Hi All,

Just an update on Continental Bazooka tyres.

Its been 20,000 Kms on this rubber and its been a great ride so far. The grip was so much similar to the MRF RevZ's till around 15000 Kms after which the grip started to deteriorate. The tyres started to lose its wet grip sooner than the dry grip. For the past 1000 odd Kms, the tyre gave me heart attacks on tight corners and even for a decent leaning it failed miserable to inspire confidence in me.
And now recently the tyre got bulged at various locations around its surface a so its high time to settle scores with Continental Bazooka at last.

Verdict :

The tyre is good and cheaper than MRFs. The grip is almost comparable with MRF RevZ but it lasts only till 15000 Kms. So if you are looking for a low-cost alternative at stock size I would suggest these tyres. Else look for MRFs or the Michellins.

Next Tyre :

The next tyre that I have chosen for my D200 is the "Ralco Speed Blaster 140/70". Yes I am downsizing on the rubber and I am going for SpeedBlaster because of my upcoming Leh venture in another 4 months. Also I thought 150 is an overkill for the Duke's 4 inch rims. So 140 is more like homecoming for the Duke and I'll update the experience ASAP.

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