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Thread: Destiny through Destinations

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    Cool Destiny through Destinations

    Trip Destination: Wayanad, Mysore, Ooty, Attapady
    Trip Distance: 850Kms approx.
    4 days, 3 nights
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    We six friends Sonal, Daniel, Richard, John, Antony and myself Nivin decided to spend the vacation on a road trip to Wayanad, Mysore, Ooty. We started the trip with three Yamaha FZs, left from home on 12.09.2013 at 6am with hot cup of coffee. The climate was great. Our first stop was at Mancheri and reached there by 0100hrs. The climate was going against us, rain of course. But luckily it was just a small shower. We left Mancheri after lunch. On the way one of the bikers (Sonal) ride started coughing, but we figured it out. Some sort of paper was ticking in the air intake. We continued the ride after fixing it. We left from Mancheri by almost 1400hrs.Name:  DSC01866.jpg
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    On the way we got small rain again at unknown place, which was not blocking our ride. Then came another problem, the same bike stared coughing again. But this time it was not the air intake, we couldn’t sort out the issue. Suddenly it stopped and we continued the ride. By the time we reached Mukkam. We’ve started to climb the Thamarassery churam. Then heavy showers blasted, we parked over bikes near a small shed and waited to get a good ride. We started after the rain through the ghats and snapped some pictures.
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Size:  99.8 KBAfter the ghat roads we had to refuel our bikes, by the time we had reached Sulthan Battery about 2200hrs. We checked rooms there and stayed until the sunrises. After breakfast we started our cruising to Mysore. Beautiful climate to ride, took many snaps. We took a wrong deviation and wasted 40km. then we entered on to Karnataka state. Superb road, but had speed breakers were so embarrassing. And we reached Gundalpettu at 1700hrs and had a cup of tea.
    Name:  DSC01946.jpg
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Size:  99.8 KBOn the way to Mysore, again the the same bike started coughing. This time we ended up in a Yamaha service center. They told it was due to the spark plug gap and the fixed it, continued our journey. By 2100hrs we’ve reached Mysore and looked up for rooms there. At last we got bed for six and went for ride in Mysore city and of course the night beauty of Mysore Palace. We had our dinner and went off for the beds.
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Size:  102.5 KBThe next morning we went to Mysore palace and some malls out there had photo. And we came back to the hotel and prepared to leave the ‘City of Palaces’. The road was nice and straight we throttled up to the maximum. The thrills ended up when another biker (John) missed from a brutal crash. We were slightly frightened seeing that. We thanked Almighty God and continued our trip.
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    Then we entered BANDHIPUR tiger reserve by 1800hrs. Fabulous climate with a cold breeze through the ride, we enjoyed it really. We started to ride through Ooty mountain pass. We‘ve passed almost 10 hairpins, and then two bikes (Nivin’s, Antony’s) became reserve. We were bit scared that we were likely ended up in nowhere. But the things were when climbing up the steeps it was like the fuel gone to reserve mode actually its not. Reached Ooty by 1900hrs and the same again searching for rooms. We got a cottage for reasonable rate. The climate at Ooty was at its best.
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Size:  104.2 KBWe started the next day with nice cup of coffee and went to the lake for boating and other site seeing. After that set out for our home town. We tracked our way to Kerala via Attapady forest route. As the we were down hilling, we kept our throttles down to some extent. We passed through Geddai dam, got some pictures on the way down the hairpins.
    When we reached Mulli (1800hrs) (Kerala- Tamilnadu Checkpost) and cleared the procedures, officers opened the gates to Kerala. We couldn’t find any tarmac road. Name:  DSC02066.jpg
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Size:  99.7 KBThen we started off-roading that was really awesome. And after 10-15km we’ve stared seeing tarmac, with both sides dense forests. On the forest guards warned us to dive carefully. They told that this route was only used by smugglers and warned there’s elephants crossing nearby, we were so afraid hearing that.
    Then we reached a place named Mukkali at 1930hrs and had a small refreshments from there. That place holds another threat for us, Heavy fog down hilling Manarakkad mountain pass. We literally can’t see anything, we drove bike in 20-30km/hrs. and reached Manarakkad. From there we had our dinner and set course for our home town Chalakudy. And we started our ride and reached Thrissur from there we drunk a cup of tea and started again. Thank god we reached safely Chalakudy at 0100hrs and end of the line.
    Sincere Thanks to Almighty God For Saving us All the Time.
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