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Thread: Year end Bike ride to Wayanad - 23rd to 26th Dec 2018

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    Default Year end Bike ride to Wayanad - 23rd to 26th Dec 2018

    Hurray!!! Year end has come along with lean days at office and it time to travel

    Just like every December our kid has decided to spend her long vacation at our native with pets and it’s time for us to ride our White Rhino (Himalayan BS4) to some of its native location . After some discussions the destination was fixed as ‘Wayanad’. We wanted this ride to be relaxed one and we booked the hotel at ‘Kalpetta’ which is the center of Wayand district and its easy to travel to all places from here.

    Day 0: Packed all our items in our saddle bags and in a back pack

    Gadgets we carried :

    1. 2 Mobile phones for Photos
    2. Selfie stick
    3. ThiEye T5e Action camera mounted in Helmet for my Youtube channel videos

    Off to bed by 11, with the excitement keeping our adrenaline level high sleep is nowhere near, finally by 12 we were asleep.

    Day 1: Bangalore – Kalpetta – Banasura Sagar dam

    Woke up at 4.15 with great difficulty, by 6.30 AM we were on the road. It was a non-stop ride until 30KM before Mysore, had breakfast and resumed riding.

    Took few Tender coconut breaks and the final break was at Muthanga reserved forest before we reach Kalpetta by 2.30 PM.

    Had Lunch, took some rest and started to Banasura Sagar dam by 3.30 which about 20KMs. The entrance was heavily crowded due to seasonal inflow of tourists, not being able to get the tickets for jeep ride we decided to walk and surprisingly it is much easier that our last visit in 2015 as there is a shortcut to the location now.

    Spent a good amount of time and when we were about to return it has started raining. Unfortunately being winter and in hill station the weather was pretty hot and it get pleasant only in the evening. Had dinner early and slept early.

    Day 2: Karapuzha Dam and Soochipara Waterfalls

    Had breakfast after getting ready and started our ride to Karapuzha dam and Soochipara waterfalls with a spare dress.

    Reached Karapuzha dam in 45 minutes from Kalpetta, Google map has directed us to the place where the excess water is coming out of the dam. We were denied entry from here by the security and asked us to go back to the entrance which we missed to notice.

    Neatly maintained place with beautiful gardens and surroundings. The washrooms are maintained like a 5 star hotel, great place for kids too.

    After spending more than an hour we resumed our ride towards the falls which is about 1.5 hours from the dam. The roads are in excellent condition, we had Lunch in between and reached Soochipara falls by 3 PM. You need to trek down for a kilometer to reach the place and this is not suitable for people with knee problems.

    While coming back we are able to see a Zip Line and asked my wife to try it out. She enjoyed it a lot though she was bit scared initially, they charged 250Rs per head. Reached our hotel early, had dinner and crashed for sleep.

    Getting Ready for Zip line ride:

    Day 3: Kuruvadweep Island, Thirunelli temple and Tholpetty reserved forest

    Started our day late as there was a strike called on in Kerala, less traffic on the roads. It was difficult to find a hotel for breakfast. Visited a Jain temple near Kalpetta town.

    Important Point to note:

    Kuruvadweep : only 400 persons allowed per day and though the ticket for island is open till 12PM, 400 tickets will be sold off within an hour on most of the days. Make sure you ne there before 7 and be in queue. We couldn’t reach on time, hence satisfied ourselves with a bamboo boat ride.

    Tholpetty: Here they allow only 20 Jeeps in the morning and 10 in the evening, only 7 people allowed per Jeep. Here too you need to be there early to enjoy safari. We missed to get tickets here too… Disappointed

    The route from KuruvaDweep toward Thirunelli and Tholpetty is a complete reserved forest area. If you want to enjoy the curves with good roads and seldom traffic this is the pace for you in Wayand. Rest all places are crowded at all the time.



    Thirunelli temple:

    Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary:

    After the great disappointment we headed back to the room and crashed to sleep waking up to the most difficult day of a trip – Detour ☹

    Day 4: Kalpetta – Bangalore

    Checked out by 8 from the hotel and came out of the town by 9 after having breakfast. The ride was mostly uneventful until we reached Bandipur reserved forest area. We could see some vehicles stopped at some distance, when the distance was closing in we could see a herd of 10 elephants with one Elephant Calf was standing just by the road side. After waiting for some time all the vehicles have started moving and we took a cover of a bus and crossed them. Reached home by 6.30 PM to end the trip of 2018.

    Hotel We stayed:

    Surprise on the way back:

    Her dream yet come true:

    End of the ride pic:

    Will share my channel videos here once it is ready.

    PS: Reserved forest area are meant for wild animals, lets us stay away from littering. I could see few people inside cars just throwing away water bottles and other papers into the forest area. Let us make this world a better place to live for future generations.

    Ride Hard !!! Ride Safe !!! Keep travelling and Happy New Year 2019 !!!
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    Default Re: Year end Bike ride to Wayanad - 23rd to 26th Dec 2018

    Thread approved.

    No better way to spend the year end.

    Keep riding brother.

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    Default Re: Year end Bike ride to Wayanad - 23rd to 26th Dec 2018

    Nicely put!
    Thumb up!

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    Default Re: Year end Bike ride to Wayanad - 23rd to 26th Dec 2018

    Well done and must say you were lucky to at least have found some wildlife at Bandipur Forest Reserve unlike me on my ride in November
    Ride To Live

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    Default Re: Year end Bike ride to Wayanad - 23rd to 26th Dec 2018

    Nice one, Bandipur forest is never lucky for me

    wish i spot some animals next time

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