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getting bored doesn't always means that you can't enjoy : Trip to Sultanpur National

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  • getting bored doesn't always means that you can't enjoy : Trip to Sultanpur National

    Trip to Sultanpur National Reserve to make the day happening
    A boring Sunday morning started with some yawns and kicked with a plan to visit the Sultanpur National Reserve, the plan was not to see the birds but to rip the roads till we reach the destination.
    Sultanpur National Reserve is a bird centaury located at 40kms distance from Dhaula Kuan and 15 km from Gurgaon on the Gurgaon - Farukh Nagar Road where birds migrate in the month of October and November (winter time).
    The trip start time was at about 8 in the morning when I (scilent killer) and Prateekafter exam thing or the speed runthis was the only pic. in which in was able to catch a bird.....

    had a great time there and awesome masti....
    The tourer...
    tours done:
    bhanghar trip(tops the haunted place list)
    sultanpur trip(skipping city life)
    trip to kota,rajasthan(solo- 1193.7kms)

    destination Spiti(1835kms) [trip log sponsored]
    leans in Mussoorie(763kms) [logging soon]
    got leh'ed june,2012 [looging soon]
    waiting for next tour....
    dream destination: Leh (cold desert above the skies...)

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      @scilent killer: Nice one there. Although, Sultanpur is in the neighbourhood, but nonetheless good to see you traveling. And nice to see even Prateek doing it with you!


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        a nice little trip for day there.... Keep Tripping.

        - Ananth
        [email protected]


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          Sadly the lake/pond is no longer there. its dried out.. so you guys were lucky you got to see it in time!

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