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Thread: Ride to Ashtavinayak

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    Default Ride to Ashtavinayak

    Ride to Ashtavinayak

    Route :
    Pali -->Shahad -->theur -->Moregao -->Siddhitek -->Ranjangaon --> Lenayadri -->Ozar
    Mumbai to Pali --> 135km
    Pali to Madh --> 50km
    Madh to Theur --> 150 km
    Theur to sidhatek --> 86 kms
    Sidhatek to Morgaon --> 86 km
    Ranjangaon to Lenyadri --> 104 km
    Lenyadri to ozar --> 15km

    Total Distance cover : 800 km

    Bike :
    Pulsar 180 (Modified as P220 with rear Disc Break)

    I was planning to ride ashtavinayak, I had spoke to one of my friend about the same he agree but he did not gave me any date for the ride. on 07-June he called up and told me that we will be going on ride on Saturday 08-June. He shall try to convince a his BOSS to allow him for a leave if he does not agree then we shall start ride on Saturday evening. We had decided no night riding. We were suppose to come back on Monday. (2 night and two days).

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    Day 1

    He had called up at 12:30pm and inform me that ride we shall start ride at 4:00 pm today. We were cruising 80-90kmph. We had planned to cover two ganesh temple Pali and Madh . We reached Madh around 6:30 pm we parked our vehicle and took darshan.

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    I was with the opinion that we should stay at Pali and ride in next morning to Madh since it was 6:40 PM by that time but my fiends insist we should stay at Madh. So we proceed to Madh some local told us that it is around 50km from Pali.

    We started our journey toward Madh We had reached Madh around at 7:30 till that time it was quite dark. Then we took darshan and book Bhakta Nivas. There was no crowd at all in mandir. We had our food then went to bed soon.

    Day 2

    We got up around at 6:00 am in Morning as we could not sleep due to new place. We were discussing about hot water for bath we was under impression that hot water may not be available as in night we could not find any hot water to tap. My friend was used to bath with hot water so he went to take shower. After his bath he told me that tap is having hot water and timing for hot water was 5 am to 8 am so I decided to bath now.

    Room was ok, They just charge us Rs. 250 (which include Rs. 100 as refundable deposit), I left around at 7:00 am I took a darshan once again. we have not taken our deposit back as booking counter was not open at that time. We started riding toward theur. We reached theur appx after 2 hours.

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    After Taking darshan we headed toward Moregaon, Local has shown as a short cut to moregaon
    Shortcut route -->Supa --> Novphala --> patas -->Daund -->Shirapur -->Siddhatek

    Road was narrow so we were cruising between 60-70 kmph, We reached siddhatek around at 10:48 PM There was some rush in temple may be because of Sunday.

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    We took a darshan then Around at 3:30PM we proceeds to Ranjangaon, climate was quiet cool. We was enjoying the nature but suddenly rain has started quickly dress our rain wears and ride start once again. After riding few meter ride rain has come in big way as We could not see anything in front of us so stop at road corner. That rain was too heavy. After 15-20 minutes when rain become normal. we start our ride again. We reached ranjangaon around 5:30 pm. we parked our vehicle and proceeds to temple. We took darshan and booked a room in bhakta dham. It is good place to stay but room booking start at 7:00 pm we was waiting for booking to start

    Temple view

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    Booking counter

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    Finally at 7:15 pm we got the room, We went to room and refresh, After enquiry I found that mahaprasad start at 7:30 onwards, Mahaprasad was decent at contain dal, rice and sheera. After mahaprasad. it was awesome ride.

    Please don’t forgot to buy or carry mosquito coil or it will feast for mosquito. It is easily available in nearby stores. it was awesome ride.

    Day 3

    I got up early morning around 5:00 AM. It was cool outside like a/c is running. In Ranjangaon you will have access to hot water out side your room between 5-8am in morning. We both had wash, We had over keys to booking counter, counter clerk has given me my deposit back. It shall cost you around Rs. 300 per day.

    We took a darshan again before leaving temple. Morning pray was going on. We started our riding around at 7:00 am in morning.

    We proceeds to lenyadri We reached lenyadri around 10:38 AM. We parked our vehicle.

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    I was finding it difficult to climb the staircase. So I took holt after climbing some steps. It may be difficult to climb entire staircase without any break.

    Finally after sometimes we reached on top.

    View from top

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    We proceeds to ozar our last temple but not the least we were on the way to complete our 8 temples, reached ozar in just few minutes.

    We keep our bags with one of the vendor. I friend had kept his rain wear on our bags I had requested him to put the same inside the bag but he did not listen.

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    Main Temple Entrance

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    We went to shop where we kept our bags and found that my friends rain wear was missing. When we ask shop owner she told us that she is not aware of any rain wear she has not touch our bags. There was no point in arguing with the lady. So we proceeds to Back Mumbai.

    While returning to Mumbai via malshej ghat, We saw a water hall and my friend could not resist himself so we park our vehicle on road side and enjoy water fall.

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    We half at on restaurant near malshej ghat and had our food then proceeds to Mumbai.

    We reached home around 5:00 pm
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    Default Re: Ride to Ashtavinayak

    Travelogue Approved
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    Default Re: Ride to Ashtavinayak

    nice holy trip.. reminded me of my own ashtvinayak trip... good.

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    Default Re: Ride to Ashtavinayak

    Good start, keep pourin'..
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