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Thread: One amazing ride - 2 lives - same passion - SADDLE SORE RIDE success # 46

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    Default One amazing ride - 2 lives - same passion - SADDLE SORE RIDE success # 46


    It was Exactly in the year 2010 , when i was just browsing through the web suddenly an article about IBA RIDES took my attention.
    Continuous riding for 24 hours or more ......... what ???? If at all its possible .. that would be great. But definitely not me but would be great If i do !!!!!!!
    This was the first impression that it created in my mind.
    and to a guy who was , is & will loving Rossi # 46 all the way from his school days riding his father's Activa , friends pulsar and Ripping a old 99' model samurai by that time , ............. it was just a dream.

    Then a wonderful thing called XBHP happened to me , lots of travelogues , information on Bikes and passionate people ,, it was a free library to me
    used to read whenever i needed , wonder about people , read their rides felt inspired a lot. But this lazy crazy guy never ever posted a thread about a ride before
    in this wonderful forum. ( apart from a short intro thread )

    Things got changed , after a wait of nearly 3.5 years after its initial launch and penny by penny of savings of my own hard earned money and waiting again for the version change for one year , got my hands on one of the wonders in this world called YAMAHA R15 ( v2.0) on the Childrens day of NOV'11.

    It was a all new world for me after that, started loving my Red Rachel to the core and rode her with all ease and love.
    started touring places with my friends and entered the vast touring world with an amazing aspect of Riding.

    Then on the early Jan 2012 got in to a thought in my mind , why not we can do a SADDLE SORE.
    got much inspirations from the success of Ketan , Vinu sv ( Madmax) , Dhiraj ( Juris ) , Senthil prakash and many who have completed the ride by then.
    and suddenly got to know about the news of Vinu , deeply saddenned and went low and Just a point came to my mind .. .we will do it definitely in future but not immediately.
    Saddlesore was an unfinished business for me from that time.

    Months passed by , many rides happened after that and year also passed , 2013 came , read many success stories of SS1600K AND BB2400K
    Got a confidence in me and my ride that i can do this ,,, but when ???

    They say nothing can be achieved without planning , so to keep my focus on target
    took a print out of the IBA SS LOGO and pasted it in my office desk In MARCH 2013.

    And the same got Realized by heaven to hell experience on 1st of JUNE with one of my lifetime friend ................... But How did it happened ???
    ... ( TBC after approval )
    -- Valentino rossi 46 addict --

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    Default Re: One amazing ride - 2 lives - same passion - SADDLE SORE RIDE success # 46

    Thread Approved
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    Advice is a form of nostalgia.
    Dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it's worth.

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    Default Re: One amazing ride - 2 lives - same passion - SADDLE SORE RIDE success # 46

    Thanks Antz for the quick approval.
    -- Valentino rossi 46 addict --

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    Icon14 Re: One amazing ride - 2 lives - same passion - SADDLE SORE RIDE success # 46

    Proudly telling , my two friends have completed Saddle Sore


    These Man & Machine together become an IRONMAN
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    Default Re: One amazing ride - 2 lives - same passion - SADDLE SORE RIDE success # 46


    It was a very proud moment when we received you after completing the SS. Egarly waiitng for rest of your write up ( I know you ae a lazy goose , so complete it soon). Good luck for the next acheivement BB
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    Default Re: One amazing ride - 2 lives - same passion - SADDLE SORE RIDE success # 46

    Quote Originally Posted by kotty4u View Post
    And the same got Realized by heaven to hell experience on 1st of JUNE with one of my lifetime friend ................... But How did it happened ???
    ... ( TBC after approval )
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    Default Re: One amazing ride - 2 lives - same passion - SADDLE SORE RIDE success # 46

    Awesome bro waiting for a full write up
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    -------I RIDE TO ADD LIFE TO MY DAYS-------

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    Default Re: One amazing ride - 2 lives - same passion - SADDLE SORE RIDE success # 46

    Hmmmm,,,, sounds exciting...
    keep updating bro
    Instagram - chaosaddict666 (follow for atypical uploads on heavy metal, bikes, alcohol, chakna, life, fashion yada, yada)
    YouTube - chaosaddict666 (Disclaimer: crappiest uploads ever, viewer discretion is advised)

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    Default Re: One amazing ride - 2 lives - same passion - SADDLE SORE RIDE success # 46

    Thanks all ,

    continuing from where I left ,
    This was the picture in my desk i was mentioning about.

    Name:  IMG_7650 - Copy.jpg
Views: 1007
Size:  97.9 KB

    According to me , There are a few factors before the SADDLE SORE ride necessary for going on for successful attempt.
    in that Mindset plays an important role , this pic gives me the courage and urge to do it when ever i saw

    Mind is set , now where to attempt ?

    As all the other GOD FATHERS of biking have already advised , Location & Route plays a very important role in the RIDE.
    I freezed out three routes to lookout for , but after a series of study about the trip distance , route condition and most importantly
    climatic conditions , we chose the CHENNAI - KRISHNAGIRI - SALEM - MADURAI - KANYAKUMARI AND About turn and back to chennai on the same route.

    The Route : Binny Rd/Mt Poonamalle High Rd to AH 45/NH 4 - Google Maps ( successfully achieved )

    My Sincere apologies for Minimum update .. .will complete the narration of the whole Ride this weekend
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    -- Valentino rossi 46 addict --

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    Default Re: One amazing ride - 2 lives - same passion - SADDLE SORE RIDE success # 46

    Confirming the Plan

    Well this is one of the craziest things to cherish about this ride, every weekend used to come and i used to check the weather update by Wednesday or Thursday evening on the areas where i have to pass and some how the plan will get liquidated , but one day that awesome moment came when i got to know iam not alone in this Ride.
    i had my close friend nagappan on his FZ-S too intrested in joining me , we have done many rides together and this too was not an exception.
    suddenly on the 24th May friday , we both decided to set out for a night ride to Trichy on a lovely moonlight and came back well in 11 hours , with good amount of rest in between.
    the success in this ride brought us a great amount of confidence in both of us.

    On the Next Thursday evening , 30th May was just checking the weather forecasts for the weekend and to my surprise it was pretty cool throughout the route will generally overcast conditions , but one thing was confirmed there was no high temperatures or heavy rain forecast ,,, thanks to India and World Weather Forecasts: temperatures, maps, and more - , it helped me with 70% accuracy.
    then it all started , called him right away

    Me : Machi , this saturday , climate is sooper awesome , what say ??
    Naga : Pakka da , so ??
    Me : We are doing it on saturday.!!!
    Naga : oooh i have office on saturday ,,, i dont have jacket machi but still we are doing it
    Me : Fantastic da , lets plan

    We freezed the plan the next day morning and a special mention here to our friend xbhpian and YRCian Shenbaga pandian , who helped nagappan by giving his Jacket
    immediately after my request , if he hadn't given the jacket . the ride wouldn't have taken off for for Nagappan.

    on Friday evening , it wasn't a cool wrap off for me from office as i Have planned , held up work till 20 45 pm and lots of tension , but one thing was pretty firm on one corner of my mind we are going to do something amazing tomorrow.

    Naga came to my office to receive his jacket and it was great to see him before the ride.
    we went to the nearest Shop for purchasing the snacks & stuffs for the ride.
    After the purchase and talks , we waved hands just to join the next day early morning.

    The Ride , June 1st .....

    Date of the Ride: 01.06.2013 – Saturday
    Riders: Koteeswaran.M.K (Yamaha R15 V2.0) & Nagappan. T (Yamaha FZ-S)

    The Route: Google Maps link -

    A - St. Thomas Mount, Chennai
    B - Krishnagiri
    C - Karur
    D - Vadippatti, Madurai
    E - Kanyakumari
    F - Vadippatti, Madurai
    G - Salem
    H - Ambur
    I - Irungattukottai, Chennai

    The Ride

    Name:  Saddle 46.jpg
Views: 946
Size:  93.3 KB

    We started off from Chennai from a place called St Thomas mount. We reached
    a petrol station in that area by 4 40 am and the petrol station attendants were
    much surprised to see both of us fully geared up and were very curious to know
    on what we are going to do. We explained them a short note on the ride and
    told them tomorrow with in this time we will be returning to the same place.
    They were very surprised and told us to be safe and do not over speed.
    We Topped up our tanks and were ready to fly for our dream.
    Thanks to our friends Mr. Ravi kumar and Mr. Balasubramanian who came all
    the way in those early hours to witness our ride and flag off us.

    Name:  IMG_7456.jpg
Views: 844
Size:  96.9 KBName:  IMG_7460.jpg
Views: 804
Size:  97.1 KBName:  IMG_7462.jpg
Views: 793
Size:  97.1 KBName:  IMG_7476.jpg
Views: 830
Size:  96.9 KBName:  IMG_7480.jpg
Views: 828
Size:  96.2 KBName:  IMG_7484.jpg
Views: 817
Size:  97.2 KB

    Name:  IMG_7468.jpg
Views: 848
Size:  98.3 KB

    We started off officially by 4: 55 am after completing all mandatory document
    entries. We cruised through the Highway NH4, and it was a sheer bliss to ride on
    that road in that point of time, we were enjoying our ride and were calling the
    sun to open its eyes on us.
    We had a short water break after riding 150 kms and it lasted for about 5
    minutes and at that point of time we really didn’t needed too much of a rest as
    we were brimming with confidence and enjoyment. After pushing another hour
    across diversions, medians and road blocks and travelling for about 246 kms
    from start point, we dropped in a petrol station at a place called KRISHNAGIRI,
    took our first pit stop for the day.

    Name:  IMG_7488.jpg
Views: 781
Size:  97.5 KBName:  IMG_7512.jpg
Views: 819
Size:  96.0 KBName:  IMG_7514.jpg
Views: 827
Size:  96.9 KB

    Filled in our tanks there and got printed receipts from them, and a few crunches
    and water to quench our thirst and cheer up our tummy, then we started from

    After starting from Krishnagiri, it was a steady and breezy ride through the
    highway, it was fully overcast conditions and we had to face a slight drizzle all
    the way and slowly the wind started blowing heavily,

    Name:  IMG_7518.jpg
Views: 888
Size:  101.4 KBName:  IMG_7520.jpg
Views: 860
Size:  98.7 KB

    we crossed amazing
    curves and roads and of course traffic signals to reach KARUR , We had a short
    break at karur filled in our gas and unfortunately we couldn’t have a printed
    receipt , so we swiped at the nearest ATM for the printed bill. From there our
    next destination was to Madurai

    Name:  IMG_7532.jpg
Views: 843
Size:  100.6 KB

    After riding for nearly 130 plus kms we reached a petrol bunk near Madurai, we
    took a short break over there filled up fuel,
    Then proceed towards our Midpoint of the ride and the Southern tip of INDIA,
    KANYAKUMARI. The Highways were amazing, but it started pouring heavily , we
    were left stranded on the highway and wind was very heavy , we couldn’t
    maintain our usual speed but we rode on and slowly marched to the tip of the
    India , KANYAKUMARI , reached there by approximately 17 00 Hrs. IST.

    Name:  IMG_7548.jpg
Views: 774
Size:  93.5 KBName:  IMG_7562.jpg
Views: 737
Size:  91.8 KBName:  IMG_7566.jpg
Views: 805
Size:  96.8 KBName:  IMG_7568.jpg
Views: 909
Size:  93.7 KBName:  IMG_7578.jpg
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Size:  95.9 KB

    After relaxing for about 30 Minutes on the shore of kanyakumari, we rode back for about
    30 kms for the next petrol bunk and filled our tanks and we started our way back to
    Chennai. Our energy levels were very high and we were enthusiastic, but one thing was
    there in our mind, it was getting darker and tougher. Riding for about 220 kms we reached
    a place near Madurai for fuel stop. Conditions were relatively tougher than morning and
    special mention to the opposite vehicles with high beams; they were literally making us

    We reached Salem by 00:30 hrs. Of 2ndJune and filled in fuel for our bikes, we
    totally ran out of water and unfortunately we could not get water in and near to
    that fuel station. We had a short planning for the completing the remaining leg
    of the ride , so we had to cover 350+ kms in about 4 hours and 20 minutes
    accurately , we realised that target was getting stiffer and prepared for our last
    phase 4 golden hours of our ride. We planned for a one more pit stop in
    AMBUR and decided to Ride on.

    We started off well and cruised steadily and had a very good pace, and roads
    were pretty dark, and we had steady drizzles all the way but fortunately thanks
    to the mid-way reflectors, they helped us in staying with the track. As we went
    near to the stop it started raining heavily.

    We reached our next stop in a pretty quick manner covering nearly 190 kms in 2
    hours and 10 mins and unfortunately, the fuel station we stopped didn’t have
    printed receipts, so with heavy hearts we asked him for the manual bills and
    checked the clock for our ultimate final leg of our ride.

    We had about 160+ kms to cover in 2 hours and 10mins accurately and
    calculating the time and minimum distance to cover , we called up our friends to
    be on a petrol station near to the MADRAS MOTOR SPORTS RACE TRACK.
    Here the drama unfolded, the moment we started from Ambur, it started
    raining heavily with wind across. Facing the wind and rain was like a hell of a
    task for us at that moment, after a day full of ride , we didn’t expect this kind of
    weather at this point of time. And in addition to that were the diversion and
    pot holes near the diversions, they were giving us pain through out the body.
    Only thing was in our mind is to finish the ride and we didn’t want rain to wash
    our dreams off.

    We Marched on , we didn’t had time to cover us up with rain jackets , but made
    sure that my tank bag is secured with cover as it had the documents and
    receipts for the ride.

    At last after two hours of struggle and pain, we reached the petrol station
    Rushed to the attendant to fill our tanks, thanks to our friends Mr.Ravi kumar k
    and Mr Usman who rode all the way for 40 kms to that place and woke up the
    petrol station attendant and made him ready to fuel us.
    Got the receipts and checked the time, Its 4 46 am for my receipt, and its 4 48
    am for my partner, Nagappan.

    We parked the bikes on side and we hugged each other with joy and got the
    witness autographs from my friends and we started realising one amazing thing.
    Yes we did the IBA SADDLE SORE, it’s not a dream anymore
    It has not happened to us as easy and comfortable as we thought, It was a
    painful pleasure for us. Thanks to the heavy rains, winds it made our ride a thrill
    full and a nail biting experience.
    It’s a ride to remember till our death.

    I felt as if I was standing like Rossi in the podium, but in reality hardly we could
    We just lied on corner of the fuel station and took a short nap of about 1 hour
    there and woke up to cheer and joy.

    Name:  20130602_050244.jpg
Views: 859
Size:  87.5 KBName:  20130602_050545.jpg
Views: 718
Size:  91.7 KBName:  20130602_050700.jpg
Views: 720
Size:  91.8 KB

    Name:  20130602_050221xx.jpg
Views: 718
Size:  20.8 KB

    With absolutely no energy in the body and
    after a warm celebration and photo shoot with friends I rode back for 60 kms
    and reached home
    Climate was good with clear sky in morning

    My Mom asked me, where the hell you were the whole day, because I didn’t
    inform her as she will be too angry. I replied “ I Rode my bike “
    She said “ useless fellow always roaming with bike “.

    I smiled at her and crashed in bed to start a saddle sleep of my life

    We have made a clear documentation of the ride
    and submitted to Approval for IBA by mail ,
    and got a reply , From Mr.Kneebone

    Your IBA ride application has been received and is in the queue for processing.

    Thanks to Sandeep subramanyam , a fellow rider who guided me with all necessary steps
    and speacial thanks to Shenbaga pandian for his support on the jackets to my buddy nagappan


    Ride on Ride Safe
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    -- Valentino rossi 46 addict --

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