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Thread: A car trip to Aleppe from Bangalore

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    Default A car trip to Aleppe from Bangalore


    I am normally a rider when I am not taking my family with me, Its time to post a travelogue of our recent car trip.

    It’s all started when Varun who is my team mate informed us the date of Sajo’s (Our Rider friend) and Teena's wedding which was on a weekend. Same day we started planning for the trip, it was decided that we will be driving to Alappuzha. A week later Palani gave an idea if we start on 15th Nov 18 itself which was a Thursday, we will get more time to spend at the beautiful location and attend the Wedding on Sat and return on Sunday. The plan is set.

    Day 1:

    All three riders ready for a long drive to Alappuzha which is about 620 KMs from Bangalore. Reached office early and stared our trip from office by 3 PM, we have decided to take a small break after Attibelle toll and ride non-stop till Salem.

    Filled diesel for my ‘Brownie’ ‘Fiat Punto Emotion’ at Shell Bellandur and set the trip meter to ‘0’. Took a small tea break at Attibelle.

    As I know the route very well and we wanted to reach our destination ASAP I took the driving duties from Palani. Since we all are very excited we maintained a very good speed, we crossed salem in 3 hours and no signs of tiredness. Decided to stretch as much as possible within no time we reached Avinashi. Took a tea break and resumed driving and again stopped for dinner after Coimbatore.

    Bangalore to Coimbatore – 5 hours :O

    After a relaxed dinner of Roti, Chittinadu Chicken curry and Yummy Yummy Pallipalayam Chicken we resumed our driving towards Palakkad. The roads are at excellent condition till Palakkad, from Palakkad to Thrissur the roads are in bad condition courtesy 2018 floods and road extension and Trucks.

    After Thrissur good roads appeared again but with near City traffic till we reach Alappuzha. It was 1.40 AM and it took us 10 hrs 40 min when we reached our homestay and slept quickly.

    Day 2: Sajo’s Wedding

    Woke up little late in the morning, had breakfast and inquired about the boat ride with the care taker of Sanjos Homestay. He did the arrangements talking to some known contacts after which we reached the pickup point for boat which costed us 500 INR per hour. As we (except Varun) were exploring main lands of Kerala for the first time, it was really a unique experience. Few points which I would like to highlight here.

    • It is truly God’s own county with nature's beauty at its best form
    • Excellent hospitality by the people who all we met during our travel
    • Boat travel in back waters of Allepey was an experience that will always be closeer to heart
    • Toodi shop food, unmatchable (If with family, you can order it to boat and enjoy the food since some may feel the ambience is not right for family)
    • Please try sweet Toodi (Madurai Kallu) which is non-alcoholic. It will not create any issue and taste is something you will remember for a long time
    • Personal suggestion – You can take boat ride for 5-6 hours in the day time but not for night stay. Because the boat will be halted in shore whole night which might not be interesting.

    Pictures below will speak the rest.

    Reached our room by 5 and decided against visiting the Beach due to rains. We then planned to visit Sajo’s home which is about 30 min drive.

    • House was beautiful just in front of back waters. We walked over a foot bridge to reach his house
    • It was Christian marriage. So, the customs where new for us but it was enjoyable
    • All women, mostly in Kerala traditional saree and men in silk dhoti & long shirt. It was looking nice to see people following the traditions and culture which was beautiful
    • We met lot of Sajo’s friends who gave us good company. Specially, I added Aneesh and Hafiz into my friends list from Kerala, such nice chaps they are…
    • Most important one to highlight- Sajo is a Christian who is getting married and two of his close friends (Aneesh is Hindu and Hafiz is Muslim) who stood in front with Sajo for all the support needed, marriage related arrangements and work. This is called true friendship which should be saluted and real meaning of secular India

    At Sajo's Home:

    From Left: Varun, Sajo's classmate, Hafeez, Man of the moment Sajo , Palani, Myself and Haneesh

    Reached our room by 11 and slept by 12 only to wake up with the news of Hartal (Strike) due to arrest of BJP member during Sabarimala protest. We got freshened up and got ready for Sajo’s wedding which was at ‘Champakulam Church’.

    This church was just next to back waters and has a historical significance and the oldest church in Kerala constructed on 426 AD. There are some beautiful paintings drawn with natural colors (like fruit’s and leave’s extracts). During wedding we met few other friends of Sajo from Bangalore, who are also staying at SanJos.

    The marriage ceremony was simple but beautiful.

    Backwaters again and Alappuzha Beach:

    After wedding we decided to visit the beach. Beaches are always close to heart and one of the best place to talk to your inner mind. Had tea and some snacks at the beach and went to room and decided to have dinner at ‘Puttum Kattanum’. This hotel I must say is one of the best to have Kerala food and tea at Alappuzha, don’t expect ambience though. Slept early as we need to drive back to Bangalore the next day.

    Champakulam Church:

    Backwaters again:

    Day 3:

    Woke up by 7, checked out from homestay after having black tea by 8AM.


    Palani took the driving duties today Had Yummy breakfast at “Indian Coffee house” somewhere between Alappuzha and Ernakulam (Cochin).

    When we crossed Ernakulam, the NH roads were blocked by BJP in 2 different places in the same stretch wasting nearly an house of our time. After this point it was a non-stop drive till Thiruppur. By 3 PM we had our lunch and started quickly, and the next break was at Krishnagiri after the toll where we had tea and resumed driving, I took the driving duties from Palani this time. Dropped Varun at Marathahalli and we reached home by 9PM.

    Fuel Expense: 5500

    Toll: 1440

    Other Expense (Excluding stay): 7600 ( For Food, Boat ride and other small expenses)

    Things we tried at Aleppe: Boat Ride, Food at Thodi Shop, Food at Puttum Kattanum, Aleppe Beach

    Until Next Travelogue this is Accidental Rider signing off... Keep traveling and Be Happy

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    Default Re: A car trip to Aleppe from Bangalore

    Thread approved.

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    Default Re: A car trip to Aleppe from Bangalore

    Its on my bucket list hope to ride there soon

    P.S: U mean alleppey ?

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    Default Re: A car trip to Aleppe from Bangalore

    Quote Originally Posted by Kapil Kumar View Post
    Its on my bucket list hope to ride there soon

    P.S: U mean alleppey ?
    @Kapil Kumar its a amazing place... Dont wait do it before summer starts

    And yes it was Alleppey :P

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