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Thread: The last ride of 2015 on the TNT 300 – Exploring Pune Outskirts.

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    Default The last ride of 2015 on the TNT 300 – Exploring Pune Outskirts.

    2015. New Year’s Eve was fast approaching and i was fast running out of options on where to celebrate it. My friend Pavan had come all the way from Hyderabad to Pune and I was still not having a place in mind. And we all know what clears the confused mind…..

    I had driven the Benelli 300 before; an extensive round trip covering around 400kms in a day with roads ranging from super smooth to extremely rough to just a semblance of a path. This time, I thought of giving it a more grueling test of Pune traffic. Courtesy:-My beloved office traffic @ Hinjewadi and then testing it through unexplored Ghat and lake roads. Basically I wanted to see how much screwing the Italian stallion can take in a day.

    The Day Starts: - No office, but still took the office road with my friend in tow. Weaving the Green Hornet through the morning Traffic of Hinjewadi and inside Pune just to test how good it handles in city with bumper-to-bumper traffic was a gem of an idea. My friend was shown around Pune and I got to test how good the bike behaved. To be perfectly honest, I found it to be a delight. Not much clutch action required, not much heat, cushioned seats to comforts your bums in a long jam with upright seating posture made it a breeze to navigate around.

    Soon, the sun started burning us up and we had enough of the city ride. It was now time to hit the highways and that’s when you know the actual ride starts. The route to follow loosely was:- Khed->Sinhagad Fort->Pabe->Velhe->Panshet->Khadakwasla.

    The road till Khed is NH4. So u know you can do a speed run and go like a lightning for all you care. The Benelli didn’t complain and soon rider and pillion were flying at 3 digit speeds. The only issue I found was vibrations at high speeds. Slowed down near Khed to make the crucial right turn towards Sinhagad Fort and the road becomes single lane, but still ok enough to maintain decent speeds. Approach Sinhagad Fort and you are screwed by the road or rather no road. This alternate route is a 10 times worse than the regular approach road. I generally avoid touristy places but then again when you have friends visiting, you have no options.

    Some pictures at Sinhagad:

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    Sinhagad- Pabe-Velhe:
    The road is narrows and twisty with lots of ups and downs and lots of hidden pathways that lead you to the edge of mountains. There was one such path and I just couldn’t resist and went down on it. It ended with an extremely good view of the valley and the mountain ranges. With not a single person around, peace reigned supreme.
    The approach from Pabe to Velhe is a narrow turn just before you hit a bridge. As luck would have it we missed the turn and ended up going almost 5 kms forward before turning back. Velhe Ghat road was under construction and the road was non-existent. It was just loose stones. There is a particular point on top of the mountain where you cross between 2 ridges and that’s where you can see the entire mountain range, Panshet lake and dam. Extremely beautiful. Since the Ghat is seldom crowded, you have the place entirely to yourself.

    On the Velhe-Panshet road, just a kms before you hit the main road there is a narrow path which will lead to the edge of the Panshet lake. It’s the best place if you just want to chill and spend some time with yourselves. Camping can also be done here and I found evidence of campfire sites made with our jugaad.

    Some pictures from the road:

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    Panshet- Khadakwasla
    Lunch at 5:30 in the evening. Finally. Both of us were hungry as a hippo and literally gobbled our food in whole. Sunset over Panshet Dam was a soothing site, we waited until twilight and then set off towards Pune. Khadakwasla Dam was crowded as ever. I swear to God, it always seem as if the entire Pune crowd sets off and comes here. Didn’t spend much time here. Just a quick stop and go.

    Again time for some picture

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    We returned home around 8:00 and as all time before when my mind was confused, I was clear on the place to go. This was more of a quiet trip. Both of us had to clear our minds. The Bike was returned at Wakdewadi Showroom and I can confidently say TNT 300 is a winner in its class. If you can take in some vibrations post 3 digit figures and want a comfortable bike doubling as a daily use and for small trips in and around, this is the bike you want. And as all reviews mention, it’s the sweetest sounding 300. No one comes close.

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    Love ur Ride and keep it maintained, its what brings u safely back to home

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    Default Re: The last ride of 2015 on the TNT 300 – Exploring Pune Outskirts.

    Travelogue Approved
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: The last ride of 2015 on the TNT 300 – Exploring Pune Outskirts.

    Great narration. Wishing you both many happy miles on the road.

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