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Thread: Kawasaki Ninja 650 & Z650 - Delhi to Sach Pass

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    Default Kawasaki Ninja 650 & Z650 - Delhi to Sach Pass

    Coming shortly

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    Default Re: Kawasaki Ninja 650 & Z650 - Delhi to Sach Pass

    This is gonna be a lot of fun.
    Let's get this show on the road!

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    Default Re: Kawasaki Ninja 650 & Z650 - Delhi to Sach Pass

    Hi friends,

    I hope you will enjoy my recent ride to mountains (& thank you in advance for your patience)

    Background - It all started when me and my friend gopal who owns a n650 (2013) went to Lakadh in 2015, we both were new to each other and enjoyed hardcore riding, those who love challenge’s and can stretch to any bend necessary. Even though I have got married now, my wife trusts me with him when we are on a ride. So, this year we didn't go for a long ride and were craving for one. Whenever our minds ran to find something new, Sach pass was the only name which came to our mind. We were willing to add Killar - Kistwar road to our itinerary, keeping in mind August (due to rain) & with Article 370 in J&K we dropped the idea and choose Manali circuit via sach pass instead.

    The Plan - After lot of brain storming we concluded 15th august, long weekend perfect for the trip. Our bikes have enough power for any terrain, but this was something new for us. Never heard from any 130 mm ground clearance machine yet from Kawasaki. My bike is hardly 1+ year old, with stock Dunlop ran over 15k+ kms, I was not sure whether I should switch tyres or not, whereas my friend had Pirelli Mt 60 (new) & bike had clocked total 50k+ kms.
    We were now sure of our plan now and checked the weather before we started our journey, it showed cloudy in that region. However, we made fun of it and packed our rain coats, gum boots, shoe covers, grease & chain lube/cleaners. So more or less everything was in place & we were ready for anything.

    The Journey

    Day 1
    We started off around 7:00 am in morning from Delhi with our tank full & bag saddled up. Clear sky with some clouds past Panipat. It started to shower after we crossed Karnal and we decided to wear shoe covers & rain coat for the day, also kept moving as ride is long & plenty of miles to cover. Water continued to pour past Ambala and I offered option to my friend for Manali ride in case he has any change of heart, but he kept mum and we were moving. After we crossed Pathankot around 3:30 pm, the sky was clear and we had good hopes of going to Sach Pass tomorrow, also maybe we can do circuit from Manali side. That would not be a bad trip if we can execute. I was worried about my tyre condition as they were old & little deformed at few places, but I remained positive.
    Around 6, we crossed Banikhet & with light going dim we reached Chamera Dam. My friend wanted to call the day off at Banikhet but I insisted to move as much as we can, to lessen the burden next day. This turned out as taunt’s for me over intercom & there stood a hotel at INR 1200 including breakfast for us. It was sense of relief for me & good place for us to close our day.

    Day 2
    We were up early & sky seemed clear with sun coming from behind the mountains. This was a good news that even though weather didn't look fine on internet, but practically it rocked for us that time. We had our breakfast & started to move forward. We had filled up our tanks before Banikhet to be able to reach Udaipur or around as our bikes would do around 200-230 km with full tanks as per our assumptions. Also, keeping in mind that we can get petrol in Black for around 100 INR/ltr.
    We got ourselves registered with army personals for ride ahead at Banikhet which is a must and kept moving with now no sign of tarmac ahead for us. There were occasions where PWD machines were working to provide road as it had fell off due to heavy rain earlier.
    Attaching pictures for same.

    Name:  001.jpg
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Size:  19.8 KB

    It seemed that the day is bright, but our speed was down to 15 km/hr now on that road. Throttle & clutch were getting heavy on us and we removed our rain coats and gum boots by tying them to bungee ropes. With intercoms in place the time passed very well, bought chips & water bottle for basic stops. As Sach Pass was nearing us, clouds came into picture & so did big rocks on the road. With couple of stoppages, where we had taken rocks off from the road with help of local people. Some people suggested us to move on as we were on bikes and was not safe to stay for long. At around 1:30-2:30 we were able to reach Sach pass our destination, on our Ninja's.

    Name:  WhatsApp Image 2019-08-27 at 22.39.13 (8).jpg
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Size:  26.9 KB

    This was the main accomplishment for us. Had Maggie & softdrink, now we planned to move ahead towards Killad. After passing Sach pass there were scenic locations to take pictures & enjoy. There was no tarmac on our way towards Killad and all we were talking of was, ab wo road lag rahi hai mujhe, nahin to thoda aur aage mil jaegi but there was literally no road till Killad, means full day 15 km/hr riding speed with shockers doing all the work. Our front fork seals had a hard day & so did the low ground clearance but all went pretty fine with full focus on making right path for our bikes. Found 1 good hotel for 1000rs/ night. We had dinner after we arrived and all we were thinking of was the way back to home via manali. It was still a great day after achieving what we had done on a Kawa.

    Day 3
    We got up at around 6am and started to pack our light bags but it was raining outside. We asked hotel guy about rain and he replied, it rained all night. As it was quite early we didn't get ourselves tank full and were on bike at 7 in the morning with rain coats & gum boots and chain lubed. This is classic uniform for us during such rides which comes cheap and handy. There was one couple from Gurgaon at our hotel getting ready & high on adrenaline after seeing us on bikes. He was a Jat boy from Hisar with his wife & did sach pass the previous day. We were amazed at his wife who being a pillion rider enjoyed each turn with him. What we were assuming was, how will they manage with rain ahead all day long. Well we should never under estimate anyone as everyone will make their ways eventually, which lead us to start the day. We had a slow start with slush and rocks on our way. All we did was 11 km in 1 hr+. We were shocked by ourselves and were calculating when we may reach keylong or manali as we were only out for 4 days ride to what looked like 5/6 days long holiday now at that speed. We had a beautiful river flowing alongside, clouds in mountains, water falls on our way & wet hands with pressure on our handles. Then, on one turn came a nallah, this was around length of 3 buses with water rushing downhill & mud where a bike can drench and so did n650 which almost froze in that mud and our gum boots were inside that water leaving socks/ jeans wet.

    Name:  003.jpg
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Size:  26.5 KB

    By now we were hit by reality and we accepted what was ahead of us and kept low & safe. We carried on, past this nallah & were hit by closed road where mud was there all over the road and road was blocked. My friend assumed it to be normal hard mud and ran full throttle on that mud leading his bike stuck in between the slush/ mud.

    Name:  004.jpg
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    We tried for over half hour but nothing worked for us, stones were running from top at full speed, luckily someone from village came to rescue and we took our bike out. This place was Purti around 30+ kms from Killad, a place we will never forget. We were followed by the same couple from hotel who were looking for 2 ninjas and carried on to find us. I salute them as they had taken their bike out from that nallah (in my mind) and were here in this weather.
    Surrender to nature was the only thing coming to my mind and we waited for news from village people who were passing by, finally we got to know that this was worst hit monsoon season and road ahead is closed for 10 days. Our minds were blocked and all we were thinking was to text our family & office about the situation and not to panic. We had sufficient funds and the couple we had met were now a team. While looking for accommodation, someone took my helmet from bike which had my intercom and I was shattered by the theft (never expected that in HP), must be some kid who got attracted. After digesting all of this we accepted & moved on from these facts in hand, now my rain coat was my virtual helmet till Manali. The wife of jat boy offered me helmet for next day but I could not accept as she didn't had an extra one and the day ended with us tired at all front. Luckily they had BSNL sim and we texted back home but due to low signals and message were not going through. We ended our day by putting our clothes to dry & used mobile torch for light.

    Name:  005.jpg
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    Our usual day was like this, sitting like ducks and waiting for some vehicle to pass

    Day 4
    Next morning we looked for way but couldn't find one, we witnessed a car climbing the mud/slush mountain and decided to visit uphill to analyse if we can pass through. Time was tough and petrol was limited at that point. You can find diesel but finding petrol is hard comparatively in that location. Finally with some help and after roaming around we got our bikes crossed from mountain of mud & river crossing where there was no road.

    By evening, we had reached Shour village and stayed at guest house for INR 480/night. There was no light, no signals, no petrol for us in market and had to manage with current resources till Udaipur. Also a good news came was that the mobiles signals were back today, as an important family was stuck and BSNL guys had to use emergency diesel for towers. So we were able to address our family & friends on our status. By now our bikes were fine and our bodies were getting ready for a long ride towards city by saving our energies & resume the ride when its right.

    Day 5
    Sun was there in sky but no news of way out, went to see way but unable to find route ahead. Behind we heard was snow at sach pass of 1 feet height. Third option was Kishtwar which again must be broken at many places. So we decided to wait for next day and pass our time. We were lucky to have such holiday with some cons which we were getting ready to face once we got back.

    Day 6
    We had heard there is clearing of snow at Sach Pass & people told it will take 10 days towards Manali as there were heavy damages on road & 200+ vehicles were taken via tunnel at Rohtang Pass for Manali. So only option left for us was Sach Pass again.

    Day 7
    My boss had enquired where are you and I replied on my way sir. What else could I have said, you never know what future beholds.
    So we were at Purthi & decided to move towards Killad, started at 9 am in the morning. Luckily I had got a Servo Helmet at INR 500 for my ride, got our tanks filled up. God was now kind and doing all the favours. Before I had got a helmet then, I bought 1 chunni & chashma to safeguard from dust.

    Name:  WhatsApp Image 2019-08-27 at 22.39.13 (2).jpg
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Size:  21.4 KB

    This was the look :-)

    Well we could only prepare ourselves rest was destination for us now. Moved slowly but consistently and reached Banikhet, with few stones hitting the bike due to low ground clearance.
    N650 had some stones in its fairing, both the bikes were heavy on slush from all sides. What can I say, the machines are awesome and we were at Banikhet by 11 pm which concluded our day and finally we got to inform our families that we will be home tomorrow.
    Meanwhile on our way back, Pirelli GT was hit by a sharp stone leaving the tyre flat next morning.

    Day 8
    Morning was bright, hopes were high & so were the aura's. Bullet couple went ahead as their rear disc was broken at Killad for which they headed for Service centre at Pathankot.
    We got our bikes washed and lubed. Fixed puncture again in N650 leading to 2/3 puncture in one hole. By night we were back home at 11:30.
    Our bikes did great on this route & we got ticked off with Ninja’s at Sach Pass. The cut in tyre was mainly due to a sharp stone which had hit on our way from Killad. I would advise everyone to check the path carefully when you are on this route. My friend on the other hand has decided not to call till next year.

    This experience has made me realise that we should always enjoy the journey and not look for destinations.

    “The Journey is the Destination”


    Enough with the story, now enjoy the pictures

    Name:  007.jpg
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Size:  25.5 KB

    ----consecutive posts auto-merged-----

    Name:  008.jpg
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Size:  28.9 KB

    Status of road towards Manali side

    Name:  009.jpg
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Size:  30.4 KB

    Our team resting for the day

    Name:  010.jpg
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Size:  27.3 KB

    Moment of joy after returning to Sach Pass

    Name:  011 (2).jpg
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Size:  32.8 KB

    2 Kawa riders at their best

    Usual traffic at Sach Pass

    Name:  012.jpg
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Size:  20.3 KB

    Waiting for traffic to be cleared at Sach

    Ninja being moved over by gem of a person

    Beauty of Sach Pass

    Name:  013.jpg
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Size:  24.4 KB

    Name:  014.jpg
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Size:  20.1 KB

    Name:  015.jpg
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Size:  25.7 KB

    Thank you all !!

    Name:  016.jpg
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Size:  20.2 KB

    Typical road texture past Sach towards Killad
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    Default Re: Kawasaki Ninja 650 & Z650 - Delhi to Sach Pass

    Nicely put!

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    Default Re: Kawasaki Ninja 650 & Z650 - Delhi to Sach Pass

    Thank you Krishna ji, tried my best to put up the journey
    Quote Originally Posted by krishna77 View Post
    Nicely put!

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    Default Re: Kawasaki Ninja 650 & Z650 - Delhi to Sach Pass

    Nice & hats off to your determination.
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