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Thread: Does age and responsibilty brings death to the biker soul inside us

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    Smile Does age and responsibilty brings death to the biker soul inside us

    there is a question running in my mind that we talk so much about bikes right from a 100cc to 2000cc bikes, but the big question how many of us really do biking after late 30's or after having their own families, majority of us cuddle in the car seats and when we look out of the driver window and see some youngster driving fast with a hayabusa we remember our old days and feel something is missing in this peaceful, relaxed seat of the car.

    I agree we buy big and powerful bikes when we are young but how many of us keep the faithful friend of us going till we retire, and how many of us like to relax in the comfy zone of cars.

    Our days change by we dont like biking in rains or driving 50 kms on bike where at one point of time we see our speedo touching 300 kms per day.

    I feel somewhere we kill the biker in us.we feel its enough driving for 10 years or 15 years and thats it.

    Why we feel our body cant handle the stress we could handle in our early 20s.

    Is it really age which stops us or is there a mental blockage which doesnt allow the biker inside us to be alive.

    Tomorrow 20 years down the line xbhp will be there and we may find our kids checking our articles and question us where is the biker soul buried.

    Do we have answers for them or are we really happy by killing the bikers in us.

    Waiting to listen from you guys

    I would love to hear from all



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    Topic Locked.

    How many times do you need to create the same topic, sir? This topic already exists. search of that perfect world - My Travel Blog :)

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