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I want to go on a solo spring bike touring/packing trip.

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  • I want to go on a solo spring bike touring/packing trip.

    Food A. What are the best high-calorie foods to bring? If possible, how do you pack for days or weeks at a time? B. What do you do with your bike and all your stuff when you run out of your current supply of food+ everything else and have to stop in a store or restaurant? Theft is one of my main concerns on this trip.

    Electronics A. What should I bring? B. What about solar panels? C. What about battery packs?

    Camping A. Where can I camp for free or close to it without any problems? B. The majority of people will say stealth camping in response to the previous question. I've watched every relevant stealth camping video I could find, and I still don't think it's possible in a lot of places along the route. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but I don't want to have any problems there.
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    Yeah! I want to go!
    Let's go! mahjong online