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Thread: The great engineering ride

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    Icon10 The great engineering ride

    Hello Folks, first let me introduce myself, I am Aaditya, from Bangalore, a newly hatched mechanical engineer, scouring out life after engineering.
    This is the first time attempting to share my experience by jotting it down, so kindly forgive the many mistakes that you will obviously notice

    This being my very first travelogue, I havent yet found my own narrative style..But Gotta start somewhere right??
    First of all, the title is quite misleading, (you know,just to attract viewers ), actually there is nothing great about this ride,the distance,the place ,the bikes ,Nothing!! But still ,this was one of the most joyous experiences in my entire life.
    So I think it definitely is worth sharing ....So here goes,
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    Back then, I was jobless, and I couldn't have been any happier. I mean wake up at noon, watch movies till evening, and hang out with friends the rest of the day, and play games from night till early in the morning.
    Its like an engineering student's wet dream
    The plan for this ride came out of the idea that all of us, were jobless (yes, I wasn't alone, we were an entire army.), and wanted to divert our attention away
    From that very fact. (And to get refuge from the "Don't worry you'll get it" sympathizers.)

    So topic was started up in our Whatsapp group, and the group went berserk, it was like dropping the little boy on Hiroshima.
    The requisites were One day ride, not too far, something scenic, and corner (yes, that last one was more of a personal preference: P)
    Initial plan was fixed as Gopalaswamy Betta, and some 10 odd people were onboard.
    As days passed by we started talking and miraculously everyone(well,not everyone) stuck to the plan. The plan was a simple to and fro ride,nothing more.
    Finally after what seemed like eternity, the people and place were finalised.

    So D-day comes; and to spice up the plan, we thought a nite out somewhere would be excellent, and we would ride off in the morning.
    But when 10 brains gather (none of them full), some things are bound to go wrong, so nite out was ruled out, but we were all out of our houses, and were not in any mood to return; thus we had to kill the night somehow.

    The night was young and first thought was to roam around Bangalore, you know, M.G Road, Ring road etc. but that was a big no-no due to many reasons. Lack of funds being a major one.

    So some genius blurted out, Macha!!!Lets ride to Maddur CCD and from there we will plan further". But a CCD bill for 20 people would easily surpass our B.E marks all put together!
    Yet, being the daredevils we are, we set off; and the Ride was on!!

    5 Bikes,10 People,1Destination..!

    Chiranjeevi a.k.a Chiru &
    Sharath a.k.a Shas3 ,On the Duke

    Shreyas a.k.a Shreyas(Because the other name is not very social) :P :P &
    Tarun a.k.a TV ,on the RTR

    Madan a.k.a Maddy &
    Nithish a.k.a Bhatta, on the Dazzler

    Mani a.k.a Mani &
    Prabhakar a.k.a Tiger ,on the FZ

    Nithin a.k.a The Boss &
    Yours truly, on my trusty Pulsar.

    A pulsar classic, Apache 180, Unicorn Dazzler, Duke 200, FZ-S.

    Name:  DSCF6106-2.jpg
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    We decided to ride mellow so that we would pass some time. I was at the end of the pack,chatting with my pillion Nithin,so was lagging just a bit.
    Somewhere around 2 Km after NICE road, (near DECATHLON) there was a police barricade. Nothing special just routine checking, and I noticed that none of my buds were there so they had definitely passed.
    The Police started asking all kinds of question like, "Where? When? why at this time?. To skip this convo I said, "Sir Munde hodralla 4 bike alli, ella nam hudgre saar"(Sir, the people who just passed on 4 bikes, are from our group only.)
    He replied: "" Oh nim hudgrena? Kal nan maklu adda hakidra nilse illa hange hogbitru" (Oh those people were with you? Buggers didn't stop even when blocked)
    Oh Shit!!! I thought and cursed them in my mind.
    The police went on and said that "I have notified the next check post through my wireless phone, theyll stop you".

    Well, unless his 'torch' or 'Laathi' had some next gen wireless phone embedded, we were safe.

    I was already lagging and after this brief stint, I had some serious catching up to do. This is the time I actually realized the importance of headlights! I don't know if Mysore is always like that or they had all the lights specially switched OFF!! for my arrival.

    After some struggle I somehow managed to catch up with them, and the first thing say is You stopped for the cop didnt you?
    And so much for the mellow riding plan of ours, all it took was one random dude overtaking all of us.
    And Speedos showed north of 120 in some of the bikes (Guess which one?). As a result we reached Maddur quickly, very quickly.

    Once at CCD, we relaxed, did some chit chat and played some games.

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    So we passed some time, actually a lot of time; before we knew it was 4 am, and closing time for CCD apparently. (We thought it was a 24*7 place).

    Next stop was Mysore, again the "mellow riding" plan, didnt work out so well. And we were in Mysore well before dawn. After a small photo-shoot, in front of the palace, we started to think where next.
    Name:  DSCF6169-6.jpg
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    Now let me tell you, all this confusion was because somebody said that entry to Gopalswamy Betta was allowed after 8 o clock or so.

    Some random passer-by suggested we check out Chamundi hills. That seemed do-able, not too far, a good ride, so we set off again.Some guys switched bikes here, so off went Boss, and On cam Tiger.

    Now this is where things got interesting, I had never been to Chamundi hills before, hence didnt know about those lovely corners...
    And boy did I grin when I saw it.
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    But wait, I had a pillion with me, and my bike (the pulsar) wasn't very happy about it.
    None the less, that didn't stop me from having fun. It was all out leans, up until the top. All the while Tiger kept screaming "Macha, I can literally feel the rear wheel giving away. Slow down for the love of god!!!"(More on this Later)
    I was having an absolute blast but, I never pushed too much, because lets face it, everyone loves their lives, (at least I do). Given that these were public roads, my tires were not in pristine condition, I had a pillion, and the fact the bike was a bloody 13 years old!! I had to control myself.
    We reached the top finally and the first thing I did after getting down was check the chicken strips!! (Was expecting it to be super thin)
    But to my dismay they were quite big, may two fingers thick. But considering the conditions, I felt pretty satisfied.

    Now in all this excitement, we totally lost the fact that we were riding as a group!! . And it hit us only when I realized we were the only two people in the entire parking lot.
    Turns out, my fellas had stopped for a photo session midway!!.After they joined us, we bowed down to goddess Chamundi, to get our impromptu blessings from outside the temple.
    Name:  DSCF6217-8.jpg
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Size:  97.5 KBName:  DSCF6232-11.jpg
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    Now it was finally time for the final leg of our ride, destination Himavad Gopalswamy Betta.

    Now Tiger who was bored riding pillion all this time asked that we switch, and I agreed. (Little did I know what was coming up).
    I think you all will agree with me, when I say that the ride downhill is a wee bit more fun than an uphill one. :P :P

    But our beloved Tiger being the endangered species that it is, decided to put that theory to test. And test he did, when we swapped places we swapped our roles too. This was revenge time for him, and scream time for me. I must have sounded like a preschool girl having her worst nightmare. But I should let you people know that, I am a very bad pillion, I get scared very easily when I am not in control of the handle.
    And to add to my misery, one of the other riders decided to have a downhill race. As you might have guessed by now, both me and my bike were out of breath by the time we reached the bottom.Phew!!

    We stopped somewhere (I think, in Nanjangud) for breakfast, we refilled ourselves and our rides there and off we went!!
    Name:  DSCF6235-12.jpg
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    There was nothing special from here on, just a normal ride up until the foot of the mountains. Boy o boy, what a view it was, such a view definitely called a photo session.
    Name:  DSCF6239-13.jpg
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    It was during this session that I found out that, my biking was leaking petrol .. The source of the leak was the carburetor drain, one of the bumps or jumps had lodged the float in the open position and
    as a result it was stuck in the open position,leaving the overflow hole open.(I came to know this only later on). No amount of hitting ,shaking or yanking the carb helped,the float was stuck for good.So we came up with a jugaad, and started shoving chewing gum up the drain hole. :P :P :P And it worked like a charm, I was surprised that the gum was holding on against petrol (FYI it was centre fresh).
    Even with the problem solved temporarily, I was a bit disappointed deep down, knowing that something is wrong.

    Anyway after this break ,we carried on. Due to the road conditions we were unable to cross even 20~30 kph. As we started to climb, the atmosphere changed drastically
    the air started getting cooler, clouds were all around got greener and roads started to shrink. Suddenly it started to rain;but wait!, we weren't getting wet,
    that's when it hit us, it wasn't rain, we were in the middle of the freakin clouds.

    It was a wonderful, feeling even though I had experienced this many times before in different places, this was totally different, the location made it much more exhilarating.
    We stopped our bikes midaway and decided to roll around on the fields amidst the clouds.

    Name:  DSCF6276-20.jpg
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    We were all acting like tiny puppies. After some yapping around ,and having a photo session we resumed and finally reached the top.

    Spectacular would be underselling it by a huge margin.The place was beyond words.The winds there were so strong that our bikes toppled from their side stand. Can you imagine?? From the side stand ,it got lifted up and dropped the other way. Luckily there wasnt damage,Just some bar end and crash guard scratches.
    Name:  DSCF6328.jpg
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    So we went in and spent some time at the temple, it is a very scenic place ; Very calm and soothing.
    Name:  DSCF6307-22-1.jpg
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    After a while, we started to wind up and started the return leg of our trip.
    Riding down was dull, nothing interesting, we stopped at some places for snaps, and bid goodbye to the place. We switched off our engines,and slotted into neutral.(I know we arent supposed to do this).And gravity carried us till the base.
    Name:  DSC03099.jpg
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    It was already around noon by now, and there was a plan of covering
    bandipur!. Although not totally impossible, it would mess up all of our schedule, hence we skipped it and started towards Mysore.
    A few kilometres after Mysore we stopped at a dhaba for lunch around 3~4 o'clock
    With our belly happy,we were off, next stop; Namma Bengaluru.

    We had some unscheduled stops here and there, (punctures,water break,etc).
    Name:  20140620_115425.jpg
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    But we kept up a very good pace. We had tiny races here and there,(not that I support street racing) we were very careful about the traffic. And in one such race,me and my Pulsar managed to get a tiny lead over the duke!!(Yeah baby!!). But then again in the straights, it wasnt even a competition, the duke just disappeared out of sight.

    Finally we reached kengeri bridge around 6. After a chit chat, and a couple of hugs and good byes..We dispersed and headed
    to our respective homes.

    Though this wasn't the longest, or toughest, or the most adventurous rides ever, it was definitely something worth remembering,the most fun I have ever had in my rides. All credit goes to my maaad biker buds. Helmets off to all you guys.

    Picture Credits:
    1. The Boss a.k.a Nithin Nagaraj.
    2. Pad a.k.a Tiger a.k.a Prabhakar.

    Thank you people for reading,hope you enjoyed reading, as much as I did writing..
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    Default Re: The great engineering ride

    Travelogue Approved

    Please do not ride without helmets. Please. Thanks
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: The great engineering ride

    Some great clicks brother. Thumb up!

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    Default Re: The great engineering ride

    Quote Originally Posted by The Monk View Post
    Travelogue Approved

    Please do not ride without helmets. Please. Thanks
    Thanks for approving sir.

    Me or my friends never ride without a helmet. I couldn't find any picture where we are riding without an helmet... The pics where they are sitting on the bike without helmets is purely for posing!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by krishna77 View Post
    Some great clicks brother. Thumb up!
    Thank you!!
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    If u can't explain it to a six year old; You don't understand it yourself!!

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