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Thread: Buying and selling bikes within xbhp members

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    Default Buying and selling bikes within xbhp members

    I know this is going to be a complete off topic, but I just could’nt let go this thought before posting it here in xbhp.

    Some of the XBHP members do have the mighty powerful bikes while others dont have the moolah to buy the bikes which they would love to ride.

    They can buy the second hand bikes but they may not get the trust which they can get from other XBHP members.

    We have many xbhp members or their friends who love to buy bikes, use them and sell it off at a later point of time, so on this thread i feel who ever feels to sell of his or his friends bike they all can put the information here so the needy xbhpian members can go and buy it,

    Who knows one of the xbhp member may be looking to upgrade his bike with a second hand powerful bike and some other xbhpian friend in the same city selling a good bike..
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    Topic Approved, solved and locked

    There is a section (xBhp Classified) which is specifically for this. Only registered xBHp users can post ads there. 'Trust' etc is a serious issue when it comes to selling and buying these kinds of bikes because it involves a lot of money. So as stated, the classifieds is to be used for posting your adverts for selling or requirements for a motorcycle at your own risk (like any other marketplace). There is no fee whatsover.

    This thread wil also become a ground for promoting and selling bikes mindlessly, hence it is not being kept open.
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