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Thread: apache 160 vs fz-s

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    Arrow apache 160 vs fz-s

    Hi All,

    Please suggest me which one of the two apache 160 or fz-s should i purchase ?
    i have heard that apache has vibrations whereas fz has got a poor mileage. I would also request fz owners to tell me the mileage they get.
    also in a long run which will incur less maintainance cost.


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    I am talking about FZs 2012 here so here it goes

    i don't understand why people say FZ has low mileage i get 55KMPL+ when ridden @ take the mileage part out from this SERIOUSLY PEOPLE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! .
    if you ride sensible then you don't need to worry about mileage but if you want to ripe it then its your wish.....

    coming to top speed FZS gives around 120kmph dats it.Tested by many people including myself!!!!

    No Rear Disc brakes!!!!

    Smooth Ride as always for Yamaha!!!! No crack sounds etc....

    No need to talk about Handling & Looks..... Superb!!!!

    Really Torque beast!!!! You will definitely come out first as soon as Green light is activated(Note:comparing only with other bikes in same segment)

    coming to lower maintenance cost Yamaha is the winner!!!!(You dont need to talk about Quality when it comes to Yamaha cause its always there and it shows too...)

    Although i didn't face any such situation the Rear monster tyre is not too good for rough road although in my daily commute 30% of time i am off roading!!!!

    So these are few points to list about FZs both pro's n con's

    One more thing if you are planing to use this bike in Highway's consider other options as this bike is good only for City use.

    Even i had few bikes in my list while buying went with FZs Flaming Orange!!!!!

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    First of all----Test ride. Test ride. Again Test ride.
    Mileage of both are more or less the same, between 40-45 kmpl.
    Decide first, what you are lookin for? A comfortable city rider, or pure performer??
    Was in the same situation 3 years back. I chose Power, over Looks and Comfort.
    Another great choice would be Pulsar 180( a Perfect blend between performance and comfort). And mileage is also same.
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