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Thread: ''cruzing the malabar coast''-solo

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    Default ''cruzing the malabar coast''-solo

    I always wanted to be a part of the biker fraternity and go on road trips.But unfortunately being in the hospitality industry ended up hardly having day offs during weekends.And even the leave grants would spring up all of a sudden and mostly convering weekdays.In one such incidence on a Sunday evening was made aware that i could avail a weeks leave starting from Monday.Bangalore was a convenient hub to venture into the southern states by road trips.So this time i wanted to explore the western coast after knowing through word of mouth ,about the scenic route along NH 17.So got a south India road map and started to pin my route.
    The trip route was-
    Bangalore-Kozhikode(Calicut)-Thalaserry-Udipi-Gokarna and return via Jog falls- Shimoga-Karkala-Kemmanagundi and stops to hang around wherever possible in between.
    Approx-1700 kms with 7 days in hand.
    Name:  map.jpg
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    I was pretty much happy with choice of places i wanted to visit.A reference on google maps gave me the approx distance between few places.I dont like to plan a lot when travelling,rather let things to unfold on its own.Therefore with attention to safety and precaution, i can enjoy exploring the places on my own and relish the essence of travel.Giving my babySHERRY-My Cherry R 15 for service a week back by chance, proved to a great deal and gave me the confidence to take her long ride.Its such a wonderful machine that sets my spirits soaring whenever i go on a ride.A quick call back home in Chennai to inform them about the trip and promising that i would follow speed rules and safety to keep them less worried and also provided them a rough route plan to keep a track of me.Got home from work and packed essentials and missed having a saddle bag and ended up with a backpack,whose straps were adjusted in a way that it rests on the seat during the ride and not strain my shoulders.Got loaded with some energy bars,bourbon biscuits and peanut chikki for instant energy if may need for the initial leg of the ride.And enough water to cool down the system and stay hydrated.The excitement didnt let me sleep instantly,but still i wanted to rest well and leave before day break to beat the traffic.Dozed off after a prayer thanking God for this opportunity in life and felt privileged compared to many.

    DAY 1 Bangalore to Kozhikode via Mysore,Gundulpet,Sultan Bathery,Lakkidi.Approx -370km

    Just felt it was like half hour sleep ,though it was 6 hours and the alarm sounded at 3.30 AM. All set with the adrenalin rush through the blood stream departed at 4 AM with a short prayer and was zipping on the Mysore highway.Made a stop at Mysore at 6 for fuelling and a shot of caffeine at CCD.After a 10 min break,i was on my way enjoying the picturesque sunrise along Gundulpet and Sultan Bathery with fog filled roads and greenery.
    Name:  PREM (19).jpg
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    Made a stop at lakiddi for breakfast and enjoyed appam and kadala curry,traditional kerala breakfast.Then proceeded towards Mamaraserri ghat pass, whose roads were good.Sherry baby started to climb the gradient with ease as if she was also enjoying the ride.The morning breeze and the aroma of the forest gave such a good break from the polluted urban air.Started the decent by switching off the engine and letting her make her way down slowly with grace,and letting the chill breeze caress my face with the raised visor.There was not much traffic initially and later on it started getting populated with state road transport vehicles with heavy honking that really stalled my peace of mind,that i was in.
    Name:  PREM (22).jpg
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    Reached Kozhikode half past 1 with heavy pinch in stomach for some fuel.Checked few hotels within the town,but still wanted to see if any along the beach.Was lucky to find a beach resort ,heritage inn which was bang in front of the beach.Had shower and walked along the beach road to get some grub and headed back to the hotel for a relaxed siesta.Woke up at 5.30 PM to the sounds of birds and icecream wala honks.the beach was bustling with activity with the sunset being the backdrop.
    Name:  DSC02317.jpg
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    Name:  PREMMM (9).jpg
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    Took a ride into the crowded town and parked the bike, walked through few streets.Not to miss the Kozhikode halwa and delicious fresh banana chips.Later had a nice seafood dinner and was back to the beach.People thronged along to get fresh air to beat the humidity.Took a stroll not knowing what to do the next day.Stumbled about few bikers and enquired the possibilities of exploring nearby places.They provided loads of options,but i felt visit to Beypore and Kappad sounded feasible.Dropped down tired in bed and didnt know when i had hit the sleep button.
    Name:  PREM (31).jpg
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    Day 2-Kozhikode-Beypore-Kappad-Malpe-Thalaserry 75kms approx excluding trip to Beypore

    Woke up early morning with cool sea breeze.then had a good breakfast buffet at the hotel with nice views of the calm beach.
    Name:  PREM (23).jpg
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    Proceeded towards Beypore,which is small coastal town renowned for ship building for centuries.But couldnt find any craftsmen in the morning.went to the mouth of chaliyar river where it blends with the sea.Hoards of boats brought in fresh catch from the sea.Had a refreshing walk in the beach and manmade walking deck which projected into the sea.Went back to the hotel and checked out and made my way to kappad beach which is mentioned in history as where Vasco da Gama landed first and later moved down to Kozhikode and began the Portuguese spice trade with India.It was a quaint beach with very few people.Expensive resorts and more coming up with all the construction around.Took a break with tender coconut water on the beach under the trees and relished an icecream watching the waves.Then continued my ride along NH 17,and was surprised to stumble upon Mahe territory of Pondicherry in middle of Kerala.Took some pictures exploring the place.And it did bring some smiling attention to Sherry with her TN registration number Then made my way through Thalaserry and took a turn seeing the sign board for Muzhappilangadu beach.
    Name:  PREM (28).jpg
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    Name:  PREM (29).jpg
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    Had to get accommodation as wanted to have a shower badly.luckily a boy came along and asked for a lift to his house nearby seeing my bike.And these incidences make me believe that everything happens for a reason.I dropped him and was happy with the content smile on his face.And next to his place saw a house along the beach which was mentioned as resort.But it was actually a regualar house which was converted to a play to stay.It was brand new and housed the entire family sparing few rooms for guests.It was a bargain for 500 Rs after bargaining for room which seemed to be a larger version of a pooja room with bedding and tv.Had a quick shower and went back to Thalaserry as i was told about the amazing sunset view from overburry folly.
    Name:  PREM (43).jpg
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    The place was on other side of tellicherry fort which was closed by that time.A small fee led me through a well maintained small place with garden and kids play area and a watch tower.Enjoyed every bit of the sunset with the changing colours of the sky.On my way back treated myself with some fresh mussel fritters and some fruits to keep it light.It was a nice feeling to sleep with the sound of waves.

    DAY 3- Thalaserry-Kannur- 25 km approx excluding trip to Tellicherry fort

    What unfolded in the morning was something i didnt expect.Came to know from the hotel guy that one can ride cars and bikes on the beach due to the tight packed sand and is the longest beach in Kerala.Went for a walk on beach by just crossing over the 4 feet road in front of the hotel.It was a awesome feeling to find only me in the morning at 7 in the entire stretch of beach which was like almost more than 3 km long.
    Waded in the low tide waters and collected some shells.
    Name:  DSC02742.jpg
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    Name:  PREM (44).jpg
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    Came back to the room and took Sherry for a long drive on the beach and riding the waves for the entire stretch.Good that i had sprayed protective lubricant on the chains.It was great experience and will be a memorable one.It is always challenging riding solo,as always have to find places stable to keep the camera to use on self timer mode or find someone to click.Wished someone could click me ride the waves.
    Name:  PREM (33).jpg
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    Name:  PREM (35).jpg
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    Then came back to the hotel for some puttu and banana for breakfast.Then rested for a bit before going to explore Tellicherry fort for a dose of history which housed a lighthouse within.
    Name:  PREM (41).jpg
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    Then checked out of the room and took the highway towards Kannur.Had some lunch at a stall with rice and fish.Kannur is said to be visited by several international travellers in ancient India including Marco polo for spice trade.Checked into a hotel in the town for 600 Rs basic room.Then left for Payyambalam beach.Nice view of the beach from a hill near by and could drive Sherry all the way up to give her a view too.
    Name:  PREM (36).jpg
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    Beautiful sunset and people enjoyed on the beach with kids.Headed back to the hotel with light dinner of dosa and felt a bit sore butt and gave it a bit relief with shower to shower powder.Checked on the road map first time since the start of the journey.had a peaceful sleep.

    DAY 4 Kannur-Bekal-Udipi-Malpe via Mangalore -210 kms approx

    After gulping a mazza with some biscuits and a energy bar got onto the highway with the beautiful sunrise giving me company with great view of backwaters in some places.
    Reached bekal fort which was a deviation from the highway and was the first person to enter and the entire fort for myself.It is this place where a song with Manisha koirala and Arvind swamy from the movie Bombay had been choreographed.And has lot of history behind the possesion of the fort.

    Name:  PREM (39).jpg
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    Walked in the beach and found the sands to be the finest and soft.Then after cooling with tender coconut water continued my ride towards Mangalore which was not a planned stopover.So rode past towards Udipi with a short break for lunch with fish briyani.
    Reached Udipi checked few hotels and made a visit to Malpe beach.The paradise resort was way too expensive and came across thonse par which looked like an eatery and when enquired ,found rooms within which were nice,spacious and clean ad worth every penny for 1200 Rs(off season) and that too on beach front.Later visited kaup beach around 14km ride south on NH 17 for sunset view and it had a lighthouse on rock.
    Name:  PREM (56).jpg
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    Name:  PREM (57).jpg
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    Had dinner at thonse par with fresh fish of the day.Very friendly people and cooked everything according to the way i wanted.They listened to my bike ride story so far.Dozed off with cool sea breeze.
    Name:  PREM (16).jpg
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    DAY 5- Malpe-Udipi-Murudeshwar-Gokarna via Marvanthe and Honnavar -195kms approx

    As per the instruction gathered the previous night,visited Krishna mutt in the morning followed by a sumptuous breakfast at the long standing Mitra Samaj hotel.Came back to the hotel changed and took a boat ride from the beach to St.Marys Island which is around 4 kms from the shore.It was mentioned that Vasco da Gama anchored at this place before moving south to Kozhikode via Kappad.The island is filled with Basalt rock formations,guess one of its kind in India.It seemed to be like private island with beach as only few people came along in the morning.

    Name:  PREM (55).jpg
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    Name:  PREMMM (13).jpg
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    It was worth for 100 Rs both ways.Enjoyed a dip in the water with soft sand on one side and pounded shells on other side.The boats started coming with more people and took back those who wanted to return.I came back to the resort ,had lunch and started the ride towards Gokarna.Passed through maravanthe with river on one side and the sea on other side and the road inbetween.Then a short halt in Murudeshwar with a huge statue of Lord Shiva.
    Name:  DSC01416.jpg
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    Reached Gokarna when the weather started to change and drizzled.Checked into a resort along OM beach,which looks like a inverted OM symbol from top view.Dark clouds started coming in and then the sea turned a bit rough and brownish.Stayed in the seaview restaurant for dinner and there were hardly any tourists around due to off season.
    Name:  PREM (48).jpg
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    DAY 6-Gokarna-Jog falls-Karkala-Kemmanagundi via Shimoga and Chickmangalur -550 km Approx
    I wished i could visit Karwar and Goa as they were close by,but left it for someother time.Early morning made my way back to Honnavar,and took the state road to Jog falls.Biscuits and fruits for breakfast and a short photo session though the falls were not at their mightiest at that time though being the highest waterfalls in India.Dropped the idea of hiking down to the foot of falls due to lack of time.

    Name:  PREM (47).jpg
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    Proceeded towards Shimoga and then to Karkala to view the monolithic statue of Bahubali on a small hill.
    Name:  PREM (2).jpg
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    Then continued the ride through Kudremukh national park after a short checking and entry slip at the check post.It was a great ride as i was the only one for stretches as far as i can see.
    Name:  PREM (45).jpg
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    It was pristine greenery all around.Dusk slipped in early then expected Reached Chickmangalur for very late lunch or may be early supper and took away towards kemmanagundi with welcoming rains.Beware of leeches when it rains out here.The ride was really bumpy with very bad roads that looked like they have been shot with AK 47 bullets and small missiles.There were no lights and it was almost like riding blind in dark with heavy fog.But Sherry handled them well.This is when i trust in treating your machine well.Take good care of it and it will take care of you.If you abuse it it will put you in dire straits. Checked into a very basic room, run by the horticulture department for 300 Rs. There are numerous expensive resorts around chickmangalur and on the way uphill.
    Name:  PREM (8).jpg
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    DAY 7-Kemmanagundi-Bangalore via Birur and Tumkur on NH 206

    Morning was high dose of greenery after the rains,which can sooth any soul.A hike to Hebbe falls was very refreshing with the help of a local guy who took me through short cuts to the falls and also making sure i didnt get in contact with any leeches.Had biscuits for breakfast as couldnt find any places to treat.Dropped the idea of visitin Z point due to heavy rains and was advised of the place being very slippery and risky.
    Name:  PREM (6).jpg
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    So once the rains stopped for a while,got on my way with Sherry to return to the madding urban life.Sherry was happy to hit the highway after tumkur and started cruising for a relaxed home as much as i wanted to relieve my sore butt.But sherry seemed still excited reaching home and started the wait for the next trip.The trip meter read 1710 Kms

    I take this opportunity to thank Yamahamotors for providing such a machine which changed the phase of motorcycling in India and exceeded the expectations for a performance bike for Indian roads.Though R 15 is not considered to be a touring bike.Sherry handled the trip very well and never let me down though she was 4 years old.Regular maintenance had kept her in shape and the horses ready to gallop at any obstacles.
    Thanks to Canon for the wonderful image capturing devices both point and shoot for ease of use on the go and the DSLR for capturing memorable moments at easy pace.(Though i had to resize all the pictures lowering the resolution to upload onto the blog)
    Thank you for reading my experience.Live life to the fullest and ride safe.Prem

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    Nice ride and pictures ! Well done !!

    Ride On & and Safe

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    A 7 day ride out., CONGRATS. wishing best for your future rides with Sherry.

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