Hello everyone,
I am new Pulsar 150 dtsi (2017) owner..or soon to be owner will get my delivery tomorrow..There are a few question in my mind which led me to bhp.

Firstly this my first bike and I'm a regular engineering student from mumbai..and this is the monsoon season..So I would like to know how to maintain my bike in the legendary monsoons of mumbai
There are a number of questions in my mind..
1.Run-in period...what speed should I ride at and what rpm..should the speed be constant or should it wary...?..
2.What parts of the bike should be covered and how?
3.Are riding gears necessary as i will be riding around 26km a day..i.e 13km each..So what riding gears should be brought..and approximately at what cost?
4.How frequently should the bike be washed and how?
5.Lubrication..how should the parts be lubricated to avoid rusting and drying..?

Right now i could only think about the above questions..
Please do add your opinions and advise...
Thank you.
P.S-Pre delivery check list..?