I would disrespect the good road, the sun gave a warm welcome near Dharmapuri, continued along and reached Salem around 8.00 am , there were few cars who accompanied me till Salem, few smiled when our paths crossed, reached Namakkal this is where I had to take a detour to SriRangam the first halt of my trip which is at a distance of 85 kms form Namakkal, the roads here turned a little bad, gave a few stops in between to check on the route , I was now travelling along the river Cauvery and being next the river , agriculture was thriving and the scenery was pleasant with greenery. Reached SriRangam at 9.30 a.m., it was almost 6 hours since I left Bangalore and had covered around 350 kms.
    Massive Gopuram confirmed my arrival at SriRangam. Here I visited the famous Sri Ranganathaswamy temple, 26th being the Republic day there was a huge crowd and had to wait for Darshan, feel ashamed to say but money talks everywhere , even in temples ,took a special Darshan ticket which ensured a faster entry and exit , will not waste much time by going thru the details, the link here will provide more information about the temple .
    Spent around two hours taking few snaps and headed towards Madurai at 12.30 pm.
    Attachment 55955
    Attachment 55956Attachment 55957Attachment 55958
    Attachment 55959
    Fueled up at the Bye-pass, the road from Sri Rangam to Madurai was beautiful, well maintained and made me think the ride was worth, en route stopped for few photo sessions.

    Reached Madurai at 1.30 , famous for Meenakshi Temple, details and info about the temple is available here , here I came to know the temple opens only after 4.00 pm , thought will make use of the time and went for a stroll around the massive structures, the local market, and chatted up with an interesting person named Balu, he has a tea shop near the temple premises, he is around 50+ is a bachelor and an astrologer and is keen on studying further , he wants to be more techno savvy and is now trying his hand at computers.
    I prepared myself for the Darshan owing to the huge crowd waiting to enter the temple, after having Darshan of the goddess, visited the hall of 1000 pillars I was marveled at the designs and architecture. It was now time to move on to the next destination Rameshwaram. It was 5.45 in the evening and I had covered 500 kms before heading towards Rameshwaram.
    Madurai to Rameshwaram is around 175 kms, it was already getting dark and I intended to cover much distance during the enough day light, few stretches were good and few were bad , Near a place Ramnad few young guys with new bikes criss crossed me and taunted me for a race, I thought of giving them a run for their money and beat them which I could have easily done, but being sane I realized how far I was from home and the trip ahead, any unfortunate incident at this time would spoil my whole trip and decided to ignore them , they did accompany me till the outskirts and seeing no response from me they backed off. I crossed Pamban Bridge and did not realize I was near the ocean and was heading towards an island, Reached Rameshwaram at 9.00 pm and checked into a hotel near the temple for a good rest.
    I had covered 680 kms in a day, around 180 kms more than my previous solo rides. This brings an end to Day one of my ride.

    Pics follows:
    Attachment 55960
    Attachment 55961
    Attachment 55962
    Attachment 55963
    Attachment 55964
    Attachment 55965
    Attachment 55966
    Attachment 55967
    Attachment 55968
    Attachment 55969

    Day 2: 27th Jan 2012
    Rameshwaram is known for the famous Ramanathaswamy temple details of the place and temple is available Here , I had set an early alarm on my mobile to get up early and have a view of the sunrise, woke up at 5.00 am and headed straight to the beach to have a dip in the sea(The beach of Rameshwaram is famous for its beautiful sea featured with no waves at all) , back home getting up at 5 in the morning is quite unthinkable and on top of that and having a bath in cold water is unimaginable ..Brrrrrr.
    Attachment 55970

    Post this I engaged a person to pour water from the 22 wells which is within the temple premises (The temple comprises twenty two wells where the taste of the water of each well is different from the other) after the bath and drying up visited the shrine and visited the beach to watch the sunrise.
    Attachment 55971
    Attachment 55972
    Attachment 55973
    Attachment 55974

    The next destination was Danushkodi, I was pretty excited to visit this Ghost town, the thought of riding along a road with sea on both sides, and what else do you want.
    Danushkodi is at around 20 kms from Rameshwaram town, more details of this place at this link - Dhanushkodi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia , this is one straight road with almost no traffic, and riding on this road alongside the sea on either side is nothing less than bliss.

    Once the tarred road ends you have reached Danushkodi, to go further to visit the actual ghost town you need to engage a jeep to take you there, except sand there is no proper road, I tried biking for around two kms but found it impossible as the bike got stuck at number of places in the sand.

    Got on top of one of the jeep that was ferrying people and landed at the ghost town in 30 minutes, there were only a few fishermen and tourists that could be seen here. Accompanying them were the dilapidated buildings and few shops selling souvenirs.
    Attachment 55975
    Attachment 55976
    Attachment 55977
    Attachment 55978
    Attachment 55979

    There is a small hut here where they have displayed the floating stone that was used to construct the bridge, coaxing did not help in taking a pic of the stone , the stone is something like a huge coral that floats in water.

    After having a dip again in the sea started riding back to Rameshwaram, on the way visited the Rama temple where Vibheeshana was patronized as king.

    One thing I observed here are the birds ( Brahminy kite, Bee eater ) which seem to be a bit bigger in size compared to the ones I have seen at other places.
    Attachment 55980
    Attachment 55981
    Attachment 55982
    Attachment 55983

    Happened to see a couple of Peacocks but by the time I could fish out my camera they scurried behind the huge bushes never to be seen again.
    With a huge heart I rode back again to Rameshwaram town, checked out of the hotel and left the city heading towards Pamban Bridge which connects the Island. This is one spectacular construction on the sea with a rail track. After a short photo session headed my bike towards Kanyakumari at around 2 pm, Kanyakumari is at a distance of 250 kms from Rameshwaram the odometer now showed I had travelled 716 kms.

    The afternoon heat was draining me out , the road I was now travelling is known as ECR (East coast road) which is pretty good with salt farms at few places , once I reached Tuticorn(Thoothukudi)I refueled and here I made a mistake of taking a route alongside the coast instead of travelling towards Tirunelveli, a mistake which made me go through narrow bad roads and reached late and tired at Kanyakumari, the time was around 10 pm, during this stretch every few kms I would be blinded by the small insects which would hit the helmet visor and when I brush them from the visor they would leave a sticky residue which made the visor opaque , I had to clean up before I could continue, this one goes into the bad incidents of the trip.
    At Kanyakumari Checked in at a hotel after great difficulty, finding a place to stay for a single person was a huge task here. At last a good guy told me to check in as two people and take a double bed room, and stay alone, money talks dude L
    Once in I refreshed and took a long break dreaming of the next day.
    Day two I had covered a total of 960 kms.

    Ride Continues.................

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    Topic Approved
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    pics are good.waiting for the rest trip log.
    btw which bridge is that?
    and the question remains why do i race?
    every finishing line is the begining of a new race.

    #i have learnt to manipulate my own adrenaline and the perception of biking is different.
    #overkill is underrated.
    #how random roads may appear there is always a destination.[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]
    #i don't subscribe to co-incidence,either it is the rider or the other moron on the road

    (:)people keeps on saying add spark to life, bajaj got hold of that idea and added an extra spark to bike.

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    vow.. Lovely pix.!
    .... I will rather ride my Bike thinking about God, then sitting in a Temple thinking about my Bike.. ..

    Blog : Mumbai - Leh - Mumbai : 21 Days, 6500kms. Journey to Heaven..June'09
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    Nice clicks!
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

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    The Art Of Cornering - lots and lots of knee down pics

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    Nice ride there Ravikanth Have heard the first part of the story and was waiting for the story to unfold. Eyes and ears wide open

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    Wow Ravi !!
    This is the way to go. You, The Bike and The Road- there can be nothing more blissful for a true biker. Loved your ride, Wish you many, many more !

    Ride Safe,

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    Pls keep them coming Ravikanth
    Quote Originally Posted by sayank10 View Post
    btw which bridge is that?
    Pamban Bridge
    Skill is what keeps you on a Motorcycle
    Awareness + Skill is what keeps you out of harm's way
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    Nice ride and pics ravikanth. And thanks for sharing the rich history which brought some new knowledge to me. Must visit the ghost town sometime in future.

    Ride safe.

    Growing old is compulsory - growing up is optional
    So many roads, So little time

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    well titled "Freedom, Peace, Nirvana"
    *Well everybody would you focus your mind
    Search for the truth and you will find
    Good spirit and strength from within
    That fights against all sin*

    Jai Om Numah Shivaya

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