Beautiful photographs of Srinagar. loved them

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This was a no ride day. An early rest day in the day trip. Not entirely necessary but the team unanimously opted to check out Srinagar. We had planned to visit the Shankaracharya temple, Dal lake, take a long Shikara ride and shop for some Kashmiri goods.

I had two important tasks before we resign ourselves to the tourist mood for the day. Fix the headlamp of my RX and to fix the bulls leg guard which needed some welding. While the rest of the team was just getting up and completing their morning chores, I headed out to find the headlamp and a mechanic that can help fix the bull.

On venturing out, it turned out that curfew was imposed in some parts of the city and the shops had been closed as some local political leader had called for a bandh. A handful of goons can hold the entire city or state at ransom. Prajatantra hai!

Fortunately not too far off from the hotel, near a petrol bunk, I could see an old fellow getting ready to shut the shop and call it a day. He was the owner. Initially, he was a little hesitant but on insistence, he agreed to give the headlamps. I bought two. On inquiring about the mechanic, the old fellow advised to check only in the afternoon.

Ill let the pictures do a little talking. Enjoy!

Early morning experiments:

Birds eye view from Shankaracharya temple:

Beatiful Dal lake: Im not sure if the rest missed their better halfs here. I did!

Smoking is injurious to health. According to me, this is one of the best pictures clicked by Tushar. Couldn't help posting it, hope you guys like it!