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Thread: Weekend Bike Roadtrip to Ayodhya hills-Purulia

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    Default Weekend Bike Roadtrip to Ayodhya hills-Purulia

    Muscle: CBZ Xtreme
    Masters: Arnab & Sohan
    Date: 08/11/13 to 10/11/13
    Editor: Microsoft Office Picture Manager
    Guide: Lots and lots of help from Google map and GPS
    Total Damage: Rs. 3798
    Total Kms: 800

    Name:  SAM_3318.jpg
Views: 38676
Size:  95.3 KB

    The Hills

    Name:  SAM_3061.jpg
Views: 8073
Size:  99.4 KB

    Our Muscle

    Name:  SAM_3093.jpg
Views: 7900
Size:  101.5 KB

    The Masters

    Name:  20131110_062556.jpg
Views: 7963
Size:  102.9 KB


    Tour Log:

    Route taken -->Santoshpur-->bidyasagar setu-->kona exp. way.--> Right turn at Nibra--> straight through Jaypur Bill to durgapur Highway --> Cross Singur, and continue straight to palisat--> take left towards bardhman--> bardhman--> khagragar--> panagarh--> take keft from bamunara crossing--> continue to Durgapur--> Durgapur-Purulia-Raghunathpur Rd.--> cross Barjora--> Dejuri--> Beliator--> Dhabani-->Nobanda--> Bankura--> Salboni-->Chhatna--> Purulia(explore your own route, there are many to take)--> take route direction for Ayodhya Pahar -->cross kangsabati river-->Damda-->Right turn from Tamna more--> Straight through Salaidahar-->Left turn from Aharara --> continue straight to the hill top until you reach Rest house Niharika.

    Name:  20131109_112913.jpg
Views: 8468
Size:  96.7 KB

    Taken on a mobile cam, Amazing what technology can do, Huh?

    Name:  20131109_113649.jpg
Views: 7855
Size:  107.7 KB

    Could not resist.

    Name:  20131108_161353.jpg
Views: 7454
Size:  117.5 KB

    Our Shelter

    Name:  20131109_072907.jpg
Views: 7881
Size:  104.4 KB

    The Marble Lake

    Name:  20131109_073026.jpg
Views: 7662
Size:  106.0 KB

    Spot our ride. He is in this frame.

    Name:  20131109_112501.jpg
Views: 10133
Size:  97.0 KB

    Absolute serenity

    Name:  20131109_112853.jpg
Views: 7423
Size:  106.0 KB

    Always posing.

    Day 1

    We started from kolkata at around 6:30 in the morning. Everything seemed o.k. until a small accident took place at the very beginning of our journey within kolkata itself and the headlight cage got broken along with some deep scratches in the front mud guard. But that did not stop us from having any less excitement about the road ahead, but it only made us aware of driving more carefully. We managed to blame our parents for not giving their full blessing and ultimately this accident as a cause of their non supportive attitude. This gave us an amount of mental peace but even we know that they would never want something like this. We crossed Singur, saw the deserted NANO factory. We thought of stopping at Shaktigarh to have some snack but ended reaching Durgapur before we could have our breakfast and I would highly not recommend any of you to go to that restaurant where only breakfast of boiled egg and butter toast can cost you Rs. 386. We encountered a beautiful small dam at our road ahead and took some time for photography and all. It was nearly 6 hrs since we started riding and when we almost left any hope to see the Hills, it appeared in front of us. At first it seemed that it is not that big and all and we were a bit disappointed by its appearance. We took a shortcut by taking a right turn at Tamna crossing in reaching Ayodhya. This is when we realized how wrong we are about its size. The more closer we got, the bigger it became. And finally we came to its feet; we could now easily understand how it gave shelter and shielding to the Maoists. The shortcut at Tamna is an unconventional route since only two wheelers can go through at the end of this road. All the four wheelers take the other route which is continuing straight. The first requirement of ours was a place to stay. Hence we stopped at the Govt. "Bhutiya" resort at the bottom of the hills. Only one caretaker was there to look after the Govt. assets and a 20 Rs. note switched him to "happy to help" mode. But he told us that there are more rooms and hotels available at the hill top, so we told him that we will continue ahead and if we fail to get any accommodations, we will return to his rest house by 5 in the Eve. It was 2:30 in the afternoon. We continued straight leaving the old man behind and this is the road where only two wheelers can pass because of its poor condition. We finally managed to reach Niharika, a govt. sponsored well maintained hotel with very helpful and well gestured employees. We laid our tired asses there. Took a double bed AC deluxe room, costed us Rs 800 per day. And before we even realized, the Sun went down and emptiness surrounded the Ayodhya Hills. The place is amazingly quite and clear. The air you breathe in lets you feel a day younger already. You can smell the pure aroma of leaves and soil when you walk down the red soiled road with only enough light from a distant lamp post to make a correct step forward. You can hear a tribal song coming from a distance not too far but keep you wondering how far could it be? It mesmerizes you to sit somewhere and take the day off. Makes you forget all your daily troubles, your targets, your achievements in life, your responsibilities to carry, the daily wake up alarm and all the very aspects which you do regularly but never actually enjoyed much. All of a sudden you become careless. A song catches your ears from very far, it could be a radio. God, since when have I last heard the sound of a radio, that too coming from such a distance. Weather is a bit cold outside at this season, its not like you need to wear a sweater or a muffler, but you definitely have to wear a stylish jacket. And that would give you the perfect combination of feeling of the cold breeze running through your skin along with an undisputed appeal towards your dressing sense. I am giving it 80 out of 100 so far. I managed to edit and summon all the photos of Day 1. We had our dinner and walked inside the premises for a while. Sohan took the bed early as he was the one doing more driving. I went to the rooftop and came back after a while. Before going to bed, we shared all our memories like how three of us, me, Anand and Sohan himself used to ride a tiny Scooty and made all the Fun memories. Countless memories and each one is better then the previous. At times we were laughing so loudly that I am sure all the villagers surrounding heard us. We never thought only two person can make it a full house. Day 1 ended.

    Name:  SAM_2943.jpg
Views: 7576
Size:  97.2 KB

    A roadside Dam

    Name:  SAM_2958.jpg
Views: 7248
Size:  104.1 KB

    A glimpse of Ayodhya

    Name:  SAM_2966.jpg
Views: 7209
Size:  98.8 KB

    The beginning of it.

    Name:  20131109_141456.jpg
Views: 7103
Size:  99.4 KB


    Name:  SAM_2875.jpg
Views: 7035
Size:  94.7 KB

    An experimental shot.

    Name:  SAM_2935.jpg
Views: 6944
Size:  100.5 KB


    Day 2

    Sleeping is a luxury we can not afford at this trip. And just like that, we woke up before our Alarms can ring. Got ready to explore Ayodhya Hills and it was 6:30 in the morning. The morning light is covering the whole territory. Its cold outside so we put on some extra gears. I already collected all the information on the visiting spots yesterday itself. Oh! I forgot to mention, carry only Reliance since nothing else works there. I am very friendly and talkative when going to new places. Made friends with the hotel representatives yesterday only and Sujoy Da, one of the representative, told us specifically not to enter the village route. Alas! We took that route at the very beginning of our exploration by mistakenly. God is great, only by taking that route, we came to a place which we named "The marble lake" was undoubtedly the most beautiful place in the whole Ayodhya hills. Its not a tourist spot as four wheeler can not come to this spot and its only after crossing small villages and some very skillful driving by Sohan at some sharp edges of cliffs, we came to this location. There was absolute pin drop silence and the water in the Lake is lush green. The whole place was like a huge basin. Every noise you make was creating an echo. It was so peaceful. We could only hear the soothing sound of the wind. Took whole lot of photographs. This is to inform you that all the photographs (very few by my partner) were taken by me and did some experimentation with my PL55 and my Samsung galaxy S. We spend almost 45 mins in that same spot. On our return to our Bike, we went up to the Hill just beside the Marble Lake, Again the beauty of Ayodhya caught our eyes. Kept us speechless for more than 10 to 15 good mins. After that we decided to move on since we had to cover a lot of ground and time was little. This is when we again tried to explore new routes and ended up reaching our hotel again. We laughed at us and our so called new route to the mega exploration. However, we blessed the morning breakfast at the hotel. After filling our tummies, we again started towards Upper Dam, one of the many tourist spots. The huge boulders in the Dam made my friend utter Man made marvels. Hats off to the people. This was truly amazing to see the engineering behind it. After doing some more photo shoot, we continued to the Lower dam and the reputed Hydro Power project. We could not enter the restricted places due to lack of permission. If anybody interested in the engineering of such hydro projects can contact Mr. Benu Sen +91 8101637458, he is the best local guide who can make arrangement for everything starting from station pick up to tribal dance or entry in the restricted places. However, we were still searching for the much hyped Turga and Damini water falls. Only after crossing the Lower Dam, we felt the need of Fuel for our ride desperately. Hence coming down at Bagmundi Petrol Pump. After fueling, we took a wrong decision by going up again without seeing the Pakhi Pahar. This made us take a u-turn and an extra 6-7 kms. The Pakhi pahar was known to Sohan since he came there before for trekking and all. Huge sketches were there drawn in the hills. This was not that interesting but was fun all together. We were hungry and ate at Bagmundi village dhaba. Continued our search for the fall. Finally got the view of Turga Falls, and then Damini falls. Damini made me feel more alive. Washed my hands, feet and face with the cold running water. This was refreshing. Did some more experimental photographys. After that we head for the hotel to take some rest. The moment we touched our respective beds, we felt sleepy like hell. Set alarm for 5:30, but ultimately got up at 6:30 pm. Time to take the night driving test. The road was spooky and I could only recall my last experience during my college days where I had to walk through similar situation at night all alone. Thank god this time I am on a bike with Sohan. It was pitch black and we had to be careful since there were many places where water was running through the road and those places were very slippery. Finally reached the Upper Dam. The night view was mesmerizing. We spend almost 30 mins there, but realized it was very risky to stay any longer and decided to head back to our hotel. We had our dinner at 9:30 and again wrote my second day log and done all the photo editings. Day 2 ended.

    Name:  SAM_3354.jpg
Views: 21540
Size:  97.3 KB

    Lower dam

    Name:  20131109_112929.jpg
Views: 6771
Size:  102.7 KB

    Another mobile cam stuff. Cool, aye?

    Name:  SAM_2874.jpg
Views: 6776
Size:  95.9 KB


    Name:  SAM_2897.jpg
Views: 6718
Size:  105.3 KB

    An evening scout

    Name:  SAM_2900.jpg
Views: 6503
Size:  106.0 KB

    4 less 100

    Name:  SAM_3050.jpg
Views: 6571
Size:  95.8 KB

    The dirt track.

    Name:  SAM_3051.jpg
Views: 6566
Size:  97.1 KB

    The vastness.

    Name:  SAM_3062.jpg
Views: 6563
Size:  98.0 KB

    Focusing the silence.

    Name:  SAM_3110.jpg
Views: 6351
Size:  89.3 KB

    Muscle & Master..

    Day 3

    Touring complete but Journey is not. Time to head back home. We started at 6:30 and thought of taking the Arambagh route to kill distance and reach home early. How wrong we were. Almost 80 kms of road were in such bad shape that we barely maintained a speed of 30 Kms/hr. Took heavy beating of our poor CBZ. We felt really sorry for him but there was no other option but to continue. Finally, we reached Arambagh and ate some puri and mishti. The only thing that I enjoyed during our return so far was some very good roads inside Jaypur forest and my yellow colored college bus being driven by Mr. Mansha. Made me remember all the good memories of my college. This is when I realized I never really left that place. A part of me is still stuck there. Another round of heavy beating to our ride started once we started from Arambagh. The most remarkable incidents was encountering the very urge by all kinds of animals who are constantly trying to jump and cross the road at the exact moment when we are near and driving very fast. I dont know why it is so important for them to cross the road at that particular moment only. its like "Oh Look, its that speeding CBZ my fellow goat / Dog / bird / chicken was saying, lets jump in front of its track and see if their breaks are working properly or not" . Thank god they were working properly. We reached Kolkata at 2:30 afternoon. This is when we realized that no matter which road you take, it will not take any less than 8 hrs to reach Ayodhya by bike. When we were entering our home, the total trip kms was flashing 800. And our ass's hurting like hell. But every square inch of pain was worth it. And regret none so far.

    Name:  SAM_3216.jpg
Views: 6794
Size:  96.9 KB

    Man made marvels

    Name:  SAM_3272.jpg
Views: 6436
Size:  96.2 KB

    Posing for click ..

    Name:  20131109_073554.jpg
Views: 6359
Size:  108.5 KB

    Surfaced natural marble.

    P.S. :- How do you like our trip Log ? How about the photos ? Are they inspiring to motivate
    you ? Please share your opinions and let us know if this thread helped you in anyway. Ride
    Safe. catch us on facebook - and . It seems i have reached max. photo limit.
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Default Re: Weekend Bike Roadtrip to Ayodhya hills-Purulia

    Travelogue Approved
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

    Give your details here if you want to help your fellow xBhpian stranded in your city

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    Default Re: Weekend Bike Roadtrip to Ayodhya hills-Purulia

    Awesome pictures, mate! 'considering the mobile cams. I am tuned!
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    Default Re: Weekend Bike Roadtrip to Ayodhya hills-Purulia

    Quote Originally Posted by chaosaddict View Post
    Awesome pictures, mate! 'considering the mobile cams. I am tuned!
    Keep it coming bros , this log is remembering my school days weekend rides , counting my days to come back to WB ..

    Nice clicks and nice ride ..

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    Default Re: Weekend Bike Roadtrip to Ayodhya hills-Purulia

    @ The Monk: Thank You..
    @ Chaosaddict: Thanks mate, but unable to upload the rest of the photos. Don't know if there is any limitations in Xbph regarding total size.
    @ hhsplendor: Thank you. Looking forward to your safe return.
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    Default Re: Weekend Bike Roadtrip to Ayodhya hills-Purulia

    fab pics arnab..
    There is limit for posting pics in single thread, but i guess you can go on adding pics as reply to the thread
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    Default Re: Weekend Bike Roadtrip to Ayodhya hills-Purulia

    Thank you chinmay.. ..Will try..

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    Default Re: Weekend Bike Roadtrip to Ayodhya hills-Purulia

    Some more photos..

    Name:  SAM_3171.jpg
Views: 6399
Size:  96.8 KB

    The Open Road

    Name:  20131109_112943.jpg
Views: 6261
Size:  106.5 KB

    Life is difficult here.

    Name:  SAM_2882.jpg
Views: 6196
Size:  103.8 KB

    A Roadside dam

    Name:  SAM_2968.jpg
Views: 6115
Size:  99.8 KB

    Asking route

    Name:  SAM_3073.jpg
Views: 6947
Size:  98.9 KB

    The Marble View

    Name:  SAM_3099.jpg
Views: 6149
Size:  98.2 KB

    Lets go straight..

    Name:  SAM_3102.jpg
Views: 6120
Size:  98.9 KB

    I'm slipping..

    Name:  SAM_3148.jpg
Views: 6012
Size:  99.6 KB

    The watery road

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    Default Re: Weekend Bike Roadtrip to Ayodhya hills-Purulia

    Want more reason to make the trip??

    Name:  SAM_3275.jpg
Views: 22603
Size:  97.8 KB

    A birds eye view..

    Name:  SAM_3289.jpg
Views: 7054
Size:  100.1 KB


    Name:  SAM_3331.jpg
Views: 6242
Size:  96.7 KB

    The higher ground..

    Name:  SAM_3350.jpg
Views: 6048
Size:  97.8 KB

    Cool.. aye??

    Name:  20131109_180123.jpg
Views: 5940
Size:  91.6 KB

    Muscle at night..

    Name:  SAM_2972.jpg
Views: 6094
Size:  96.7 KB

    The forest road..

    Name:  SAM_2984.jpg
Views: 6153
Size:  98.3 KB

    Have to be there again..

    Name:  SAM_3094.jpg
Views: 5889
Size:  98.3 KB

    Me .. driving..

    Name:  20131109_073205.jpg
Views: 5834
Size:  96.6 KB

    What'ya thinking partner?

    Name:  20131109_073838.jpg
Views: 9405
Size:  100.6 KB

    No road is too easy or too difficult..

    Name:  20131109_141336.jpg
Views: 5935
Size:  100.2 KB

    The shore.

    Name:  20131109_141352.jpg
Views: 5905
Size:  98.8 KB


    Name:  20131109_141411.jpg
Views: 5804
Size:  97.9 KB


    Name:  SAM_3064.jpg
Views: 5785
Size:  97.9 KB

    Wanna jump?

    Name:  SAM_3065.jpg
Views: 5723
Size:  98.2 KB

    Absolute focus.

    Name:  SAM_3077.jpg
Views: 5796
Size:  100.1 KB

    Yes, yes, you look handsome. Can you please move your ass now?? :P

    Name:  SAM_3107.jpg
Views: 5747
Size:  96.5 KB

    Shooting.. always..

    Name:  SAM_3121.jpg
Views: 5832
Size:  99.8 KB

    cave like..

    Name:  SAM_3129.jpg
Views: 5835
Size:  96.8 KB

    Twists and turns..

    Name:  SAM_3132.jpg
Views: 5745
Size:  93.2 KB


    Name:  SAM_3136.jpg
Views: 5768
Size:  100.8 KB

    Lone wolf..

    Name:  SAM_3223.jpg
Views: 16322
Size:  96.8 KB

    Beauty of the place..

    Name:  SAM_3229.jpg
Views: 5690
Size:  93.0 KB

    Nothing is too far..

    Name:  SAM_3269.jpg
Views: 5742
Size:  100.3 KB


    Name:  SAM_3276.jpg
Views: 6443
Size:  99.3 KB

    A top view..

    Name:  SAM_3278.jpg
Views: 6860
Size:  102.5 KB


    Name:  SAM_3287.jpg
Views: 5740
Size:  96.3 KB

    Mountain side road..

    Name:  SAM_3303.jpg
Views: 5778
Size:  98.8 KB


    Name:  SAM_3318.jpg
Views: 20100
Size:  95.3 KB

    The Hills..

    Name:  SAM_3353.jpg
Views: 11039
Size:  97.8 KB

    And that's me..
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