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Poll: Best Brand of Tyres : Members can choose multiple Options

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Thread: Tyres

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    Default Re: Tyres

    Quote Originally Posted by theironhorse99 View Post
    try timsun.. they are selling in india and have some real good options and decent tyres.
    Will check the options. Thanks

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    Default Re: Tyres

    Quote Originally Posted by Sumazure View Post
    Yeah, with knobby tyres the grip on the sides will certainly be a compromise. I had not heard about Vee Rubber before but it looks good. Will check out availability.
    I was planning to change from stock street tyres to knobby tyres for two reasons. One was to switch over to better tyre options for touring in both tarmac and gravel roads. The RevZ Y which comes as stock is good but would like to explore some more options. The second reason was that I like the adventure bike look which the knobby tyres would give.
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    What if I go for a slightly lesser dual sport distribution (if that is the correct term) like 70% tarmac and 30% gravel / off road kind of tyres. I saw one Himalayan with a 17" wheel size with 120/90 dual purpose tyres from Ceat - Gripp XL. Although I have read reviews from users on the low wet grip in Ceat tyres.
    My front tyre hasn't completely worn out. Would I be able to give it off as exchange with the new tyres?
    Not just on the sides dude. Your top speed runs will need to be limited to below 100- 120kmph as a more agressive 70-30 tires usually don't grip tarmac, so braking distance increase, tires heat up because of low contact patch, and the knobs will wear out faster. Overall ride experience will be bumpy.
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    There are no short-cuts to any place worth going. So ride safe when you are treading uncharted roads.

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    Default Re: Tyres

    Friends, what are the options for alloys and tubeless tyres for the Honda Unicorn (2005) ?
    Are there after-market alloys available, since I dont want the 'directional' stock alloys.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Tyres

    Quote Originally Posted by Rambo1o1 View Post
    My previous post got deleted by mistake!!
    Anyways just to make things short. Has anyone heard about the pirelli angel CiTy?? I was on the lookout for pirelli sport demons but the dealers in my area either dont have in stock or they have 2015 stock.They were quoting 5k for 140/70 r 17 inclusive of fitting. I was being quoted 4.5k for the angel CiTy from a reputed multi brand dealer who dint have the PSD in stock.
    The mrf masseter are the only other option and they cost 3.8 but the mrf dealer will only fit the tyre on the rim, i would have to get wheel off the bike myself!.

    The angel City are a cheaper brother of the Angel GT so should be great but real experience would be much appreciated. Michelin are way above my budget of 4-4.5k and if i dont get new PSD for less ill change to the Angel City blindly.!
    though this reply is about a year late from your question but still,


    i bought PIRELLI ANGEL CT(city) 130/70 17and 100/80 17 around June end
    from amazon
    as I dont have any dealers nearby to supply Pirelli or Michellin..
    .. i had talked to the dealer personally about the tyres year of manufacture
    and checked about his showroom(banglore) in the net....
    he was a v.helpfull guy...recieved in good packed condition...

    I live in hilly regions of Uttarakhand
    & ride Pulsor 200ns
    I am an acceleration loving rider and accelerate v.hard, (well top speeds cannot be attained in hills)...
    and approx 30-40 km daily run

    i researced a lot on tyres and then went on to experiment
    with Pirelli Angel city(no reviews i could find)...

    now cutting short
    i put only rear tyre as front one still had 5-7k left in them...
    THE tyre is absolutely Amazing...

    👉🏻now to tell roads here are not that great... gravel and mud is frequent and also i just brought them before rains ...
    ✌🏻i got great response in turning in watery road,
    and it is still good in gravel and mud...
    👉🏻the grip is superb while accelerating and
    also while turning in bends...

    i earlier was using
    rear- mrf Revz Y 140/70 17...
    ( still front is MRF NYLOGRUP FX 100/80 17)
    i had a very bad experience with it,
    too much puncture prone
    and grip not good(bending and braking) despite being Radial and 140....

    now in angel city i have lot more *confidence in braking and bending and accelerating(inc.overtaking)...

    i have clocked abput 2500kms in 2-3 months
    including long trips towards plains 220 km a day...
    i felt comfortable even at around 120km/hr...
    gods grace~not a single puncture till now even in much gravelly road...
    tyre material is medium i suppose

    and pirelli claim that it is made for asian roads(official site) me it felt they are right on target...

    if some1 is thinking of changing tyres definitely go for PIRELLI ANGEL CITY
    you won't be a bit disappointed ...
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    Default Re: Tyres

    Guys, this is just out of curiosity, I was wondering how does changing tyre with different compounds affects fuel economy. I mean, switching from hard to sift or soft to hard, how does that affects the fuel efficiency.

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