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Poll: Best Brand of Tyres : Members can choose multiple Options

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Thread: Tyres

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    Question Re: Tyres

    Hi Everybody,

    I have a Bajaj Pulsar 150 dtsi.
    Currently clocked 1,04000 kms

    I am looking to replace my tyres (existing Tyre Rear - MRF Zapper Q and Front - MRF Zapper FS).
    The tyre are tube tyres.

    Could you please help me in selecting the tyres ?

    I need a tyres with good Grip on the corners and on the wet road.
    Also, i heard about the new MRF Masseter Tyres (but they are soft compound)

    Another question is can i go for Tubeless tyres ?
    And does it going to effect my handling as well as the mileage ?
    Or should i stick to the tube tyres?


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    Default Re: Tyres

    hey guys.
    I finally changed my RS200 stock tyres today. I was mostly supposed to change the rear tyre but in the last 300 km, the front tyre started to feel skiddish and wobble a bit. was surprised to see such behavior since prior to the 300km, the front felt good but the rear felt a bit skiddish.The tyre dealer had told me i had another 1k km of conservative thread life left.( was hoping to change it before the monsoon). I was in a constant dilemma between mrf massater or pirelli sport demon. the michlien piolt street was too expensive and stock tyre,especially rear wasnt that great to begin with.

    Anyways, while asking my trusted dealer about tyre models he mentioned something called Pirelli Angle C.T. I've heard about the Angle GTs on my friends benelli and about sport demon and diablo rosso. Anyways a quick google search got me just a couple of reviews. Most video reviews were in Indonesian since these tyres were new and launched for the 300cc and below bikes(ninja300,cbr,R3etc) in Indonesia/Thailand first. The limited reviews seemed quite good and since it was a cheaper cousin of the famous Angle GT, i decided to go ahead even though no one here has had any experience.

    I went stock size for the front(100/80/17) and a slight upsize for the rear(140/70/17 vs 130/70/17)
    i'll upload pics below but the cost of the tyre are:
    100/80/17:- 2800/-
    140/70/17:- 4400/-
    i was getting sport demons for similar pricing from the official pirelli dealer however my 3rd party dealer told me that demons were out of stock in 140 size.

    installation was a breeze, i dint take side by side pictures of the old and new tyre as it was crowded and i was focused on ensuring a proper job was done. And i got june 2017 manufactured tyres, made in Indonesia! the tyre age seemed good enough for me but some other dealers were selling off 2015 sport demon /dragon to unsuspecting customers!

    Name:  IMG_20180111_175829584.jpg
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    from the looks point of view the wider 140 really enhances the look as compared to the 130s. You cant make out from the pics but it now has the bike bike look. :-D
    Now coming to the performance part. i have only ridden 20km till now,But boy do you feel the difference!! The bike just wants to lean now, wants you to bend that knee

    The stock tyres never had this feeling even when new and i know its not a placebo effect as i rode a friends 4k km old rs200 and it doesnt feel anything like this!. I know my tyres need to be run in but the dry grip is excellent and tyre warms up quite fast. The annoying skiddish feel on the white road marker lines has stopped now, something which the older tyres used to fail at.

    Ill be updating the tyre feel afer 500km but comparing it to the demons or massater, will only come to know if i do a side by side comparison.
    If the question arieses as to why i dint go for the cheaper masseter, well, the MRF dealers here asks you to remove the wheel from the bike yourself and refit. they only fit the tyre on the rim! the cost difference to do that plus transport the wheels to the dealer(the tyres shop and dealer were 1.5km away) was too small to ignore the pirelis.

    Fingers crossed these tyres hold up atleast for 15k km without any puncture, something that the stock mrf could be proud of.
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    Default Re: Tyres

    Hey guys!
    My Suzuki Gixxer recently completed 23K Kms and both the tyres have worn out. I checked out MRF dealers in my area but they all don't have the front 100/80 17 Nylogrip ZAPPER FX and quoted me Rs. 3.3K for the rear 140/60 R17 REVZ M.

    I also visited store that deals with CEAT tyres. They have 100/80 17 ZOOM PLUS F for front and 140/60 R17 ZOOM RAD for rear. The thread pattern is similar to stock tyre. They rubber also appears to be soft-medium compound.

    Since the stock MRF tyres aren't available I was thinking of going with the CEAT as I need a tyre change urgently.

    Does anyone here switched to CEAT on gixxer? Or used the mentioned tyre above?
    If so how is the experience? Particularly high speed grip and cornering feedback.
    And also how does the tyre perform in wet conditions and braking?

    Help please!! Shall I go with the CEAT or search some other places for stock MRF?
    I want to stick to the stock tyre size and not upsize.
    I'm from Goa and my budget is 5.5K.

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