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Final Destination- Diveagar

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  • Final Destination- Diveagar

    The last day of my vacation had dawned and I was ready to depart on my final journey to Diveagar- Another solo ride to a beautiful destination. This was going to be my third trip to Diveagar but my first on a bike. On the previous two occasions, I had driven down the Pune- Mumbai highway and then intersected the NH17 via Pen to reach this secluded beach. So this time around, I decided to explore the Tamhini Ghat section on this journey.

    On my way to Tamhini I passed the Mulshi lake which looked absolutely magnificent as the rays of the early morning sun hit the glittering water.

    The Tamhini ghat has everything to offer, from stunning lake side views to a soothing ride through the green forest. As I hit the top, the sight of blue sky stretching for miles across the flat green and brown plateau below was equally breathtaking. However, what hampers this experience to an extent are the broken roads of Tamhini. While some patches have been relayed recently, most of the ghat has withered down from the last monsoons.

    After climbing down the ghat, I followed the road to Mangoan to finally intersect the NH17 and immediately take a right towards Mhalsa. This road made up for all the corners that I missed in Tamhini. This state highway offers a highly technical ghat section that takes us to the small village of Sai. The fresh tarmac is well banked and is ideal for some knee scraping action.

    After thoroughly enjoying those winding corners, I continued my journey to finally arrive at Diveagar. I had covered the 155 odd kms in 2.5 hrs which convinced me that this was a great location even for quick weekend visit. The beach stretches for miles together and was just as beautiful as I remembered it from my last visit.

    After breathing in some fresh air and a leisurely photography session, I recommenced by journey home. On the way back, I could not help but stop again after climbing the vantage point of Tamhini to take a few more pics of the magnificent serpentine road.

    I had started my journey at 6:45 am and I was back home by 1:15pm. As I got out of my biking suit and laid on my bed, I felt this great sense of contentment of how I made the most of my week long vacation. Three great rides to three awesome destinations. However, I am sure this thirst will only grow and I look forward to recommence on this touring journey to satiate it.
    A big thanks to Sneh for helping me out with the route. Your instructions were spot on and I did not once need to turn to my maps.
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    @sagar-Lovely.Will go through it later but it will be great if you can resize the pictures in resolution 800*600 or less.
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      Ahh Diveagar...One of the best rides i had with xbhpians that trip will always be Remembered, beautifull place lovely food and what a night we had --can't forget DK and his limitless humor..awesome

      One more reason for the ride to be remembered as i had my first near to fatal crash at 115kmph.. yade taja hogayi dost..

      Gr8 log and good pics...dude u seriously need a good cam


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        Ah nice ride and Nice pics there bro!
        You now need to experiment with lenses!

        What a superb way to end the vacation!
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          and am Glad to see new threads coming up each day in the section. Yeahooo...we all are touring and Bloody hell, am in my office typing Kudos to others.....
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            @ MG- thanks for the quick approval. I have resized all the images.

            @shadowboy- Thanks man. I am glad my log helped refresh these beautiful memories. About my cam, well I am trying to extract the most from the one I have. Will get a better one when I have some Moolah!

            @satyen and dcs- Thanks for your support guys.
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              Great going Sagar...!

              Nice trip + good photos..!!



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                Originally posted by View Post
                Great going Sagar...!

                Nice trip + good photos..!!
                Thanks Oye!
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                  Great going Sagar, some decent pictures there, while reading your trip logs even my thirst for a long ride has doubled up.


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                    Woah woah woah! pics..... Seems you had a wonderful trip....
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                      You are going places Man!! Very nice & that first pic was awesome.
                      You must be one satisfied soul for some days before the mosquito (keera) of touring starts biting again.

                      As DCS stated, xbhpians are touring in gr8 quantum these days. New threads of wonderful places are raining. I like it !!

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                        Lage Rahooo.....

                        Work to ride and ride to work


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                          @ anthony, ankit, abhishek and andy- Thanks a lot guys
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                            Hey sagar just check this out will come to know how much fun we had...


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                              Originally posted by SAGARR_46 View Post
                              However, I am sure this thirst will only grow and I look forward to recommence on this touring journey to satiate it.

                              Haan yaar thats the big problem.The more frequent you ride the more thirst you feel.

                              BTW nice trip.missed it
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