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Thread: A dash to Agra - Vrindavan

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    Cool A dash to Agra - Vrindavan

    Hey it feels gr8 to be a xbhpian. Well, I've been on many tours & one big trip; whole Rajasthan except Udaipur, in Dec 2008. But to start I'd share memoirs of a recent trip to Agra.

    It was 21st of Feb & at 0100 hrs me & my friend were sipping a coffee at Nizamuddin Comesum; famous for night outs & some good crowd in south Delhi. We were having a casual discussion on life of 'Shree Krishna' which in progression aroused our religious spirits. I proposed for a trip to Vrindavan & he agreed... BANG ON!!!

    Initially we thought to cruise on my bike - Pulsar 150 DTS-i. But we both being on the heavier side on weight scale thought of riding solo on two bikes. His CBZ; which can only be ridden by him, and so not being fit for such a ride was exchanged for an Avenger from a friend at 0300 hrs. He later regret his decision to have agreed for CBZ as he couldn't start it when needed. We decided to start at 9 am after a small sleep. I was the one to wake up first at 1030 hrs - usual sleeping overdose.

    Day 1 -
    At 12 noon we were ready with bags packed, bike & camera borrowed, etc. As they say climax is always at end & we dragged another friend wihtout his permission. He was called from his sister's home by making me sick & requiring urgent care. He came running & to his shock found two of us packing his bag. Before he could start cursing us, I told him the whole plan with punchline - "Shree Krishna bula rahe hain, mana mat karna." The inevitable followed.

    Finally we started at 1430 hrs & could only speed up after Faridabad. I led the way as I was solo. The Avenger wasn't even visible for almost 70 kms from start. I slowed up a bit and was caught after sometime. Thereon we rode together. Our first break was at Hodal. Some snacks & rest to our body was nice. My twister mind set in pace & I started praising Taj Mahal. Other two understood what I meant and agreed for Agra.

    So we decided to go Agra first & visit Vrindavan on our way back. We had to cover another 110 kms for Agra. The NH-2 being gr8 we could constantly push bikes at 85-95 kmph & reached Agra at 1900 hrs.
    We stayed at a friend's place and also got a mini-dose from his Mom for coming on bikes.

    Day 2 - We left for Taj at 0600 hrs. It was sunday & crowd comprised mainly of foreigners. A walk around the Monument praising the beautiful gals present was nice. Some snaps, lazing around & we came out after two hrs. We headed straight to Vrindavan after b/f & reached there in two hrs. Vrindavan is full of Delhi people on sundays. One can notice that out of every 10 vehicles, 8 are from Delhi. We visited the famous Bihari Ji temple first & some other known temples as the people there suggested us. There are around 5000+ temples in Vrindavan.

    We started for Delhi at 1400 hrs. taking a break for lunch at a dhaba enroute. The distance wasn't much & we had time in our hands so didn't accelerate much. The whole road is a straight stretch & one can test the maximum speed at any point. We made back at our home at 1700 hrs.

    All in all, it was a nice short trip which has quenched my thirst for sometime atleast. I've attached some snaps which I hope are liked.

    I'll post about my Rajasthan trip sometime later in detail.

    Abhishek Bhatt

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