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Thread: Wanderer on the road - A true journey within ( Wrangler's True Wanderer 5.0 Finals' blog )

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    Default Wanderer on the road - A true journey within ( Wrangler's True Wanderer 5.0 Finals' blog )

    I would like to dedicate this blog to all motorcycle wanderers who travel and explore on two wheels. I thank almighty for bestowing upon me this life with opportunities to live my passion. I cannot express my feelings towards my family's support and tolerance towards my 'so-called-madness'. I know very well how my mother, wife, brother and sister-in-law feel when I am riding in a strange land, all alone. Their concern over my safety makes me ride more responsibly every time I venture on a ride. A special thanks to my wife who supports my rides with equal passion and listens to my riding stories with rapt attention. I thank my friends and well wishers who continue to encourage and inspire me with their knowledge and wanderings. Last but never the least, I thank Wrangler for providing this platform to all the wanderers to express themselves. The True Wanderer platform brings with it 'A Recognition for my passion'. That's my first win. A wanderer is rewarded with an all expense paid ride and given quality apparels. That's my second win. Icing on the cake, title winner takes home 'A Triumph'. I thank xBhp for building a brilliant community, over more than a decade, for motorcycling enthusiasts, which is no less than an eternal fountain of knowledge and experience, and also for supporting this platform. I thank Triumph and other partners for supporting this initiative. I think I should stick to ritual of informing you that this is going to be a detailed account of my journey with many images. I will put in my best efforts to keep you hooked to my blog. Please pick up your favorite snacks and enjoy

    On 27th April, I was talking to one of my colleagues about a case. My phone started ringing and I could not pick the call immediately. It kept ringing and I answered it just in nick of time. A friendly voice from the other side asked, 'Am I speaking to Raghavendra?' I said, 'Yes, you are'. The friendly voice continued 'Hi, This is Ashish from xBhp (Suddenly my mind is filled with so many thoughts upon hearing xBhp?! ) I am pleased to inform you that your blog has been selected as one of the probables for final 10 and we will announce the final result in a day or two'. What a surprise! I was not expecting this at all! I thanked him for delivering such an exciting news. I shared the same with my family. We decided to hold the celebrations till final list was announced. I normally try to maintain equanimity. However, this time it was little difficult as I kept going to true wanderer website to check if final list was announced. Finally, on 29th, most awaited list was released. I was a a 'TRUE WANDERER 5.0 FINALIST'

    The result brought with it many memories. I went into retrospection. How it all began? What made me a True wanderer Finalist? It's been an unbelievable personal journey. Flashback! PLEASE DO NOT MIND!

    A road accident when I was in my teens took two wheels out of my life. I was a pillion in the incident. I was lucky to survive even though with some major injuries. Time passed by and I landed in Bangalore to get settled in life. Traveling by bus and auto rickshaws who would not come where you want to go, got on to my nerves and in my early thirties, I decided to get a two wheeler. I did not know how to ride a motorcycle with a gear. My best friend, Venu, tried his best to teach me the art of releasing the clutch. To me it was the most difficult thing to learn. Myriad attempts! I simply could not get the bike moving in first gear! Exasperated, I decided to settle for clutch-less two wheeler. At that time TVS launched 'Jive', a clutch-less motorcycle. So, that's my first motorcycle. I used it only to commute. 'SO, HOW THIS MOTORCYCLE TRAVELING OR WANDERING STARTED?' Well, I vividly remember, on one boring Sunday afternoon, I took my motorcycle out and wanted to take it out of city limits for the first time. I rode to a coffee day in a small town called Maddur. I loved the feeling of wind in the face on an open road. It gave me satisfaction that I had not experienced before. There was a different kind of joy while I was sipping the coffee. I thought I should do this again. In the mean time, my younger brother got his first motorcycle 'A Yamaha FZ'. He had achieved what I failed to - 'Art of releasing the clutch'. He would ride to some weekend destinations and tell me about his experience and I would be enthralled. My brother took the onus of teaching me to release the clutch. We would ride in the night and he would allow me to stall his new bike umpteen times. Perseverance paid. I was able to release the clutch and move the motorcycle successfully in first gear. This was different kind of pleasure. Release the clutch to move the motorcycle and engage the clutch to shift up and down. My heart yearned for a proper motorcycle. I upgraded to Avenger 220. I still have it. I could never let go this friend of mine. With Avenger I honed my skills of motorcycling. I fell, I rose. It took my abuse with no fuss. I took it to terrains it was not meant for. Not once it broke down. During last five years, I got into a new kind of relationship with motorcycles. A motorcycle is no longer 'just-a-machine' to me. My motorcycles are my friends who can go anywhere, anytime. Unconditional. I have a bond with them. We are destined to wander together.

    I started to wander to many places. Initially it was just to enjoy motorcycling which continues to be the primary reason to ride even today. Gradually it branched out to explore and see different kinds of places. Which then expanded to keenly observe local life style, culture, food, and surrounding landscape. I did not limit my journey to one particular type of landscape. From mountains to barren lands; Sea to waterfalls; Densely populated to least populated; cities and villages. There is no limit for a wanderer. I can be absorbed by anything just like I can absorb anything

    I believe in evolution. One has to develop gradually. Benelli TNT 300 entered my family. So, I had moved From 110 cc to 220 cc to 300 cc. A good increase in horse power and torque to ensure that my wanderings are more exciting. My journeys have become more exciting as I wander into far away lands much faster and smoother. But, I would like to add that what matters is the rider and the best motorcycle is the one you have right now regardless of power, torque, CC etc. It's been a journey from 'Don't-know-how-to-ride-a-motorcycle' to 'wandering-in-unknown-lands'. Wandering on my motorcycle made me realize that I have the courage to travel alone. I learnt how to strike conversation with absolute strangers. I tasted different varieties of food. I still fear when I wander alone in woods and jungles. But that fear is what it takes to keep me on my toes - alive and alert. I was introduced to xBhp by my brother. I started learning so much about motorcycles and traveling. Introvert by nature, I started coming out of my shell and began to express myself through my blogs and threads. I started following True Wanderer contest. I was fascinated by the blogs of previous editions' participants and finalists. These blogs took me on a journey every time I went through them. I gave couple of shots. But, I knew very well that I was miles behind from the required standard.

    My wife and my brother are my two biggest critics. But their constructive criticism has only helped me to improve in all spheres of life. My wife insisted that I should submit a blog in 2015 True Wanderer Rider diaries contest. I was reluctant. She succeeded in persuading me. I submitted a blog and to my sheer surprise I was chosen as a winner in one of the weeks. I could not believe. My wife always believed in the outcome. This year when True wanderer contest was announced, I was eager to read the blogs. I was excited as my next one to two months' time-pass is taken care of. I can read so much and see so many images. However, my wife had different plans. She started chasing me again to compose a blog. I was as usual reluctant. She again used her effective convincing skills and I started composing the blog. I would immerse myself going through others' blogs instead of composing mine as reading others' experiences gave me immense joy and took me far away lands which I had not yet explored. After a severe tongue lashing from my wife, I would get back to composing my blog. This went on for some time


    After a couple of reminders from Team Wrangler, I finally submitted my blog. I do not have thousands of friends in my personal life and on social media. But, I thought I should promote it among my friends, well wishers and acquaintances. So, I started promoting my blog on social media. To be honest I had never expected 120 votes. It was a big deal for me that 120 are supporting my blog. I felt like a 'TRUE WANDERER' when many told me that they went through my lengthy blog and found it very interesting and appreciated my journeys.

    So, that's my journey to where I am today - in the final list of true wanderers. My wife proved herself correct yet again when my blog appeared in final list. I seriously do not know how her instincts and reasoning work. But she was the only one who knew this outcome and believed in this.

    I was informed that final ride will begin on 11th May. I thought 12 days are more than sufficient to be ready for the ride. But time flew by as I was juggling between office work and ride preparations. I finished few formalities related to the final ride. Everything was happening in a jiffy. In no time I was staring at the eve of flag off day. Preparations went on till last minute. Checking and rechecking. Normally, I do not prepare so much for a ride. I also do not plan much on the route. Because my plans keep changing as I take many diversions and detours. But, I had a strange feeling building up in me as the flag off day approached. Anxiety was taking over my excitement. This was not good, I thought. I calmed myself down with the help of my wife and mother. I decided to wander and take things as they come instead of planning so much.

    Preparations began in the right earnest with my 'TORNADO' undergoing the required service. It's been a reliable mate in all my long hauls for last one year including covering 4100 Km in four and a half days during 'Rann of Kutch' ride.

    Vouchers and goodies arrive. In the beginning of April, my wife was forcing me to revamp the wardrobe on the occasion of festival of 'Ugadi' and my birthday. My last couple of years' savings were invested on my Benelli and travels. So, I jokingly told her that you have made me submit the blog, and feel that I will be in final list. If that happens then Wrangler will take care of my wardrobe too! And, that came true. My mother always says 'Speak good. Good will happen!' I think this is one of those instances. It's time to go shopping.

    We visited Wrangler store located on Bangalore's Indiranagar 100 feet road. The big hoarding outside the store.

    A beautiful and well maintained store with lot of options to try.

    We had a great time! Normally, I start yawning, which ticks my wife off, upon entering a shopping mall. But, this time it was different. I do not know when was the last time I was so excited to shop. I normally do not try too many clothes. But this was special. My wife kept teasing me throughout.

    Wrangler staff were very patient and helpful. They ensured that I felt special. Thank you Team Wrangler for making this the best shopping experience for me till date.

    Listening to 'THE BOSS'. I am just kidding Mittu.

    I would need this a lot during my journey.

    Both Chief and Home ministers were happy with the Wrangler store experienceSo, what did I pick: Three Wrangler Denims: A Sun Shield, A Silver Shield and A Water Repellent. Five Wrangler Tees which included two Sun shields and Two silver shields. These will be put to grueling test in the coming week.

    Everybody was asking me one big question:"WHERE AM I RIDING TO AND WHY?" I was very clear about one thing - I should not be riding to same places which I had already ridden to and explored. So, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat were ruled out. Goa, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh were in reach. This is supposed to be a 'Ride of a life time'. I should justify the opportunity and utilize it completely. Moreover, I could be excited only when I ride in a hitherto unexplored path and region by myself. The route should justify my themes: Travel, People and Food. My friends suggested few routes which were good but not exciting as I had already covered those routes. I, after contemplation, decided to ride to Madhya Pradesh through Goa and Maharashtra and return via Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. So, ACTION WILL HAPPEN IN MADHYA PRADESH. I was advised against this route by many for reasons like: It's very hot; There is nothing much to capture in images; nothing great to eat, too much distance to cover etc. But I was convinced as per my guiding principles: At least 75% of the route should be new to me. Climatic conditions should not be a barrier for a wanderer. Sweltering hot, Rains, cold should not matter. Wanderer should not be restricted to one type of landscape. I do not know what landscapes in MP have to offer. I refrained from much of search on the internet as that would kill the wander-with-wonder part. Distance has never been a concern as I knew I was being reasonable according to my abilities. So, let's see what I experience and return with.Next question was with the title: 'WHAT'S UP WITH TITLE OF THIS BLOG?'. When few of my friends questioned me on this, I thought it's good to mention a bit about it: My blog title, as you already know, is ' WANDERER ON THE ROAD - A TRUE JOURNEY WITHIN'. Even though I wander on the road on my motorcycle, the true journey happens within. When one travels with right intentions, two journeys take place simultaneously: internally and externally. What happens internally is more profound and less superficial. As they say It's about journey, not the destination. And, there is no destination within oneself. Only journey. The more one wanders, more long the internal journey will be. Every wandering opens a new avenue within oneself. When I travel, it's not merely about munching miles and taking pictures. It's also about learning about myself, about people, their thinking, my thinking, my strengths, my weaknesses, my abilities, my fears, attempts to conquering my fears. Too philosophical and profound? I too think it is. But it's not as serious. So, let's move on


    I could not sleep properly due to excitement. After taking my mother's and almighty's blessing, I headed to the flag off event. Event was scheduled at Indiranagar's Wrangler store at 3 PM. I reached the venue along with my mother and wife at 1.45 PM. While riding to the venue, motorcycle's horn stopped working. I thanked my 'Tornado' for letting me know about the glitch before ride started and decided to take care of it after flag off. Another finalist Nishanth was also scheduled to be flagged off from the same venue at same time. I got to meet many people. Gradually crowd started increasing making me nervous. When I was told that both print and electronic media will interview us, I was little more anxious about how all this would unfold. But, I decided to put forth a cool and casual face not revealing the nervousness. It was a new experience for my family and I. Many congratulated and wished me well. Had a nice talk with Nishanth and his friends. Many questioned me about my motorcycle and the route I am taking. I patiently answered all the queries and was hoping to get out of the limelight and disappear.

    Can't wait to start the ride. Ready to roll.

    With Wrangler staff

    With mom and wife

    Friends joined me making this a memorable event

    Facing the media for the first time. Interviewer asked many questions ranging from 'passion of traveling on motorcycles' to 'True wanderer contest' to 'safety on the road'. Both Nishanth and I ensured that we answered all the questions with maturity and only thing that played in my mind was promoting safe and responsible motorcycle touring


    Nishanth's expression I look so animated.

    Ready for flag off

    My dream ride finally flagged off

    Got a new friend in Nishanth Biker brotherhood. We wished each other a safe ride.

    Off I go

    I headed straight to the Benelli service center. My bike was attended to immediately. However it took sometime for the horn to get fixed. I was relieved that this glitch happened not in the middle of the ride. Once bike was ready, next tough part was to beat the peak hour traffic. It was already 6 PM and traffic mounted. I was getting impatient as it took longer to get out of the city and hit the open road.

    Our soldiers returning from training. It was a long signal. I happily answered their queries about motorcycle and what I was up to. I told them that because of their sacrifices we enjoy our lives and indulge in passion. They wished me best of luck. Adrenaline started pumping. Jai Hind

    Thanks to my friend Gnan who had taken the picture of this odometer reading and later WhatsApping me.I had to cut through Electronic city traffic, take the NICE road and then beat the Nelamangala toll traffic before hitting NH 4. Once I reached NH, I stopped and relaxed. I spent some time reflecting on the day, going through pictures and blog. My dinner was the dates given by mom which lasted for the entire journey. Then I started my ride towards Belgaum. Boring straight NH road. I do not know how many times I have ridden or driven on this road. But considering the time I had at my disposal for this ride and route plan, I had no option but to reach Goa through NH 4. I just wanted to get out of this road so that I could get on to more exciting stretches. I just rode with occasional small breaks. Thus, I disappeared into the dark from the lime light.

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    Default Re: Wanderer on the road - A true journey within ( Wrangler's True Wanderer 5.0 Finals' blog )

    Thread approved!

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    Default Re: Wanderer on the road - A true journey within ( Wrangler's True Wanderer 5.0 Finals' blog )

    Another exciting story to be unfolded!

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    Default Day 2: Wanderer on the road - A true journey within ( Wrangler's True Wanderer 5.0 Finals' blog )


    I know, I know I have not posted pictures of the ride from last evening as I occasionally stopped. But let me make it up for you. After disappearing from Bangalore last evening , I appeared in Belgaum at the break of dawn, I relaxed for a while and rode to Visveswaraiah Technological University (VTU) to which my Engineering college was affiliated. I always wanted to come here. Though I had passed through Belgaum many a time, it was always from the other side on NH 4 by-pass. But this time there was no missing as it was on the way to Goa

    I have visited Goa only twice till date. Once with my parents, when I was four or five years old, of which I have no memories. Another time was for my wedding anniversary in 2014 and it was a typical romantic vacation. So, I had never been to Goa as a rider and a wanderer. So, picked Goa. I did not want to go to typical Goa locations like Baga, Candolim, Colva, Calangute, Vagator etc. I wanted to go further north, away from the typical crowd and be in realms of serenity.

    At the entrance of VTU

    The fun begins. These were the kind of roads I was waiting to hit.

    Which Motorcycle wanderer will not succumb to such inviting roads. All my tiredness due to lack of sleep vanished when I arrived at the entrance of Western Ghats.

    It was a cloudy morning. But Sun finally broke through clouds. I never get tired of seeing this and always peps me up. This always tells me 'No matter what you need to show up with a strong will'.

    I stopped here to relax for sometime in the sun. How often do we bask in the early morning Sun and that too in the lap of nature. These are the gifts of nature which we need to enjoy and one of the reasons I ride.

    Beautiful Chorla ghats. These ghats are Part of western Ghats in the Sahyadri mountain range. It is great feeling while riding through one of the 'Hottest hot-spots' of biological diversity in the world. It was green all around and a feast to eyes. After having experienced one of the hottest summers in Bangalore, this was a huge relief. Seeing green always soothes the mind. When I look at mountains I feel strong. They stand strong despite being battered by all elements of nature, and more so by time. Riding through Chorla ghats was a great experience which would not be forgotten so soon and easily. Great roads curving and bending through western ghats is a paradise made for a motorcycle wanderer. We (My Tornado and I) enjoyed every bit of this. Some spectacular spots on the way made me yearn for more.

    I was totally enthralled by the beauty of nature at display and spent quite some time at these view points. I resumed my journey towards Goa and Chorla kept us engaged.

    Surrounded by green!

    At the end of splendid Chorla ghats. Mesmerizing, isn't it? Don't you feel like taking your steed out for a ride and get lost in magical world like this? I bet you

    Welcome to Goa I rode to this beach called 'Arambol'. Not so popular and not as commercialized as other beaches in North Goa. Now, these are the two aspects which made me to pick this beach. My hunch was not popular means less crowd and not commercialized means more clean. So, I rode to this beautiful beach. I checked into a room after striking a good bargain. It was end of season and I was the only guest in the hotel. Not a luxury stay but good for a lone traveler like me. Anyways, I was not going to stay in the room. Just needed space to dump my luggage and clean bathrooms Am I asking for too much for few hundred rupees! I freshened up and went exploring this not-so-popular beach.

    I love sea and beaches. They have their own charm. They look infinite but they are not. Still we cannot measure the volume. Hence, infinite. They make me forget all the turmoil and fill me with energy and high spirits. I took a stroll along the beach. I was the only one I reckon wearing a denim jeans. But, what best way to test Sun shield other than wearing them in hot Sun. This beach was clean and not many shacks compared to other beaches. Apart from this nothing special, I though and kept moving till I came to a spot with rocks.

    These rock were pretty sharp and I could see few locals were on the other side and I asked them how to get around and was there anything on the other side. They asked me to get to other side pointing to a narrow lane next to a shack. I followed the directions and found myself on the other side where it was more clean and even less crowd. Literally few who could be counted. I strolled under the burning Sun humming my favorite songs and observing how Sun Shields were behaving. I came across a young man who asked if I am game for paragliding! Extreme adventure sports! Thought of flying so high made me shudder for a second. However, I did not show my emotion. I told him I would get back to him. I sat under an umbrella for a while looking at the sea. I was blank. Only thing I could hear was music of waves. Give paragliding a shot, I told myself. An opportunity to get out of one's comfort zone should not be let go. I went to the young man and asked me when could we do this. He said he would check with the pilot as he would have to check the wind and my size! My size, I asked him with surprise. He asked my weight and now this is one question which makes me little uncomfortable as I have gained quite some weight in last one year or so. He went looking for the pilot who was not at his usual place. After a call pilot arrived. We discussed about price and settled for a win-win price. I felt I lost few extra bucks. There was a a cliff near by. They took me up the cliff. While climbing the cliff itself I could hear my heart pounding and now I started getting some confusing thoughts like You could still go back. But how could I! I had got these guys up the cliff and they were already setting up linings and checking harnesses and in no time they put the harness around me and the pilot started blabbering instructions like we would run back as it's higher winds and do not sit or jump till we launch. I could register only this much as my heart beat started increasing. Was I being foolish, I asked myself. But, I decided to go with flow. And, in a jiffy, I was going back and by the time I realized I was up in the sky like a bird. Yes, like a bird. I love birds and what better way to feel like one than this. Pilot asked if I was okay. I said yes. He asked me to look down and enjoy the sight. I asked his permission to take few pictures to which he said just enjoy. I enjoyed the view and started clicking the pictures and what sight it was and what a way to see the sea and beach. The same beach which looked ordinary till now looked so different from up above!

    Sea and beach from a new view, a bird's view. I love birds and I spent few minutes of my life like a bird.

    This man was too good. Trained in Pune on Paragliding, he put me at ease even at such dizzying heights.

    What a marvelous view! Can you see how many folks were there on the beach! Breathtaking view.

    I requested pilot to take the flight in the opposite direction and what I saw was amazing.

    Wrangler Sun shield at work

    I spotted a beautiful lake. It was looking so beautiful. The pilot said it's called sweet lake and asked me to visit once we get down as it was hardly two minutes walk from where we started. I missed it in the excitement and anxiety of paragliding, I thought.

    After touching down, I was exhilarated. It was a special experience. I was able to get out of my comfort zone. The journeys inside and outside were special and memorable. This pepped me up for sure. I thanked the paragliding team and relaxed for a while. Then, I moved towards sweet lake.

    I spent sometime sitting by the lake. Few kids were having great time in the lake. My stomach was grumpy. I started walking towards the main beach with shacks.

    A lovely sketch on a hut's wall by some anonymous talent. I checked with few locals about good place to eat. Majority of them pointed me to Rice bowl. The gentleman managing was very humble. I told him that many suggested me his place. He told me a bit about his restaurant. I told him a bit about my ride. He seemed impressed. He showed me around and suggested to try hot momos. Anyways I was in no mood to try fish or prawns as I had a overdose of non-vegetarian food in recent days. I settled for momos with cold drinks as there were no fruit juice or mock-tails. I must say that momos were good.

    A very humble gentleman who told me about when they moved here and how the business functions.

    After lunch, I noticed that crowd started to increase on the beach. I thought of spending rest of the afternoon in solitude. On way to Arambol, I had noticed a stream and did not find anyone in the surroundings. I started searching for this place. Somehow I found the place. It was so serene and I was the only soul around. I pitched my nest and spent time checking pictures, noting highlights in diary and reading. Unfortunately there was no network for me to update the blog. Then I spent most of the time enjoying beautiful view. It calms one's mind and fills heart with love. It's a pleasant feeling with positive energy. One can access the hidden resources within only in such ambiance.

    Sun shield lived to it's name in Goa's hot and humid conditions. Will be tested more in sweltering conditions on road in Maharashtra and MP.

    By around 5.30 weather showed it's fickle nature and it became cloudy as sun went into hiding. I wrapped up and headed to beach. I always like to see sunset or sunrise on the beach. Clouds seemed to play spoil sport. Luckily clouds started clearing. This was one of the least populated beaches. Tranquil everywhere. sat waiting for the sun to go down in all his glory. What a calm and mesmerizing sight it was.

    I gulped down a lot of these. It was hot and humid for most part of the day except last one or two hours. So, it's liquid more than solid food.

    About time to wrap up for the day.

    Some amateur work as I wait for sun set.

    It was a beautiful sunset and I stayed there for some time watching color play in the sky and listening to tides. Little far away, couple of foreigners indulged
    in meditation and yoga.

    A simple and beautiful shack. Many times it's simple things which are difficult to attain.

    Music has no barrier. This gentleman proved that yet again as he churned beautiful renditions with his captivating voice and strumming of guitar in a foreign language, I am not sure which one.

    One for sea food lovers

    One more mock-tail please!

    Time for some tummy worship.

    These two gentleman kept everybody entertained through dinner. They were quite funny and sportive . I dragged myself to the room. Lack of sleep and a packed day put me into deep slumber as soon as I hit the sack. See you tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Wanderer on the road - A true journey within ( Wrangler's True Wanderer 5.0 Finals' blog )

    Great going there.... Just loving the atmosphere created. Enjoy the rest of your time. Have many more exciting and soul filling time ahead. God bless..
    Everybody has their own version of TRUTH!!!!!!

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    Default Day 3: Wanderer on the road - A true journey within ( Wrangler's True Wanderer 5.0 Finals' blog )


    My journey towards Madhya Pradesh would begin from here. I would be riding through Maharashtra. This would be a two days ride. So, for next two days till I reach my first stop in MP, I would be on the road. I would be halting only for sleep in the night. After lubing the chain and loading the bike with luggage, I set off. It was a cloudy morning. Sun was covered with thick clouds. So, this will be a cool ride, I thought.

    I relished riding through rural Goa in cold morning breeze.

    After Passing through small town of Pernem, I connected to NH 66. Rode through NH 66 till I took diversion to reach Sawantwadi. With that I entered Maharashtra. It was a beautiful morning ride breezing through country side and some small ghat sections till I reached Amboli Ghats.

    These kids were super excited upon seeing a wanderer. So, had to stop to click a picture. Magic of wandering is you appear in unexpected places and take the locals by surprise, which would happen very often during this journey.

    A lake at the entrance of town of Sawantwadi

    Having hot tea/ coffee in the middle of a cold morning ride gives immense pleasure, which only a motorcycle wanderer can relate to.

    Somewhere in the Amboli Ghats. Amboli Ghat section is narrow and you hardly get a place to stop by to enjoy the beauty of Sahyadri ranges. Traffic is heavy on this ghat section and to my dismay, I was stuck behind a bus for quite a distance. One has to be very careful and patient while riding on this stretch. I reached this spot after quite some time. Fortunately, I got a view point after riding little further.

    View point

    Magnificent sight. I could not get enough of this beauty. In this hot summer it looked so breathtaking. It's beyond my imagination, how these ranges would look during peak monsoon and in winter. I spent quite some time here and could not contain clicking many pictures. I apologize if I am repetitive. Time for some more pictures. Can't be contained with few.

    I moved on hoping for more like this. I came across a board stating 'Amboli Dhabdhaba'. Nearby there were few mini restaurants and shops. I went and inquired about what this is as I saw many vehicles parked on the other side of the road. I was told that there was a waterfall. I requested them to look after bike and luggage. They happily obliged. I ran with lot of excitement. And, what I saw astonished me!

    Now, that's Amboli Dhabdhaba for you. My excitement fizzled out. But I was too optimistic. I forgot for a while that it's still hot summer around. Fortunately, this morning, or rather since last evening, it's been cloudy and not very hot.

    Can you see the trickle up there

    Breakfast time. These were really good.

    My bike in the custody of these two gentlemen. One comes across good people everywhere who are willing to take care of your belongings while you are away to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

    One comes across varieties of people, especially while traveling. Some would be innocent and amusing. Like the gentleman in the above picture pointing to something on my motorcycle. He had his own interpretations of everything and would tell that with great confidence to his mates. He looked at the Go pro mounted on the handle bar and said 'You look into this and ride, instead of looking at the road, am I right?' I was dumbstruck! Then he looked at the mono-shock and said 'This is the break, I know' I was speechless! So, these kind of instances keep you light and many a time make me grin when I recollect these suddenly in the middle of nowhere.

    This gentleman, Mr. Julian, came to me and asked about the motorcycle and it's performance. We had a nice talk about my ride. He talked about his Harley Davidson motorcycle and showed me his HOG membership card and said he has been part of almost all HOG chapters. He mentioned many times to ride slow given the traffic conditions. It feels good when you bump into a person on the road and find that you both share common passion.

    I got down the Amboli ghat and took state highway and rode towards Nipani. The temperature increased and it was no longer pleasant cool weather.

    Time for jack fruit. Suddenly I started coming across many folks selling fruits by the road. Unfortunate situation in Maharashtra because of drought, many have resorted to alternate business to survive. This gentleman selling the jack fruit said this was his source of income at this juncture and was able to manage. I asked whether he gets consistent business. He said it depends upon the traffic on the given day. That day it was not much traffic.

    Gradually landscape turned from green to brown. Temperature soared. I noticed that acres of land looked tilled but not much activity anywhere. I was approaching Nipani in north Karnataka and I could see gloomy places around. No water resources to be seen. I started feeling uneasiness looking around. I pray for good rains at the earliest. As I rode on, lot of questions started popping up my mind like - is only nature responsible for this? Is this all man made? Whether water harvesting could have taken care of such severe water shortage? Even for water harvesting where are the rains? When was the last time it rained year? Did it not rain here last year? What happened to all water sources? So many questions. My mind was disturbed. No green to be seen except for the road side trees which were also in almost dry state. I felt embarrassed as there were no solutions cropping up in my mind. I felt that of late I was so consumed in my own world that no attention has been paid to what is happening in the rest of the world. This has to be changed and changed immediately, I made up my mind.

    I reached NH 4 and continued towards Pune. It was getting hotter by the minute. I started looking for 'Rasvanthis' (Sugarcane juice stalls are named or called as Rasvanthis in Maharashtra).

    Somewhere near Nipani.

    NH 4 in excellent condition.

    This gentleman, a farmer, is selling sugarcane juice by the highway in order to get through this dry season.

    Delicious and soothing. I gulped down couple more and that way I could give him more business and that's my contribution at this juncture. He need not wait for two more customers. Let me be his three in one customer. Moreover it was hot and quenches my thirst.

    It was so hot and I was forced to stop frequently to hydrate myself. I stopped at another cane juice stall. I noticed that they were not using any cane crushing machinery to extract juice. They had their indigenous way of extracting sugar cane juice. Upon inquiring, this entire family along with their cattle have migrated from their village to closer to NH. Because of drought, there is no water to drink. Farming is out of question. Desperate to make ends meet they have migrated and depend upon sales of juice. For each glass of sugar cane juice they charge 15 rupees and if it was a good day they make anywhere between Rs 500 to 700. I was told that last two to three years have been bad and their other rain dependent crop like cotton wilted. It's heart wrenching to see their struggle. We take so many things for granted and water is one of them. We are surrounded by so many facilities and here people are struggling even for basic facility. I pray for good rains everywhere. But steps must be taken to conserve water. I was wondering what happened to river-linking-project across India. In one region there is no water and in other there are floods and so much of water flows into sea. If only all states get together and execute this project. Am I being too wishful. It was a serious day. I gulped down couple of more glasses to the surprise of the vendor and moved on.

    These guys were people with good hearts. Though there was scarcity of water, they had kept on pot of cold water for road users. One did not have buy a glass of juice to access this water. Any passer by could just drink and go. I was touched. There are so many good things even in tough times.

    Outside Pune, I stopped again looking for juice. Just water or water with electrolytes was not helping me to quench thirst. I saw another small stall called 'Neera'. It was being managed by a kid. I asked him what it was. He just said it would make me cool and very healthy. So, Neera, I found later that, is a sap extracted from the inflorescence of various species of toddy palms and used to quench thirst and is high in nutritional value (Thanks to Wikipedia). I had couple of glasses. It tasted different and was sweet. I then turned to the kid and asked what was he doing here and doesn't he go to school. He replied that it was summer holidays and he had come to be with his maternal uncle to learn business. I was surprised that at such young age he wanted to learn business. He continued that moreover it's very hot due to which he could not play. So, he would rather do this. I was impressed. I asked him whether he was a native of this region. To my sheer surprise he said he had come from Gulbarga in Karnataka. I spoke to him in Kannada and he was very happy and said his name was Devaraj and he goes to Government school in Gulbarga. I wished him all the best and urged him to study well. So much maturity in such young age, I thought.

    Every tunnel has light at the end. This had so many lights within.

    Dropped in at Benelli service center in Pune. Roshan, the manager here, is an awesome guy. I had been here during my ride to Rann of Kutch. These people are extremely supportive. I requested them to check coolant level, tighten the chain, clean and lube it again. In the mean time, I rested in the AC lounge charging my mobile phone and other devices, Roshan and I discussed about my ride and route. We discussed about best route to Nashik. Met couple of other Benelli owners and exchanged information about rides and bike.

    Beautiful sunset near Pune.

    While I was taking picture of sunset, This gentleman Mr. Thapole, came to me and introduced himself as a head constable in one of the police stations. He was very sweet, humble and a thorough gentleman. He asked me about where I was coming from, where I am heading to, what's the intention of such rides, about my motorcycle etc. I answered all his queries. Then he said in his younger days he used to be motorcycle enthusiast and even now he rides his motorcycle just for fun. He then said he likes people who indulge in travel with such passion. Then he invited me for coffee. It feels so nice when you meet such wonderful people on the road. Absolute strangers but the common passion binds them in no time. There is nothing called generation gap. There is only gap in thinking. Mr. Thapole does not belong to my generation, so to speak, but he has been way ahead of his time, I thought after conversation.

    Light play

    I was passing through Lonavala and I could see so many shops with boards of 'Chikki'. Chikki is a sweet made from groundnuts and jaggery. I do eat Chikkis in Bangalore but here there were many varieties. I got a small box for myself for the journey. As usual they were delicious.

    I continued my ride. Traffic near Navi Mumbai had delayed my arrival in Thane. Reached Thane by 11 PM. Continued till I reached Thane-Nashik highway. Got a room for myself. It was very cheap but not so hygienic as well. Matter of six hours, I convinced myself. Had light dinner and hit the sack. Even though I had ridden for entire day in hot sun for most part, I did not get sleep. My mind was in turmoil thinking about Sugar cane juice vendors, farmers, drought, Kids working hard at that age, some nice people I met today. I don't remember when I slipped into sleep mode.

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    Default Day 4: Wanderer on the road - A true journey within ( Wrangler's True Wanderer 5.0 Finals' blog )


    I could not have a proper sleep. It was a disturbed one. I got up many times in the night. I woke up little late around 6.30 AM and by 7.15 AM I was on the road. It was already quite sunny. Totally different from yesterday's morning. I was riding slowly as I was still feeling sleepy.

    I told my Tornado 'It's going to be another long day my friend. second consecutive day of 600+ Km'. He just smiled with confidence coneying 'I am ever ready'

    An unexpected company on the Thane-Nashik highway.

    It was quite sunny. Sun was in full force and was in no mood to relent.

    It was getting hotter by the minute. Time to seek some shade and cool the tummy as it was growling badly.

    My Tornado and I are used to this assessment by people on the road. We surprised many people on the road by appearing when we were least expected. Answering questions about my ride and motorcycle was a routine to me and enjoyed every bit of attention.

    This was delicious. Probably my hunger made it even more delicious.I ordered extra pavs and vadas.

    Rode through some dry ghat sections including Kasara ghats. NH 3 was in good shape. Traffic was picking up but not like the heat. I was wearing 'SUN SHIELD' for the third day straight. It is what it is named.

    I stopped for a while to look at this monster of a hill. It looked amazing. So strong, so determined to withstand everything.

    Shot of a motorcycle 'Wrangler'

    Beautiful roads. Temperature was around 43 degrees. I opened the visor and I could feel the heat wave blasting against my face. Face was cool inside helmet.Lot of distance to cover. I just kept riding and stopped only to hydrate myself. It's important to carry electrolytes. Just water is not good enough. I did not find many juice stalls on this stretch. I could not stop thinking about plight of farmers I met yesterday. Their condition kept coming back to me. I prayed for their well being and focused on the road. I could see that this stretch was also dry. Sun was beating down heavily. I stopped for lunch. Nothing special for lunch. I had more soft drinks to quench my thirst.

    I met this family during my stop for lunch. They were very sweet. I went through the routine of answering queries about my ride. They were surprised that I was riding in this kind of weather. I told them that I was enjoying every bit of it. They thought I was crazy. I just smiled. Then they told me about places I could visit in MP if I could stretch my schedule. I told them that seven days is the limit. Then they requested if I mind if they sat on the bike and take pictures. I told them I never mind as long as they don't harm. Then photo shoot began. Everyone took turn. Finally I bid them good bye and was on my way to Indore.

    It was such a pleasing sight. I stopped here and just kept looking at this river. How I wish it could take a bit of U turn and flow towards other drought affected areas. My mind asked then what would happen to lands over here. I was like oops, I am becoming too emotional and logic took back seat.

    This gentleman kept wandering on the bridge and I asked him about what he was doing. He said he was catching fish. I just stood there to see if he would be lucky. It was from a considerable height he was trying his luck. I waited for quite some time. Nothing productive happened. I wished him good luck and moved on.

    My 'Wrangler'. I am never tired of taking my Wrangler's pictures. He has taken me where ever I want to go. It's been a tough journey given the heat. Normally his temperature on highways would be below 80s. But today his temperature was hovering around 85 to 90. I was checking coolant level constantly. Everything was in place.

    Mesmerizing even in that heat. Feast to eyes. My mind relaxed just at the sight of the last one and this. Beautiful.

    Finally found one. Water was over during the last stop. Not many motels on this stretch. This one came along just when it was needed. My lips were dry and my throat was screeching.

    Gentleman with towel wrapped around his head asked me what do I sell pointing to my luggage. I could not control my laughter. I burst out laughing. He was just staring at me.Then I told him about my luggage. They asked me if I had something very critical to attend to as I was riding in this heat. I told them that I am just traveling. He continued to stare. I kept my smile on.

    I gulped down five of these. The staring continued.

    Born to wander. Raring to go.

    This sight pleased my heart more than my eyes. Since yesterday my mind and heart were in turmoil looking at acres of barren lands where no productive work was seen. Though I saw few tilled lands, I did not see any activity when I passed through. A polish proverb says 'If a farmer is poor, then so is the whole country'. Because of farmers we get the food. Their work ethics are unparalleled. I sat by the road looking at this sight. Calmness was returning to me. I prayed again for good rains and for full reward to the hard work I was witnessing.I reached Indore around 5.30 PM and was looking for Indore ' Chappan Dukan', the famous food street. Now this amusing incident happened at the entrance of Indore. I stopped to ask for directions. I do not use Google maps unless there is no one to ask for. If any one in sight, I prefer to ask them for directions as that also gives me an opportunity to talk to locals. So, I stopped to ask for directions to 'Chappan Dukan'. A gentleman, well built, followed by two more, came to me and helped me with directions. Then they asked me what was I wearing pointing to my knee guards. I told them about protection gear. He said in Hindi "Aap log ye sab pehen ke ghumo. Hamara Mukhyamantriji ye dekhenge aur bolenge ki sab ko ye pehenna hain. Abhi ek rule to bana diya hain ki helmet nahin to petrol nahin (You people wear all this and wander. Our chief minister sees this and says everybody should wear these. As it is they have made a rule 'No helmet, no petrol'"). I laughed and said that this is to save us if any untoward incident happens. He said how can anything happen in a matter of kilo meter. I said anything could happen anywhere. He shook his head in exasperation and asked where was I coming from, looking at the number plate. I said Bangalore. He frowned and said for you guys who ride on highways, all these are important and not for us. I did not want to prolong the conversation and thanked him for directions before moving on.

    Indore's Chappan Dukan (56 Shops) is made for foodies. This is Indore's famous food street. I hadn't had proper lunch in the afternoon. Now was the time to make it up. Here you find all kinds of street food, fast food, snacks and juice/ cold drinks. One can enjoy many types of snacks/ Namkeen, chaat, sweet, hot dog, momos, pohaa, milk shakes. I just pounced on variety of items and filled my tummy. A shop owner called Shoaib took care of my bike while I roamed around. A must visit for anyone in Indore and want to munch some nice food. Also, street was coming to life as it was 5.30 PM and temperature was no loner 43 degrees.

    Shoaib and his mates preparing some yummy items.

    Famous Johny Hot dog

    Something to cool my system


    A must have on a hot day

    He had a genuine smile and asked me to take his picture as well. How could I say no to a hearty smile. I obliged.

    For 'Shaukeens' of 'Namkeen'After filling my tummy to my heart's content, I was getting ready to move. A young lad came to me and asked if I was a
    motologger and whether I have a you tube channel. I informed him about myself, my rides and my face book page & you tube channel. He said he will definitely visit, he likes motorcycles, said I got a nice motorcycle and vanished in a jiffy. After couple of days I noticed that he had liked my face book page. Who knows he might be our next CS Santosh.

    I started moving towards city of Ujjain. Many of you would be knowing that currently one of the biggest gatherings of humans is happening there in the form of 'Simhastha Kumbha Mela'. I am sure many of us would have seen pictures and videos of Kumbha mela. But I wanted to see and experience this myself. So, as I cut through traffic of Indore and reached outskirts, I noticed that traffic only increased. I thought probably people were going back to their villages or homes in the outskirt. But the traffic kept moving along. It was like mass exodus. I stopped and asked the young man in the picture above about where all these people were going to. He said Ujjain.I was surprised. You name a vehicle - be it a scooty with three people on it, a motorcycle with an entire family on it, a bicycle, an overfilled jeep, cars, buses, trucks, luggage vans filled with people who were literally popping out of it, tractors playing loud music. Every one was headed to just one place 'Ujjain'. I was thrilled to see such movement of people which I had never seen before. This young man smiled looking at my expression. I asked about him. Meet Mr. Guru who is doing in the day and helps his father with spectacles business in the evening. He said business has been good for last one month due to Kumbh Mela. It's great to meet young guys who club study and work at such young age and striving hard to thrive. I am sure these men will succeed in life at whatever they do. I wished him the best of luck and moved on.It was crazy. So many people were moving together at the same time towards one destination. They were riding and driving as per their will. They would cut through any lane any time. But surprisingly not a single untoward incident happened. Couple of times I thought two vehicles would brush as they were just too close. But thankfully nothing happened. No body was swearing too. If it was Bangalore by now I would have heard some hundreds of swear words and couple of fights if this was the traffic sense. But here people were laughing and shouting jovially and just moving on. One funny incident was a guy just spat 'paan' in the middle of the road and due to wind the spat flew back on to the rider and pillions behind that motorcycle. Fortunately I was at safe distance. I thought a fight would ensue. But they laughed loudly and moved on. I was shocked and amused.

    At the entrance of Ujjain. It took quite some time for me to find a hotel in Ujjain to keep my luggage and get freshen up. Traffic jams everywhere. Finally got the hotel. Freshened up and had one of the horrendous curd rice. Then I left to Snan ghats to see Ujjain in the night.

    A view of Snan ghat. So, what made me to pick Ujjain? Well, I travel not only to enjoy the journey on my motorcycle, even though it is the primary reason. I travel to see different kinds of people, try to talk to them, try to understand how life moves on there. So, you find stories in different places and these stories are actually people themselves. it's a fantastic coincidence that Simhastha Kumbh mela was happening during my True Wanderer ride. But, I did not pick this to just come for pictures of ascetics. That's not my only intention. On my way to Ujjain I was told that around sixty lakh people would throng this holy city. So, I wanted to see for myself about what kind of people come here and what exactly goes on. I want to be in thick of things instead of seeing the same on television or through thousands of pictures floating on internet. I have very less time here and would try to see and experience as much as possible. So, this will be my account of my experiences and what I saw in Ujjain. I do not have intentions to hurt anybody's sentiments while blogging and would refrain from being judgmental.

    It was already 10 PM and I had gotten myself into this sea of people. You look anywhere, you would find people of all kinds. This is not the place for folks who would get suffocated by crowds. Here I was seeing thousands of people around me. I had been to many pilgrim places before. Tirumala is one of the places where I have seen thousands of people packed up in a place. But what makes this different the ambiance. I parked my bike and started walking towards the Snan ghats, places built at the shore of river Kshipra, in which people take holy dips and bathe. People were just pouring in from all directions. There are different ghats like Ram Ghat, Triveni Ghat etc. I was closer to Ram ghat and started walking towards the same. I was blank and I did not know what I would experience here or whether I would experience anything at all. I just walked along with other pilgrims. I went near the ghats and found that many people were still bathing. And, many were sleeping on the ghats. Many were just roaming around. Few looked lost. By the way, it's a huge place and chances of losing one's way are very high. I just stood near the ghat and watched the proceedings. I was told by a gentleman that if I had come here on the day of Shahi Snan, the day when all saints, ascetics and disciples, bathe in the river, I would not get an inch of space to stand properly. But today was not one of those days. Today was pretty calm. I thanked him for that information, made a mental note of the same and moved on.

    People everywhere. Many were heading to the Sri Mahakaleshwar temple after their holy bath. I crossed the ghat and went to the other side where I found many camps set up by different Sadhus. At many places people were being given food for free and there were long queues. I also saw few young men reprimanding people for wasting the food. I moved on. There I saw a well lit big pyramid shaped structure. I started walking towards it. I do not know how many times people stepped on my feet. This was bound to happen when thousands of people come together at one place. They say 'travel teaches you toleration'. Lot of people had come into these packed places on their motorcycles and to add to chaos was the movement of VIP vehicles. No body seemed to complain or mind anything.

    I asked a gentleman about what this was and what's happening here. He said this was some saint's 'Akhara' dedicated to our pride our army men who sacrificed their lives for the nation. It felt nice. I could see our national flag fluttering in all glory at the top of structure. I stepped in and there were many people like anywhere else in and around this place.

    Puja and homa altars dedicated to our army men. I asked a gentleman about what is this 'Akhara'. He said Akhara means community or a camp. So, each Saint belongs to some Akhara and there are many Akharas. I thanked him for the information and then we exchanged information about where we had come from. I moved out of that place after spending some time.

    View of ghats in the night

    One would get to see so many different kinds of people in different kinds of attires representing different regions.

    A good time for business.

    I saw wanderers from different region. Everyone was a wanderer there.

    What a beauty. The Wrangler of this beast was a saint who was sleeping inside, I was told by another person there when I asked to whom this beast belonged. Interesting, I thought.

    As I continued to walk, I came across a place where there were many camps set up and many of them were closed and people had gathered near some. I went to the first camp where people had gathered to see what was happening. I saw the ascetic in the picture above. He was sitting there. I went little closer to get a better view. I was on the sidelines. I took a picture and he just gave a stare. I kind of murmured sorry and stepped away. In the mean time another gentleman tried to take a picture by standing right in front of the Sadhu. Now this upset the Sadhu and he took his trident and pointed towards that person and said something which I could not understand. Few got scared and people started moving away and few were giggling at the incident. I thought that I should not take pictures if it's not to their liking.

    I saw different kinds of saints and ascetics. Some were the ones we are used to seeing since childhood. Long beards and saffron dresses. I saw few Sadhus who were not wearing anything. And, they were peacefully sitting in their camps. Some were having conversations with their disciples but they clearly said no to pictures when people attempted to take. There were few who were smoking along with normal people sitting around them. I just observed all these things and moved on. It was already 12 AM. But the entire area was still bustling with lot of noise and people. Many young people were taunting few Sadhus who were playing loud music.

    Some saints were tech savvy as they were using smart phones.

    One Ascetic was touching everyone's head with peacock feathers. I tried to take a picture of an ascetic, he became angry and said something to me which I could not understand. I said sorry. I cursed myself for having forgotten what I told myself that no pictures if they were not willing. One gentleman did not yield and tried to take a picture and ascetic got angry and charged at him with his trident. I was standing right next tom him and looking at the ascetic charging, I ran to the side, fully scared. It took me couple of minutes to get out of that incident.I started thinking about how would I get to know if they were willing or not. One person there who saw what happened said 'Please put 10 Rs in front of them and request, they would pose'. I found it hard to believe. What if he gets more angry and kicks me or hits me with his trident, I thought. But then I decided, out of bit of fear as well, that let me take pictures if I feel it was correct and not agitating them and I would take natural pictures instead of asking them for poses in a certain way which may give false impression of my experience.

    People were sleeping wherever they could find place. I had never seen so many people sleeping at the same place and that too in so much of noise.

    Some indulged in Bhajans around same place where others were sleeping. When somebody is fully tired, sleeping place doesn't matter. Many were in deep slumber.

    Many questions were popping up in my mind. I thought of asking some saint. But all of them were busy in their own world. I looked for someone with whom I could converse. Not everything would always go according to plan. Questions were like who are these saints? where do they come from? Why do they come here? What is the importance of Kumbh Mela? Why commoners also come here in such huge numbers? I roamed around seeking for an expert to answer all these. Some, I guess 'Naga Sadhus', looked at me. But strangely, I could not muster the will or courage to converse with them. I just roamed around. I realized that it's not easy to just land here, roam for couple of hours and get to speak to Sadhus and get answers to queries.I was about to exit and saw one elderly gentleman standing there all alone. I just went close to him and initiated the conversation saying 'phew, so many people'. He said 'This is nothing. You should see on the day of Shahi Snan!' I asked him if he were a local person. He said he belongs to Rewa. He asked about me. I said Bangalore. He said it was nice to see people coming from south to see this. I just smiled. Then I asked him whether all ascetics in there were Naga Sadhus. He said 'No. Not all of them. It's very difficult for us commoners to identify who is or who is not. But with saints, they identify using the marks on foreheads and some other identification methods. Moreover, it's not easy to become a Naga Sadhu. It may take up to fifteen or twenty years from what I have heard'. I just exclaimed. Then I asked for his permission to leave. I walked towards exit. Got confused. Went back, asked for directions. Got confused and some how made it to exit. I came out with many questions unanswered. I was feeling tired and sleepy.

    I had to cross this to get to the parking area. It was a mess. I tried to walk slowly and carefully on the railings. Failed and put my left foot into the muddy pool. My foot came out, but footwear got stuck. Had to pull the footwear out with some force which splashed the mud around. What a mess. Then it took close to an hour for me to figure out where I had parked my bike. Finally found it and returned to hotel by around 3 AM. Many questions in my mind, I freshened up and slipped into deep slumber as images of different kinds of people especially mysterious Naga Sadhus played in my head.

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    Default Re: Wanderer on the road - A true journey within ( Wrangler's True Wanderer 5.0 Finals' blog )

    Superb, bravo mate..
    It's a lot like nuts and bolts - if the rider's nuts, the ride - bolts!

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    Default Re: Wanderer on the road - A true journey within ( Wrangler's True Wanderer 5.0 Finals' blog )

    wow very nice.

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    Default Re: Wanderer on the road - A true journey within ( Wrangler's True Wanderer 5.0 Finals' blog )

    Quote Originally Posted by Sal View Post
    Superb, bravo mate..
    Thanks buddy

    Quote Originally Posted by dichkaun View Post
    wow very nice.
    Thank you

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