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Thread: suggest me bike best suited me best 180 or 160 and decent mileage ??

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    Default suggest me bike best suited me best 180 or 160 and decent mileage ??

    Hello Everyone !

    I love the bike Apache RTR but i have some points here:-

    Height: 5'3''
    Weight :56 kg
    Mileage: 45-50 (avg)
    Budget: 70-75 k max
    Looks: sporty ( I'm not a racer)

    1. I heard that bike has some vibs also grip is not good. Apache Tyre not good, i prefer wide Tyre in rear side.
    2. I also like R15 but it is too costly main thing it's millage is too less, i am daily office commuter.
    3. After Apache, Fz may be in the list too which is upcoming one blue look (in auto expo 2014).
    4. I love white Apache 180 non-abs because in Apache 160 white color black strips don't look good, but mileage is good in 160.
    5. Black color Apache 160 may be choice after Apache 180 white.

    Give me which bike will be best suited for me ??

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    Smile Re: suggest me bike best suited me best 180 or 160 and decent mileage ??

    Topic Approved.

    1. Yes, RTR's tyres are non grippy but they're ok for sunny weather commuting, and they last longer than other soft grippy tyres in the market.

    2. Whether you get better mileage figures from R15 or RTR, it completely depends on the normal speeds. Since you mentioned office commuter, I'm assuming slow speeds like 30-50 kmph or so, in which case RTR should deliver better torque and mileage both.

    3. FZ should also be good for your usage. But, it performs a bit lesser than RTR in the top end, and somehow so, in the low end too.
    I have ridden both, and FZ had good handling, but it did not have that excited engine, as compared to RTR's.
    But its a comfortable vibration-damped engine for long effortless rides. You can choose it if RTR's vibes are scaring you... Remember, highway mileage of FZ isn't quite that high.

    4 & 5. ok...

    I suggest you choose among RTR 160, Pulsar 150 & Hero Xtreme Sports. All these bikes should give you good enough performance with acceptable mileage too. RTR 160 is the most performing but test ride its Hyper Edge version, and see if you can live with the vibrations or not.

    If mileage is a bigger priority, you might go into the non sporty 150s like Discover 150, etc. which will easily better the mileage figure you want, with good torque and less gear changes.

    And for looks, plus all your needs covered, you can check out Honda Stunner 125. Not quite the performer, but a test ride should clarify more.
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    Default Re: suggest me bike best suited me best 180 or 160 and decent mileage ??

    For your height.. there wont be any better option than rtr.

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