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Thread: Tyre suggestions needed 4S Champion Project Bike

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    Default Tyre suggestions needed 4S Champion Project Bike

    I'm planning on getting new shoes for my bike. Currently, it's still running the commuter-y square-ish profile tyres it came with, courtesy of the previous owner. The only numbers I could scrounge up were 2.50-17 for the front and 2.75-18 for the rear. After some research, I figured out that I could technically get 70/100s on the front and 90/90s in the back. Since I'm new to this part of motorcycling, I would like some suggestions regarding what tyres to get. I want as much grip as possible and couldn't care less about the durability.

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    Default Re: Tyre suggestions needed 4S Champion Project Bike

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    Default Re: Tyre suggestions needed 4S Champion Project Bike

    If you are going for the 17 front and 18 rear setup then look no further than this combination - mrf zapper fy1 90/80-17 at front and mrf masseter x 100/90-18 at the rear.
    Else you can go for 90/90-17 or 2.75-17 at the front for which u have many options. Even you can opt for mrf zapper p which is 90/90-18 for the rear.
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