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  • 7 Post By seshvasan890

Thread: Leh ladakh - Pure excitement and nothing else

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    Default Leh ladakh - Pure excitement and nothing else

    Hi all,

    We are posting this travelogue as part of celebrating the 1st year anniversary of the Leh-Ladakh ride we started exactly today last year (24th June 2012).
    I am trying to sync the dates of the last year and this year's. We were very excited during the ride and i hope even the reader/ riders who read it will also like it

    Here are the teasers... Today we started from Pune in train to Jammu. So would post the first writeup on 26th with the story of what happened in train

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    Gear up, pile up things, Never stop. RIDE ON

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    Default Re: Leh ladakh - Pure excitement and nothing else

    Beautiful start of the thread.

    Bring some more

    Travelogue approved.
    (Been There Done That) x 3.25

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    Default Re: Leh ladakh - Pure excitement and nothing else

    Thanks Sunil G for approving, yes.. being a part of the above Fun, thrill, excitement, and a part of so called dream ride of every Indian we will be sharing the most precious and unforgettable moments of our ride.
    As Avinash (seshavasan890) said we will be posting what happened the same date last year.
    The road Never ends..keep Riding.

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    Default Re: Leh ladakh - Pure excitement and nothing else

    Thanks for approving Sunil G

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    Default Re: Leh ladakh - Pure excitement and nothing else

    Great, one more entry to the LEH-Ladakh pages.
    Okeei,, I can see some exciting photos,,,, this shouldn't stop here, now!!
    Instagram - chaosaddict666 (follow for atypical uploads on heavy metal, bikes, alcohol, chakna, life, fashion yada, yada)
    YouTube - chaosaddict666 (Disclaimer: crappiest uploads ever, viewer discretion is advised)

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    Default Re: Leh ladakh - Pure excitement and nothing else


    I started writing the blog after 6 months of ride... When the plan started about 1 year before the ride, I dreamed of writing a blog which will be a everything for next rider who wants to do leh-ladakh... then it's not easy to make all dreams come true :-D started writing a blog with my fellow rider, unfortunately couldn't complete whole story... laziness wins over active-ness easily!!! Now it was time to put down the most amazing ride for an Indian rider in writing...

    I started writing this post by looking into the photos taken during the trip which started with my friends coming from Bengaluru to catch train from Pune to Jammu Tavi... This will purely contain what I felt in the while journey...
    I bought a TVS Apache RTR 160 in 2008 when I was in my mid-graduation... My college was fairly far-away by around 18kms from home... Everyday riding was nearly 40kms being enough to learn riding or may be to lose interest also..!! I never lost interest though rather started dreaming of riding long distances and there came this obvious dream in me too:-D

    This is a ride which costs a lot of Mind and Money(2 M's). It was after an year when I met with Chetan who had similar thoughts about riding like me, started to mingle and finally the plan was charted... Chethan(RTR 160) came along with his 2 closest friends/colleagues Shushruth(R15) and Puneeth(CBR250) who were also very wanting to visit these places on bike...!!

    Fantastic 4 are ready with their bikes... I personally feel 4 is optimum number of people during for a trip... Of course like minded will be an added advantage.... ^_^

    Plan :

    Plan is simple.... 3 in Bengaluru & 1 in Pune meet in Pune, catch Jhelum express to Jammu on 23rd June and start the yatra... Btw bikes will be transported via some logistics in prior so that it reaches the location early and we can start off as per plan...

    With some ups and downs we reach Jammu a day late and collect our bikes from GATI logistics without much trouble....(happy with their service)

    Itenary :

    Day 0 : Bengaluru to Pune[FONT='Trebuchet MS', sans-serif](Chethan, Puneeth, Shushruth)

    Day 1 and 2 : Pune to Jammu

    Day 3 and 4 : Jammu to Srinagar

    Day 5 : Srinagar to Kargil

    Day 6 : Kargil to Leh

    Day 7 : Leh to Nubra Valley and back to Leh

    Day 8 : Leh to Pangong Tso

    Day 9 : Pangong Tso to Pang

    Day 10 and 11 : Pang to Manali

    Day 12 : Manali to Chandigarh

    Day 13 : Chandigarh to Agra

    Day 14 : Agra to Sagar

    Day 15 : Sagar to Pune(Avinash) / Adilabad(Chethan, Puneeth, Shushruth)

    Day 16 : Adilabad to Bengaluru

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    Gear up, pile up things, Never stop. RIDE ON

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