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Thread: Confused...whihc bike to choose...plz help

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    Default Confused...whihc bike to choose...plz help

    hii guyys...i m hritik frm mumbai....ii m an 18 yr old Fybcom student having 5'9 tall n 67Kgs bulk.
    i want a ride which shud boast reliability,great build quality,handling,engine refinement,decent power (i m nt a race junkey....i wont go over 110 normaly),looks shud be awesome n ya a lil bit of exclusiveness is definitely wanted...mainatainace hassle shud be as less as it can..milege is of secondry consideration but atlst it shud gimme something around 30-40 in city ...n ya my budget is around 100K as for now....n last but not the least i m one fairing savvy rit frm beggining....u knw i still remember those days wen my elder bro bought a yellow 2003 karizma n i was completely mad after tht....but as i was unable to drive bik tht tim....i cud just nly dream abt tht at the time...

    back to the Q..... i will use the bike mostly in city for college commute but occasional (once is a month) touring frm mumbai to som hill stations lik lonavala or matheran.
    as u can see my requirements n preferences cannot be fulfilled by cheap pulsars or apaches..(no offense the r good bikes but i dnt lik dem personally)
    nly yamaha,hh or honda r known for quality here in india...

    well if we see portfolios of bikes in these companies n my requirements i have shortlisted Yamahas's fazer n R15,HH's Karizma R n ZMR,....sadly honda's unicorn sports concept which i was waiting eagerly resulted into tht ugly honda is out of the league for now

    i must tell u tht i have learned biking som 2 months ago on super splendor of my dad n can now handle it pretty nicely

    so frm the abovementioned bikes HH karizma R is no longer tht exclusive with those age old looks n new one tht ZMr is really lik a blown up granny with loads of plastics n stickerd job with copied design from gsx1000 n hayabusa..i knw som ppl lik zmr a lot but i dont

    so i m left with tht fzer n r15 for now...

    Fazer was probably my first love wen i started my research on these has super manly looks with tht gorgeous fairing n wide broad tyres...i got to knew tht its touring bike which i was happy abt coz occasionaly i lik touring as mentioned above in the msg..i read lots of reviews all over n cam to knw tht its not a great tourer actually since its the sam engine of FZ which is great for city but not for i took the test drive of the bike to clear my doubts....first time i sat on machine n it was lik omg....its really givs u tht superbik i accerated past 2nd was okay but not as i hav cud have been faster but it wasnt tht bad for 150cc as said in reviews...its ride quality was great n speed was adequate..atlst it was better thn my frnd's hunk which i had driven earlier...fazer's pros wer its superbike looks....i really doubt tht nything looks better thn this is available in common price range.... its ridin position....its probably most comfy in indian market now....gear n clutch smoothness n engine refinement...but the things which wer putting me down wer no dual headlamps (cant turn both on w/o mod n if modded then battery issues,),not good for touring as said in reviews coz they say after 80 it vibrates...(i cudnt check tht coz in test drive i got only upto 3rd gear 40km/h in busy mumbai traffic) n in mumbai pune express way 80 is the minimum maintanable speed....

    then i drove R15 (after 3 days long wait coz dealer was very reluctant for a test derive of r15 but i somehow persuaded him for a 2km stretch)....first of all i thought its so tiny...i had to bent maself n adjust my legs backwards....but as i took handle in my hand... it was really lik a racing style n i like it....i had read many positive reviews lik technologicaly advanceness of R15 so i was more optimistic abt it thn fazer

    i ignited the bike n thanfully traffic was a lil less thn at time of fazer ride...i drove tht bike upto 70km/h in fifth gear....n it was a reaaly nice experience.....ride quality was great ....handling was even better thn fazer coz of the lightweight...acceleration past 60 was butter smooth

    i had made up my mind on it but then again there r pros n cons for all...n r15 is no exception...pros - truly r series looks,great performance ,lightweight,nice color choices

    cons - many ppl say tht seating position will result into bachache in long run,grippy but skiiny tyres,rear looks very ugly which is quite contrary to racing front looks...

    n yet to add confusion ********** published a news tht new r15 is gonna launch in jan 25...i guess the pic was specially made for me...fatter tyres n better rear looks was all tht i wanted.....still tht pular 135 lik mudguard is show ruiner but tht may hav the option of removal..current r15 cost arround 111000 in mumbai but i ll convince my dad for sheling out 11k mor than my budget although i hav no idea abt tht rumoured r15 's price...if its mor thn curent r15's price thn i may not buy tht

    so as for my requiremenst n preferences plz suggest me tht shud i got wid fazer or current r15 ....or shud i wait for new r15 or ny other new launchs in my budget...i can wait for 2months frm now plz keep tht in mind....i dont know if all of the above infos i have put above r true so plz feel free to correct them for me

    sry for asking lots of things at once but ths wht confused ppl do...dont they?...

    waiting for ur early reply.......

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    please write in a language which is readable to all. No sms language.

    topic closed.
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