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Thread: On Motorcycle - Travel Plan - Mumbai to Kolkata (10th September 2015)

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    Default On Motorcycle - Travel Plan - Mumbai to Kolkata (10th September 2015)

    G2V : The Plan - I | 31st August 2015 | 2:17 PM | 1040 words | 8-10 mins read | #P1

    Well, I believe it is a good idea to begin a story introducing characters and outlining the plot.
    The readers get to know upright what they shall be reading and for the writer it is a gentle push to initiate writing.

    Though, the respective reader-write role is a bit different here.
    The readers shall be actively participating, helping with suggestions for the trip, providing feedback to our ideas, participate in decorating the plot; being within the necessary boundaries.

    Brief Intro

    We are two riders, on a single bike, travelling from Mumbai to Kolkata on 10th of September, 2015.
    We are planning for a 5 day ride, bifurcating India in two parts cutting through five states:

    Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Jharkhand and West Bengal

    I am Tapo, maneuvering the beast. Its an RE Thunderbird 350, Flicker Black.

    Name:  the_ride_compressed.jpg
Views: 1454
Size:  100.2 KB

    If you haven't guessed yet, the water mark "Lenz View" on the image is the photographer's pen name.
    He is the other rider, a very observant and passionate photographer.
    We call him, Ajesh. I was perplexed knowing, for the first time, that people from his family call him Chotu; the guy being 6 feet 2!

    I am a software engineer by profession and so is Ajesh.

    I have resigned from my job a couple of months back (end of May 2015) and now leaving Mumbai, after staying here for almost 4 years; to join a group of programming enthusiasts in Kolkata. While Ajesh is taking a surprise leave from the office.

    The idea was contained for some time. Now, seemed the right time.

    So what's the plan?

    You guys must have figured out the pattern on first line of this post.

    G2V : The Plan - I | 31st August 2015 | 2:17 PM | 1040 words | 8-10 mins read | #P1

    Date and time indicates the time of writing this post.
    The last element idenfies the post with an serial id (P1).
    "The Plan - I" is of course the post's name and indicates our discussion agenda.
    It is more about how we are planning the travel-plan. I hardly get to read those elsewhere!

    So, what's G2V? Any guesses what's M2K? Yes, I am taking about the most historically significant and monumental sensations of the two metro cities of India.

    Gateway of India, Mumbai ---> Victoria Memorial, Kolkata.

    Here's the link for the lazy,

    Gateway of India :
    Victoria Memorial :

    We are first timers, tight on budget and want to make the most possible utilisation of the least available resources; this place is an wiki of experiences.

    We are optimistic breaking the first timer's jinx and liberate ourself by taking the road less travelled. I am sure it will be one hell of a ride.

    Highlighting 10 nodes of the route

    Mumbai -> Nashik -> Jalgaon -> Akola -> Nagpur -> Raipur -> Saraipali -> Raigarh -> Jamshedpur -> Kolkata

    Name:  itinerary_map_31082015.jpg
Views: 1442
Size:  98.8 KB

    We observed that this route is very less explored, also considering the means (motor cycle) we are using.

    I came across few good articles, though quite old,
    -- Ghumakkar's Diary: Ride to RM East 2011 : Part 1 - Mumbai to Kolkata (2480 km - 5 days ride) (writer travelled on motor cycle with group, while we are solo and a pillion and a different route)
    -- Kolkata To Mumbai Road Trip (on car)
    -- 1,200 Mile Happy Journey from Mumbai to Kolkata | Seize The World (on bicycle but I liked the other perspective)

    So, to sum it up, I did not come across as much information as I would like to have, compared to my other previous travel routes.
    I am assuming that this part of the country is comparatively less explored and I think it will be a good idea to grow a community and share as much data we can, that we gather during the trip.

    Large part of my day, in an engineering work is invested on designing ways to collect and make sense of the apparently trivial data. I could not think of a better opportunity to make use of my skill.

    In this way, we shall be able to help more people explore these unique parts of our country, with more validation.
    And, I am sure that people like me, who are holding themselves back for not going out and exploring, at least, this story will tickle their perception with possibilities, like mine was; knowing about others'.

    We have noted a lot of riding tips of pros, across the internet which we shall share in the upcoming posts.
    I would definitely like to have feedbacks on the information we hold.
    We shall also be sharing information about the terrain, roads and weather forecast of those places.
    We shall be discussing our probable expenditure plans and other riding constraints.
    We will talk more about the elements of this ride and discuss specifics of the data we are talking about.
    More importantly, we shall share more of our plans; the first timers' way of doing things.

    Ajesh is a great story teller and I believe he shall have his version of the journey too.
    The guy being a photographer, his stories have lots of natural eye candies.
    He already has some travel articles somewhere on the internet. May be in future I will share those links too.
    You guys shall have access to almost all the images clicked during the trip.

    Before finishing this post, since I mentioned "tight budget"; yes, we are actively looking for sponsorship or may be some ideas about having sponsored this trip partially.
    We would be grateful for any references.
    Saying that, I should clarify, even if we get a sponsorship or not, whatever it takes, we are going to finish this road trip.
    Personally, its not just about a trip but I always see myself evolving with challenging experiences.
    We just need to make few necessary trade-off with our comfort and may be letting go of the auxiliary safety gears.

    I would also like to share that we have an idea for getting some help from the RE officials. We shall be mailing them soon.
    Yup, I know about the feeble chances of ever getting a reply, but I am also confident realistically of never getting a reply if I never send a mail.
    This idea always holds me up during my periods of introvertish anxiety and dilemma.

    Keep Riding. Keep Sharing. Thanks.

    Note Ended: 31st August 2015 | 6:12 PM

    PS: Respectfully, I request you, not to reproduce this story for any commercial purpose unless we agree on a common term sharing the receivable benefits.
    Trust me, now I need them most.

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    Default Re: On Motorcycle - Travel Plan - Mumbai to Kolkata (10th September 2015)

    Topic Approved

    PM @MG he might have done this route or similar route.
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

    Give your details here if you want to help your fellow xBhpian stranded in your city

    Touring Blog: Cycling in Mongolia!

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    Default Re: On Motorcycle - Travel Plan - Mumbai to Kolkata (10th September 2015)

    G2V : Travel Eve - Update | 9th September 2015 | 10:15 PM | 130 words | 2 mins read | #P2

    The last few days have been quite eventful though not in favour of our journey.
    But we have decided to go for it no matter what and we are very much excited about the whole trip.

    Due to the business I have not been able to update this thread.
    And now, we have less than 8 hours before we kick off.
    So, I won't be able to write much now; although we have a lot to share.

    Before we start I just wanted to share our itinerary and an interesting route statistics.

    Name:  itinerary_plan_31082015.jpg
Views: 894
Size:  104.5 KB

    And here is the terrain information.

    Name:  itinerary_terrain_statistics_31082015.jpg
Views: 712
Size:  68.4 KB

    We have got a lot of support from the bhpians, so thanks a lot to all of you.

    We shall soon be updating more of our experiences.

    Last edited by btapo; 09-09-2015 at 11:22 PM. Reason: Grammar and unnecessary attachment removal.
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