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Thread: Suggest some bikes

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    Default Re: Suggest some bikes

    Cngrats for your new bike buddy,,keep loving your bike and treat it like your family member. Bikes are the best friends of riders after their family members..
    Keep riding and do post pics of your new NS..

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    Default Re: Suggest some bikes

    Congrats bro on your decision. Ride safe.
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    Default Re: Suggest some bikes

    Quote Originally Posted by rocky1405 View Post
    Thanks a lot Guys for your opinions and suggestions. After going on a test ride on Apache RTR180, Fazer, Unicorn, Pulsar 200NS and 220F, Karizma ZMR I have come to a decision.

    Even though Apache RTR 180 and Fazer are very good bikes and well within my budget, I felt that they were small for my height. So removed them from the list.

    Even Though i am all for buying ZMR my family said no as soon as they saw the fairing on ZMR, as they feel it is a sports bike and i might get carried away by it and end up having an accident. So i gave in for them.

    Both Unicorn and Pulsar 220F have been there for long time and have proved themselves constantly. But as Unicorn has been replaced by Trigger, i dont like the look of trigger decided not to buy it and i fear the same will happen with 220F.

    So i have decided to go with Pulsar 200NS since it is relatively new to the streets and most of the issues since its release have been fixed now. Hope it will be a wise decision.

    By the way can someone help me what should be bought on a gears to be worn apart from helmet.

    Thanks a lot Guys.
    Congrats rocky.. go get the P200NS, and prepare to fall in love with it.. Good choice.
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    3 Things to remember: 1.Helmet 2.Low Beam 3.Enjoy every mile

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    Default Re: Suggest some bikes

    Hi Friends,

    Would like to give an update. After booking Pulsar 200NS, my friend gave me a suggestion to just have a look at Royal Enfield. Went there and instantly fell in love with the Bull. So cancelled my 200NS booking and went directly to the Royal Enfield showroom to book Electra 350.

    I know that it wasn't in my list of bikes and that its more than the budget that i initially planned for. But what the hell!! It is Royal Enfield

    The reason for my switch was i can do a lot of touring which i had initially planned even with 200NS very comfortably. Drive on highway without any second thoughts. When i test drove the bike even a Car let the way for my bike to pass when i pressed the horn. That feeling was really awesome. I feel this respect is something which only the Royal Enfield gets after seeing the way in which the traffic operates in India.

    Pillion seat will not be a problem as it was constantly the topic of discussion in my house when i had booked NS and it also complements my height and weight.

    So looking forward to many miles of touring with my Bull. There is a waiting period of 4 months. So expecting it to be delivered by March.

    The above is only my opinion. So forgive me if i said anything wrong. Thanks all for your help.

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