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Thread: CBR250r or CBR150r?

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    Post CBR250r or CBR150r?

    Hi guys,
    I'm Rahul from Nerul, Navi Mumbai and I've been riding a Pulsar 150 DTSi (2006 Model) and now thinking of an upgrade. My immediate needs for a bike are mainly local travel and hanging out with friends, going out on local rides with them (average of 100-150km riding per week currently). I've been waiting for the CBR250r to release in India for some time now, but now that it has I'm seeing news that Honda is taking out the new CBR150r sometime around end of 2011.

    My Pulsar is still running quiet good owing to that fact that I don't do any stunts, etc. and can be used for another 2 years or so without any problems, says my Bajaj service center mechanic who's been taking care of the maintenance for it since I bought it. So essentially, I don't have any problem waiting till then end of the year.

    My main concern about CBR250r is the mileage. As stated in the bike specifications, CBR250rís factory calculated mileage is 28-30 kmpl. This I believe (personally) is low for me, as the way I ride in traffic Iíll probably get around 20-25 kmpl or maybe even less. In every other aspect Honda CBR250r is a Dream Bike for me. But as I'm seeing the new CBR150rís specifications, the mileage is is around 35-40 kmpl which is adequately sufficient for me and the power as overall seems as good as or maybe better than Yamaha R15.

    So back to my main question, I would like to know, if the power advantage that CBR250r has over CBR150r is better than the mileage advantage that CBR150r has over CBR250r.

    Thank you.

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    The CBR150 does not exist, at least till now. There are lots of bogus sites/blogs that will have rumors of an 'upcoming' bike that will beat all the existing bikes in performance as well as looks and mileage. but those rumors are just rumors. you can wait for years if you trust them.

    first decide what you wants from your bike, if the cbr250 or any other bike fulfills that criteria, go for it. otherwise, you'll never be able to buy any bike.

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