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If LEH (Offroad in general) is where you want to tread... wait for a bit. There have been some news of the CBR250R based CRF250L to come to India.

That machine can kick some mighty butt...
I think CFR250L will take some time to launch in India. Mostly will be unveiled at Delhi auto expo 2013. But will take 3-4 months to make it to India. Then the initial niggles have to be sorted out and might take about a year for that. Its a terrific off-roader no doubt but with 7.7 litres fuel tank it has a very short range. It has the same engine as a CBR250R. Which means PGMFI engine needs 2-3 litres of fuel always in tank. So roughly 4-5 litres of fuel for use translates to 200-230KM range assuming mileage is 35-40 KMPL. For riging to Leh one needs to carry 10-15 litres of fuel all the time as luggage. I don't think I'll go for it.

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Get a CBR250 remove the fairing - Use a TB 500 type projector setup (using a classic P150 type headlamp casing) -Return from the trip - Put the fairing back - Use the projector on the original fairing.
I'd rather ride the CBR250R as it is than do stuff which might void warranty.

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CBR150/250 for LEH:
So there are people who buy a sub 1.5 lac bike just to get Lehd. And then what do they do with it forever? I know someone who owns a N250R and still borrowed friend's FZ for the Leh Ride, let the friend keep the quaker for the period. And now he is happily riding back his quarter liter bike for his needs for which he bought it in first place ....
Sounds like a good idea. But I'd just want to buy one bike and ride it to Leh. If I want to do it in something apart from a CBR then I'd rather do it in my Stunner. The comfort is more on a CBR though and good amount of torque and FI engine.

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IN THESE 2 BIKES you better go for CBR 250R because it offers good torque which is essential for such terrain ........ you can also go in for tried & tested ZMA R & save money for riding gear..
No offense though, I somehow don't see the ZMA satisfying my long term needs. ZMA is a good bike no doubt but I've been smitten by CBR250R :-)