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Thread: Moderator Announcement! Do's and Don'ts when posting a Travelogue

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    Icon4 Moderator Announcement! Do's and Don'ts when posting a Travelogue

    Folks who are writing their first travelogue or uploading their photos, here are a few pointers that you should consider. This is aimed at both newbies and seasoned folks.

    1. When writing a travelogue, please make sure that the entire text gets divided into paragraphs that are not too lengthy to read. You can even break the monotony of too much wordiness by inserting photos at relevant places in between the running text. Too much text without a break does not appeal to the reader. And of course properly framed and paragraphed text looks neat, easy to read, gets to the point and retains reader interest from the onset till its end.

    2. When uploading photos, make sure you upload the photo(s) you think are worth it. For example, you can include beautiful vistas, high mountain ranges, etc etc. Avoid posting repeated photos of your bike along with the vista. We all know you love your bike but you also know that too much of even a good thing can get boring. So please make sure, you upload the right content, not repeated content at different places.

    3. Formatting. When writing a travelogue, make sure you read it along the way, for simple grammar mistakes, typo error. Don't make it a one-shot writing and posting exercise. By re-reading and correcting errors, you not only make your own creation better but also show respect towards the reader by giving him/her your best. xBhp uses the grammar correction then and there to denote if you have spelling error. The best way to write a travelogue would be to write in Microsoft Word or any word processors, format it properly and then copy and paste wherever necessary. This also helps improve your writing ability and lets you get your point across well. Do use the 'preview' function to see how and what you are putting up on the forum before it actually gets there.

    4. If you're the kind of person who wouldn't like to elaborate it at the level of Obama, you can consider the Manmohan mode. Here you can post the photos with the right titles. For example, you have a beautiful vista near Leh-Ladakh. Make sure you have the right photo, naming this photo was taken in Leh-Ladakh somewhere near Lamayuru at the top each photo, and bold them appropriately.

    One common mistake most people do here is not leaving enough spaces between the text and the photo. Make sure your heading for the photo has a space followed by the photo, so that it helps the reader gauge which photo was marked. Also spacing between photos themselves is a good practice so that the photos don't look like a slide show.

    5. Photo size. Most people upload their photos right from their Digicam or DSLR which is not a bad idea, but converting them to a lesser size i.e. 4 mb photo to mere 400 KB is a wise choice to do. The photo size will get reduced automatically but with an accompanying loss of quality. This reduction is to avoid unnecessary usage of server space at xBhp and also helps the forum be more effective and faster. Now you know why travelogues with high image size take slower to load whereas the text loads faster. You have lots of third-party softwares which do the job for free.

    6. Content. Please do not post a single paragraph with a single photo stating that it's a travelogue. A travelogue is meant to be interesting, inspiring and it's all about that feel good factor. And it needs to be with relevant riding content, be it on any two-wheeler.

    7. When uploading photos on the forum , pls make sure only upload the ones in which the riders are properly geared up. Here gearing up means, with proper riding gear, helmets, gloves, jackets at the minimum. We actively promote safe riding practices and lidless/gearless photos or ones showing stunting on public roads could either mean non-approval of your post or approval after deletion of the inappropriate photos. This 'deletion' action includes any such photos as just described that are added to a running thread too and are either noticed by the mods themselves or get reported to them by other members.

    The above tips are intended to make sure what the posting member puts up reaches the broadest possible audience, inspires them and furthers the cause of safe riding.

    Ride safe!

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