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Thread: Bangy- Shimogar - Sagar - Honnavar - Murdeshwar - Yana - Gokarna - Hubli - Bangy solo

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    Default Bangy- Shimogar - Sagar - Honnavar - Murdeshwar - Yana - Gokarna - Hubli - Bangy solo

    Day 1.Bangalore – Tumkur – Tiptur – Arsikere – Kadur – Birur – Tarikere – Bhadravthi – Shimoga – Gajanur – Tuga Reservoir – Sagar – Sigandur – Sagar – Kargal – Heremanne - Honnemardu - Jog Falls – Honnavar: 640 kilometers.

    Day 2.Honnarvar – Idagunji – Murdeshwar – Shiva temple - Honnavar – Kumta – Yana – kumta – Gokarna – Om Beach – Kudle beach – Gokarna Beach – My Beach – Ankola – Yellapur – Kalaghatgi – Hubli –Home: 358 Kilometers.

    Day 1.22 October 2008..

    It all started rather early by 11.00 pm when packing got over, and I made sure that I have not missed any thing, and Called up Mom and Dad, and said that I leaving form Bangy and once again I updated them with my travel plan and with lots of suggestion from them I cranked up the bike and started my 998.6 kilometer journey till home, After 45 minutes of driving within city limits I found my self on NH-4.The NH-4 Highway is pretty good and is rather busy as well. well my progress was halted by 3 kilometer long horrible traffic Jam, As I made my own road trough busy traffic, a guy asked me drop till Nelamanga cross as his, car broken down, after couple of minutes; I found a truck next to the road, the root cause for the traffic jam, after dropping Afzal, at his destination, I moved on towards mine...

    As Roads started to open up and I started cruising, But after few minutes rain started to lash on heavily and visibility reduced to just few meter, well I though it will be raining at some parts and not all along the way..Lesson learnt from my motorcycle trips, so moved on.... But the intensity of rain increased, and Had to stop; on the way took some time of at Cafe coffee day till rain, takes a breather, after an half hour or so sky got cleared and I was back an my Saddle, Happy this time thought what ever hick ups where there, all have been weathered and there will be no more hiccups’ or any surprises ahead, and as I was Cruising at 100+ speed and A qualis was fallowing me, as my bike progress was slowed down by path holes near Tumkur, he came just next to me and asked where I was heading I said Shivamoga, he wished me happy Journey, at first I didn't realize why he spoke to me, later show the vehicle name plate its from Hubli and He thought I was on my way to Hubli; Seeing my Number plate.... After this little conversation, we departed our ways at Tumkur…. He moved on NH-4 towards Hubli and I towards Shivamoga It was nearly one 1.30 in nights as I rode into the city of leaving the NH-4 and taken NH-206 towards Shivamoga, it really isn't a pretty town in terms of roads, in fact it is best to avoid it if one can, and however I could not.

    I continued riding as lovely breeze which I cannot see, and darkness which I cannot touch give me company. At around 3.15 I halted at Arsikere Bus stand and had a tender coconut, and took a picture just to show my cousin, as see always wanted me visit her house, and I was there but in mid night, and left from there. And later I took a second brake at Birur. The roads from here onwards were totally bad with unending potholes, as I was driving slowly because of Bad roads, I made steady progress; but Near Bhadravathi, I spotted the fox crossing the road , just few meters before me and clearly visible because from headlight ,well it was shining in the night, and within no time vanished inside darkness, and I moved on till Bhadravthi and halted yet again to have tea at a roadside shop.

    I reached Shimoga at 5.50 am and took a break and my trip meter read 340 kilometers, well hardest part of the journey was covered in very good time, after reaching shimoga Just before before sun rise, as I was Driving towards the Gajanur village, and I saw first ray of light, the darkness vanished and slowly every thing around me started breathing, and nature displayed its true colors!!!! wow!!!! Instead of Noisy and Polluted roads in Bangy…. I was inside the beautiful county side surrounded by Beautiful views all around… As the day braked, the remote countryside came to life The early morning colors always look amazing every where. my first stop over for the day was Tunga Reservoir inside Gajanur village, built across river Tunga its just 14 kilometer from the city of Shimoga.

    Please Click on the Photos to view in OriginalResolution
    Tunga Reservoir:
    Tunga Reservoir

    After Couple of minutes of driving through the Beautiful Gajanur village, Soon reached the gates of the dam, just to find the security guards inside the gates. After 5 minutes conversation with them, as always I managed to get the permission to enter the dam premises.

    I moved on towards the dam hoping to see beautiful sun rise rising from the Backwaters of the dam….And 1.5 kilometer morning walk Over the dam is worth experiencing once in a life time.

    As I was walking over the dam Amazing sights greeting me and nature saying Good morning…… as sun light scattered across the sky bringing every thing to life….Those views where amazing!!!!!

    Backwaters of Reservoir

    wonderful Sight!!!!!

    Another One!!!!!

    At 7.00 Am in the morning I Bid adieu to the Dam and its care takers, what amazing start to an eventful day to fallow…

    At 7.30 I reached Tavarekoppa after 10 km from Shimoga, en-route to Sagar town here you will come across Tavarekoppa Tiger and Lion Safari where you can see Lions, Tigers and other animals are often found roaming around in the deep forests freely. But Be there after 10.00 am As Lion-Tiger Safari is open from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM on all days of the week, save Tuesday, which is the one day when the Safari is shut and unavailable.

    A Quite lake with lots of Lotus on the way to Sagar

    After few snaps I moved on as I cannot weight till 10.00 am so moved on, Form here onwards Roads where awesome, Lovely weather, Beautiful Views greeted me as I dove through beautiful Country side... and while I was driving Spotted Kadali Crop( Chole in Hindi), inside the farm, stopped my bike and stared Walking through paddy fields to reach them was nice, this is my favorite, many people here in south Karnataka doesn’t know about that, but every one in Hubli- Dhrawad is crazy about them and during this time of the year(Deepavali) you can find them being sold every where on roadside in Hubli-Dharwad; and I did Puck few from the fields; as no one was around to take permission and able to taste them after one long year which was awesome!!!! Man I love them they tasted brilliant. It was worth traveling 400 kilometers form them on my ever faithful machine…....
    Very happy after having my breakfast with tender Chole and Groundnuts fresh from fields I come back on my saddle and move on towards Sagar, now I Dove into the sharavathi Wild life sanctuary, I sailing on my bike and clicking Pictures all along the way; and experienceing the exciting feeling of early loneliness in the forest with not other human for quite some distance. It was awesome watching the clear sky and lovely Forset....

    Inside Sharavayhi wildlife santury On the way to Sagar

    As I was driving towards sagra, after some time I stated to fealing little sluggish, and I felt that I was not able to drive with proper concentration, so halted at tea shop just 5 kilometers before Sagar town and much needed half hour Early morning tea brake with lovely biscuits was awsome, along with the cup of tea also had quite a good chat with the shop owner, He Looking at my bike and luggage asked where I was from; after I told him that I was from Hubli and going to Hubli from Bangalore, after hearning this he pulled up lots of other questions under his hat, One thing which always Fascinates me, where ever I go on bike, I always find people; some or the other way associated with Hubli, He said me that, his daughter is in Hubli now and married two years back well he stated to narrate entire story, after having a nice chat with him. As I was about move on, in Mean time a guys who waiting for the bus, Requested for a drop till Sagar and now again; I had some one behind me for at least 8 kilometers…Just after entering the Sagar town; I took left towards Sigandur.. He asked me 'where I was heading?'. I said "Sigandur", then he told me that he will get down on the way, I said grate…

    On the way to Sigandur

    Soon after dropping him I moved on towards Sigandur, The road from Sagar to Sigandur is not so grate as you have to drive 30 kilometers through the Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary but views are just amazing, I stopped all along the way for some picks, then moved, Soon Reached my second Destination for the day at the banks of Sharvathi rever, from here you can go to Devi Chaudamma temple at Sigandur; This place is located in the other side of backwater; to reach temple you have to cross the sharavathi River which is nothing but backwaters of Liganmakki dam.

    It is one of the most mesmerizing and breathtaking place anyone can see.
    To reach this place one has to come to the main city Sagar. Sagar is nearly 380Kms from Bangalore city. For people over here only mode of transport Between two main lands is launch service which is limited . Vehicles reach one side of the bank of the river Sharavathi. well the Villagers here where given a choice between a launch or a Bride, the Villagers chose the Launch and now they are in grate trouble, due to that. If one needs to cross over, they had to wight for specific timing of the launch. Launch ( ferry ) service is available from this bank to the other bank to cover a distance of 2 Km. Service available upto 5.00pm only.The other side of the river is a small village called Kalasavalli belonging to the main place called Tumari. From this place Sigandur is nearly ten KMs. The goddess Chaudamma ( Chowdamma ) temple is located at Sigandur. During Sankranti (in the month of January ) a festival is celebrated here. Tourist from all part of visits this place during the festival.

    I was there, at 10.00, but my visit was only till here, sat beside the backwaters enjoying sheer beauty of the place, and didn’t wanted to cross the river to other side as I had been there with my bike once, also I had to move towards Honnemardu and then to Jog falls, if I had been there I would have to miss my favorite place Honnemardu or Jog falls which I didn’t wanted to….

    Cooling its eyes...

    So I sat at the banks it was only nature everywhere and it was so pleasant and so beautiful. after an hour of quality time, and absorbing the shear beauty of nature; it was time to move towards my Place "Honnemardu",I had one tender coconut, My bike was delighted, being here for second time, at 11.00 I moved on towards Sagar city….But if any one of you come here, please enjoy the ferry journey of 2 km I believe you will remember the ferry journey for longer time and thoroughly enjoy the nature and Sigandur Chaudamma temple.

    Just WoW!!!!!
    Vardahalli Temple:

    AT 11.40 I was inside the sagar town and as always I was searching for some home made food, Because where ever I go; I just love to taste local food, as every home has some thing special went it comes to Food; but didn’t find any thing on the way, stooped at shop and asked them, they told me to visit a temple at Vardahalli, just 4 kms from the sagar town, With there suggestion I moved on towards Vardahalli, Vardahalli is a small hamlet that is off the main road near the town of Sagar on the way to jag falls. There is a temple here and like most other temples in the region, where free lunch is provided at a communal dining hall every day to all visitors between 1.00 – 2.00 hrs. Although the lunch is free, donations are recommended. the seating is on the floor and there are no tables or chairs. But having reached there just before 12.00, And having reached early, I went to temple which is at the top of the hill, I was not better idea to wait for an hour for food, So I thought I will have food on the way to honnemardu; where I had Lovely home made food during my last visit…. So after a brif stop at this beautiful place and temple, I was back on my saddle, and drove towards Honnemardu…..

    Steps Leading Unto Temple.

    Vardhahalli Temple

    Bye Bye Sagar, will be Back soon....


    On the way to Honnemardu

    Lovely forest on the way to "Honnemardu"

    On My way to Honnemardu...

    At around 1.00 in the after noon I was there after 530 kms Journeny from Bangy. 'Honnemardu' is supposed to be a village submerged under the Linganmakki reservour.Just 10 KMS before reaching Jog Falls, you should take a deviation after Talaguppa towards Kargal and then left towards Heremane here you have take left turn leaving the road and another 6 kilometer journay inside the forest will lead you to this Memarising Beautifull place...


    I have no words to describe such a beautiful place, This place is for people who love Adventure and water sport..Once here You are just with nature and you feel one among everything else that so easily blends with nature....

    After entering my details in the Register book maintained by the The Adventurers, a Bangalore-based NGO over there, I Headed straight towards water.... here I meat another amazing person and His name is Santosh, since I had not seen him during my last visit; just out of Curiosity asked" how long he has been her?, and he said: that he had been here just two months back, after nice conversation and some photos, we both took a coracle down to water from the mainland and then went gliding across Cristal clear water to an Islands formed by the Liganmakki Reservoir, as the nearest Island is about half kilometers from the mail land we both had to do the some Coracling.

    Coracling to the Island

    One among many Island

    And once on the Island (where we pitched during our last visit), it was only The wind whistle through the bamboo thickets and the soft swish of bats as they settle on trees laden with fruit. you are, on your very own island in a water surrounded by lush green hills, miles away from the hurly-burly of the city. One among Lot of Birds and butterflies which can be sighted while walking along the ridges...

    In some 20 mints at the island relived those amazing moments of my last visit, now its was time to get back to mainland, after reaching back to shore, it was time to Bid adieu to Santosh..

    Santosh Ferry Boy

    last glimps, Just as I turn my back towards Honnemardu.

    As I was walking back towards my saddle number of emotions and thoughts were running thourgh my mind...I cannot express what I was feeling at that time, back on bike as I drove back; I have so much attachment to this place; that I just didn't wanted to leave from here so early, after a while I stopped on my way back and headed back to the place where you can see another Island, sat there alone speech less, motion less... .

    Backwaters at Honnemardu

    After spending almost 3 hours, I took leave from Honnemardu, and with in 15 mints, at around 4.15 I was at the foot steps of mejectic Jog falls( At Jog Sharavati river makes a spectacular drop of 260 m (900 ft) in four distinct cascades—known locally as Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket—to create one of the highest waterfalls in Asia. The falls is at its best during the monsoon, with arching rainbows colouring the mist.

    After praking my bike at a tea shop, and requesting them to take care of luggage, I move on to another side of the falls, As I was on my way to falls; found "Vikas"(A student from shivamoga Engginearing callege) I requested him to take a Picture of mine, after Thanking him for that, I started my trek to the top of each one of them, ("I'e RAJA, RANI, RORER, ROCKET") During this time time of the year, when water level at the falls is low, You can easily make your way on top each on of the above falls, for me the Jog Falls and Jagada Gundi always looks better form top. As I was on my way,Vikas asked me "where I was heading?", When I said On top of Each one of them....after this Vikas also joined me in this Tourcheres trek....

    As we moved on; first it was Raja, anyone can easily reach till here, You have no idea, what you will be experiencing, when you are on top of This majestic water falls, at 260 meters hight,

    Other side of Roarer

    Just you have to be there, to experience!!!!!!
    There is a huge difference in looking down from top of the falls and looking up from the bottom.

    Bird's Eye view - At top King of all the falls

    One at the top of the falls and looking down 900 ft. As Always It was a mesmerizing sight!!!. People playing in water down below were smaller as ants. I spent a good 10 mints their; enjoying the view and I told Vikas to be little canscious as he was very excited; being here for the first time, told him to be conscious; and don't lose your senses in excitement...

    A Mesmerizing view of King on the way to Rocket

    Rocket(Left) and Roarer(Right)

    Rockets Journey begins here!!!

    What A view of Sharavthi Valley through Western ghats

    One among many small streams!!!!

    How to Cross over?

    Hurdles on the way to Roarer!!!

    Its Roarer journey from 253 meters...

    After an trek; Much needed refreshing brake

    Bridge view from below on the way back..

    After coming Back where my bike was parked, I was shaggy and every foot was hard to take now, I some how managed to reached there, the 545 kilometers journey and This muscle juggling trekking, I have asked lot out of me and also the fact that I had no solid food from morning; At this moment If anything in the world; That I was badly in needed was some excellent food.

    After having Some rice with samber, I Drove towards other side of the falls.

    Sharvathi River Bride on the way to Jog falls

    As sun was down, I just got a glimpse of Classical Jog falls.Best time to experince water falls is when sufficient water is available in the river. Usually from June to September is the best time as monsoon remains active during this time of the year,and This place almost resides in the border of Western ghats of mountain ranges. Afternoon is the best time to watch the fall as sunlight will directly fall on the water fall with mesmerizing Rainbow colors, and There are various view points to see and enjoy the water fall.

    Raja, Rani Roarer And Rocket

    The first of these falls is known as the 'Raja' - the grandest, an unbroken sheet of water, the Raja plunges into the vapor shrouded poll 900 feet below. A few 100 feet way down, with a thunderous gush, Raja is joined by 'Roarer'. Leaping down with great speed in a series of cascades is the 'Rocket'. And gliding away in a feminine grace is our own 'Rani'.

    After taking rest for couple of minutes here, I headed towards Honnavar to pitch for the night which is further 75 kilometers from the Jog, from Jog the NH-206 Roads runs through the beautiful western ghats, at its was dusk not able to see and capture anything on the way, I moved on with just one break in between; for Tea as and not before long at 8.30 I checked into hotel, I was spared by rain almost whole trip. I wasn't really in a mood for adventure , but wanted to have a nice ride with my "bike" to celebrate our five year Long journey, well what a ride it was 640 Kilometers and still counting but things worked out just fine. And last to say, My Pulser is just awesome. So that was curtains to an amazing day of my life...What a day It was......

    Day 2.

    Friday; 24 October 2008
    Morning came early; it was around 8.00 in the morning, Quiet satisfied with last night sleep!!!! Its time to get in touch with the outside world, with lovely morning tea, and what a sad news I read; first thing in the morning; that five college friends drowned at OM - Beach; well I remembered the days; when we friends just loved to be at this place... this sad news Damped my spirit little bit; But it was time to leave;I was all ready and packed; checked out , lubricated the bikes chains and started after few phone calls; and my first pit stop for the day was Murdeshwar; As I just made my way to NH-17; I was totally adorned by the smell of fish; well as NH-17 runs along side the West cost and it has be there; after couple of minutes I got used to it ... Well what a lovely day it was; As Sun was at its best, along with lovely early morning breeze; wow!!! What a time to drive through NH-17....

    A view from Sharavathi river bridge on the way to Murdeshwar

    Sharavathi river bridge on the way to Murdeshwar
    After Honnavar on the way to Murdeshwar you will come across Melina Idagunji which has an ancient temple of Ganapathi who has only two hands unlike other Ganesha's who have four hands. This is said to be a place of penance selected by Rishies; Once you are here you can visit this lovely temple. But my first pit stop for the day was Murdeshwar; Murdeshwar is said to have a part of Atma Linga of Gokarn. Here main attraction is his Shiva temple complex Beautiful location of the temple surrounded by the sea is really marvelous, and its a famous tourist attraction; The Murudeshwara Temple is built above Kanduka Hill which is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and having the biggest shiva statue in Karnataka.


    Shiva temple complex @ Murdeshwar

    A Gopura (Tower structure) is in front of this Shiva temple which is guarded by two life-size elephants; at the steps leading to the temple. And a huge towering statue of Lord Shiva which is staggering 123 feet (37 m) in height, and It took about 2 years to build. During my last visit; it was still under construction; but now its looking more glorious with the Golden paint; The statue was built at a cost of approximately 10 million Rs. The idol is designed such that it gets the sun light directly and thus appears sparkling. The entire temple complex area is owned by a private owner.

    A Chariot @ Murdeshwar Temple

    Ariel View of Arabian Sea from temple complex

    Ariel View of Arabian sea!!!

    Murdeshwar Beach from temple complex!!!
    After spending around some half an hour inside the temple complex; it was time to move on; I had lovely breakfast; With Stomach full; I was back on saddle and drove Back towards Honnavar....

    A place where I shared some lite moments with my Dear friend near Honnavar

    Amaravathi River Bridge near Kumta on NH-17

    Amaravathi River Bridge near Kumta on NH-17


    Yana is turly marvelous combination of greenery and gigantic rocks; is a Must visit place if you are traveling through the malenadu belt.

    Journey through evergreen forest..

    On the way to Yana...

    On the way to Yana...

    Well had to get down and walk

    To get to Yana, you should crisscross your way through the captivatingly dense forest and boy! Does the sight of these monster rocks amidst such sprawling greenery take your breath away?.. As thick forest provide an ideal canopy and lovely streams wait patiently for your tired soul.

    Trekking path towards Yana!!!

    A mesmerizing walk through Verdant forest

    One among many small streams flowing through the forest.

    Streams at Yana...

    A walk to remember!!!

    Since Yana is deep inside the verdant forests after crossing lovely streams you suddenly come across the two rocks making their way through the luxuriant greenery first the Bhairaveshwara Shikhara and slightly smaller one is called the Mohini Shikhara, Stick out of the dense jungles of Northern Karnataka like towering monsters wearing an unmistakable cloak of mystery.
    First Glips of Mohini Shikara

    Mohini Shikara

    Rock formations at Yana near Mohina shikara

    The taller of the two rocks is the Bhairaveshwara Shikhara stands tall at 120 meters above the ground and slightly smaller one at 90 meters is the Mohini Shikhara, Till a few years back, there was no motor able road to this point, only a hardy trekker could savor the beauty of these, But now the road are being lead and will be completed within a month.

    Bhairveshwara Shikara

    Bhairveshwara Shikara!!!!

    Way to Bhairveshwara Temple!!!!

    Amamzing!!! Inside Bhairveshwara Shikara

    Inside Bhairveshwara Shikara!!! But stings!!!

    Inside Bhairveshwara Shikara

    Beware of the leeches!
    There are these tiny leeches that creep up your legs in the rainy season and suck your blood, without you even noticing them! Sounds creepy? Well, Yana can present lots of invisible challenges in the rainy season. It is advisable to carry some salt and lemon to ward off leeches; though fortunately I did not come across any.. The rocks are slippery, and so are the muddy roads that lead to Yana. Also, there are manya small Streams that flows just within an arm’s length of Yana rocks and guess what? These rivulet are welcoming delight to travelers!!!.


    If you have come all the way to either Sirsi or Kumta to watch Yana, make sure you watch other attractions such as waterfalls around Sirsi. There are innumerable waterfalls in the vicinity of this region. Make sure to check them out.

    Well I was on my way back after soaking lovely forest atmoshphere towards Katagal; at a Road construction site I meat the Bhimana another wonderful person from Hubli; Having noticed that I was Troding alone inside this verdant forest; and while having a welcome home made food "Rotti Utta" at Kathagal had lovely conversion with him; after this I took leave from Bhimana(First person to call me and wish Happy Deepavali on early Saturday morning!!!!!); dropping him again at his work place.. at 2.30 I moved on Towards my private beach at Gokarna to spend a unforgettable evening with sun, sand and Arabian sea....

    Bhimana!!!(Road Roller Owner and driver)

    Gangavali River Bridge!!!!

    Beaches at Gokarna

    At 3.30 I was inside Gokarna, and If any one of you love walking around the beaches; then Gokarna is the place to be...You can literally walk to each one of five beaches; you can begin the walk from Gokarna town at the Kotitheertha - a large tank. The next stop is famous Gokarna Mahabaleshwara Temple - one of the holiest places in the south. It is said to be the place where Ganapathi coaxed Ravana to put Atmalinga on the ground. Further ahead is the Gokarna beach, a straight beach almost 7km long. Further down to Gokarna Beach. will take you through an elevated plain, for almost a kilometer before you hit Kudle Beach. Kudle Beach is a nice long stretch of sand almost half kilometer long. From here, continue walking south through the hills and get down to Om Beach. Om Beach is the most popular of the beaches in Gokarna. If you are doing the walk in winter, you can stop at one of the few restaurants at the beach for some evening snacks. and then continue further from Om Beach, you walk close to the shore. and sfter 15-minute walk will take you to half moon beach and another few minutes away its Paradise Beach - the 5th and last of the beaches where the 6km long walk ends. when ever in Gokarna make sure that you spend one evening in each of these beaches....

    It was nice to be there after three long years!!!

    OM - Beach

    Kudle Beach from the Road!!!!

    After gazing around at this amazing shore line; I was om my way to virgin beach This virgin beach always helps me when it comes to clearing the dark cobwebs of memory.

    On the way to beach
    A tomb on the way to Beach...

    What a Sight!!!

    A view of Gokarna Gokarna beach

    Couple of them!!!

    Well it was time to Leave!!!!

    At 6.30 not able to see sun getting dissappered; I had to take leave from this Mesmerizing place; and now all road from here where leading to just one place, My Favorite Temple!!!! after a brief pit stop at Ankola for much needed tea. then after 2 hours Roller coster journey through yellapur ghats; Hubli welcomed me with open hands (The NH-63 from Ankol to Hubli is one of the most senic route and one of the best roads that any one can drive; Here road runs through yellapur ghat, inside lovely yellapur forest and 8 bridges on the way and best time to drive is during day when sun is shining)

    AT 8.30 I rode home with huge smile on my face. On reaching home, when I parked the bike and unloaded the things. Just as I stepped away, I turned my back to the bike. The way I looked at the bike, i cannot express; I walked into the house imagining all the places I had been, and told to myself, "That I can not really cope without IT", what a journey " Five Years.. 82000 Kilometers and still counting!!!!

    Mom and Dad where Delighted to see me again ,so I was was;During this trip; , there where so many little moments of joy; what people say "Peace of mind" to my heart’s content; I’ve found it, felt it, lived it, experienced it, all over again in these 2 days and what else I can say it was magical !!!which i can never express in worlds but savored every moment of it!!!!!.....

    Well all of my trips had been memorable and exciting, but this recent trip is special and one of the best bike trips; I have done alone for some time, as if I relived 10 years of my life......glad for having keyed down whole thing, surely, years down the lane, even if my memory despises me, this document and this blog surely wont..And for all my friends who were majorly responsible for many happiest moments spent in past at each of these places, kudos to you guys…I love you all!!

    Here is the link to some of the photos that i have uploaded
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    Trip Log Approved.

    Whoa! That's one huge write-up and good collection of pictures. Thanks for sharing. search of that perfect world - My Travel Blog :)

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    thats huge and nice too.
    brings back the memories of my trip which i did there in few months back.

    ohh.. and thanks for not teasing like any thing

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    Thumbs up

    WOw ! , you have covered lot of places... good ride and awesome pics. yet to go thru the log.

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    gr8 ride....
    I really like these kindof trips where we get to explore the nature...

    bst thing was that all the places that is thr in the pic looks Virgin......

    heyy is there any online software available that can be used to for these kinof editing?
    collage.jpg (image)

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    so many places and pics in two days!!!
    amazing ride there and awsome pics....

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    Great ride there!! nice write up and awesome pictures dude still going through.....
    Highways gives me a H.I.G.H., Roads the Rhythm of L.I.F.E.

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    @kashif: he has done his collage in picassa,just download it from google.

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    @Phukkeri: It was nice to read your thread Good ride keep it up man....
    Hope u do many more rides like these....
    Anup Abraham

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    WOW! Excellent Ride.. Stunning Pics

    Happy Riding Bro!!

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