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Thread: Touring Bike below 3L

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    Default Re: Touring Bike below 3L

    Quote Originally Posted by nadz11.ns View Post
    Well, no one suggested the Kawasaki Z250. The Kawasaki 250 motor has proved its worth over the decades. Install a wind-screen and you are good to go. Upright riding stance makes for easy riding. And it would cost slightly over ₹3L.
    Quoting this choice, the z has upright stance and most important thing which is not there on many bikes is a big petrol tank, all 17litres of it.And my friend who commutes on a ninja 300 at speeds of 100-110gets about 32-34kmpl, so the z should also give similar or little more mileage and that will take the range to about 420kms worst(with 30kmpl and 3litres reserve). One of my friend owning a ci350 and a gs, is also going for it by selling both.Do consider.

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    Default Re: Touring Bike below 3L

    Some of the pointers i got from well known tourers on xbhp:

    THINGS TO CONSIDER for a touring bike:

    * Reliability
    * Range or Decent FE
    * Comparatively less on maintenance
    * Comparatively cheaper parts to replace as in when needed
    * Longer service intervals
    * Plush suspension for our butter smooth indian roads (If you know what i am saying.. )
    * Cheaper set of tires to replace if you really are a mile muncher
    * Optional ABS good but not the sole criteria

    In my opinion a CBR 250R (ABS/NON - ABS) ticks all the boxes as:

    * Utterly reliable: There are CBRs in this forum which have done over 1.5 lakh kms without the need to replace the clutch plates yet!! @aargee sir has crossed 77,000 kms without any major niggles.

    * If ridden sanely @ 80 - 90 kmph a CBR can return a healthy FE of upto 40 [email protected] ltrs = 400 kms tank range otherwise, if you are throttle happy 34 - 36 kmpl is achievable easily.

    * Service interval is @ 6,000 kms doesn't cost moon to get it done. You may refer to the chart below to get an understanding of the things to inspect at a given interval:

    * Parts are relatively cheap for this category bike: Fibre panels are about 1000 - 1200 bucks per side, Coneset around 800 bucks, brake pads (NON ABS around 2k and for ABS Approx 3500), chain and sprockets OEM around 1900 bucks, valve shims approx 1200 - 1500 bucks.

    * FI bike with closed loop system and is LC. So no trouble for the rider to fiddle around with the carburettor when hitting higher altitudes, has happily roamed around in Ladakh without the riders from xbhp getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. can cruise @100 - 120+ kmph all day long without losing steam.

    * Suspension is plush and offers the rider enough protection against pot holed sections. The bike is definitely nimbler than an RE on the streets and on highway and is stable during high speed runs.

    * You can add better tires for improved handling and grip as stock contigos are the achilies heel for CBR. The best combination is PSD front and Michelin Pilot Street for the rear. Or else you may opt for Michelin Pilot street front and rear though at low speeds the handling may feel slightly heavy due to the profile of the Michelins. As a tourer you can further cut down the costs on the tires by opting for different combinations: Front MRF tyres (for Duke 200) and rear Dunlop Tuff Grip/Michelin/MRFs/Ceat "Dhoom" (crappy name but has ok reviews).

    * ABS offers a good safety net for newbie riders on wet and sandy roads in case of panic braking and has spared many riders from sliding off the road. That being said shouldn't be considered as an absolute alternate to mastering the art of braking. Same physics will apply to an ABS bike too. You can further enhance the braking by installing Galfer HH sintered brake pads (4k from US and UK and [email protected] Racing Store). They offer better and progressive bite and last twice the life of the stock brake pads on the ABS model.

    If you get the NON - ABS and want to improve the braking then replacing the front master cylinder from Bybre to Nissin from the ABS version and changing the stock DOT 3 to DOT 4 brake fluid will bring drastic changes with the progressive brake biting and response time for the same. Add steel braided brake lines and you have enough confidence to enter corner fast and do late braking too. But then that style is for fast enthusiastic riders not for a sedate tourer

    Inazuma even though a very good bike, after sales service and availability of spares is questionable. Z250 even though comes from a reputed brand like Kawi, spare parts cost is on the higher side. CBR spares are available in the North, North East and West corridor of india as well. I know it for a fact that Chennai has got good stocks of spares and so should Blore. Even if honda has closed the production for the moment there are plenty of spares and that too in different regions: that should give you some peace of mind.

    However, unless you are comfortable with owning a 2nd hand one, given the choice i would advise you to be patient and wait and see if Honda decides to launch the revamped 250R or the new 300R in the market in the first quarter of 2015 as there is bit uncertainty at the moment. If the rumours are true: the new 250R would offer approx 28.5 bhp, twin headlights and revised gearing for quick acceleration and if it is the 300R: well it offers you 30+ Bhps.

    My outlook for choosing a touring bike would be Cost of purchasing the bike + Maintenance cost + Fuel Cost + Proven track record for long distance riding in India i.e. "Fill it, shut it, forget it" approach.

    Hope this helps you narrow your choice easily..

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    Default Re: Touring Bike below 3L

    Quote Originally Posted by rreneav1987 View Post
    Going by your requirements, I would suggest the Inazuma.. Suzuki's refinement and reliability.. The only drawback or negativity of buying a Suzuki is the poor After Sales Service (ASS) they have build up with customers..

    but then, are we happy with the other manufacturer ASS?? They might not be as bad as Suzuki, but then they are bad too..

    The bike is very comfortable and a highway machine which can cruise and overtake a vehicle without strain..

    If you are ready to compromise on comfort (of course you can get the seats changed with better cushion) I would suggest the Duke 390.. enough power to run all day long without having to worry about the strain to the engine.. the sitting stance is simply perfect and the weight of the bike is less.. Test Ride the bike to see how it feels for you. If you are going to take a pillion with you, then forget about the comfort

    Have you given a thought on the Karizma siblings??
    There it is, the subtle hint towards the Black pearl .
    I was so tempted to say that but avoided because I knew many would say no to the idea, our beloved mile munching machine is not even considered nowadays

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    Default Re: Touring Bike below 3L

    Consider between Inazuma and CBR 250(ABS). I'm a little apprehensive about Inazuma due to the sudden confusion of the model from Suzuki India's website. You also don't know whether you'll find spares all over the country. This thing coupled with lack of Suzuki ASS are probably the only drawbacks of Inazuma. Otherwise it's one of the best tourers for Indian conditions.
    Almost everything else has been said about CBR250. Pretty low-profile bike which does the job decently enough. The plus point for CBR is Honda's service centers(Honda ASS is pathetic though - that's another story) and availability of spares across the length and breadth of the country.

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    Default Re: Touring Bike below 3L

    If your in Karnataka then inazuma definitely a good buy. Aaryan Suzuki has a ton of branches across the state and have their tech move around cities for giving service. I know this cos the guys service my busa and he is sent to service bikes in Mangalore. Hassan. Belgaum. Mysore. At least what he tells me

    +919986638067 shiva speak to this guy he is th ASC supervisor and tech for SBK's n the multi cylinder bikes
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    Default Re: Touring Bike below 3L

    Quote Originally Posted by shashank ashwin View Post
    There it is, the subtle hint towards the Black pearl .
    I was so tempted to say that but avoided because I knew many would say no to the idea, our beloved mile munching machine is not even considered nowadays
    Yeah agree with you on that! Seriously under-rated bikes i must say. Mileage is one of the most important factors in order to make your trip economical. Even a 5kmpl difference would make a huge difference on the budget. Being one of the most fuel efficient bikes in it's segment and above, i dunno why it's not even considered, let alone giving serious thought. lol!
    But if mileage has no priority, then definitely, i too would suggest going for CBR. But it's still a mystery for me as to why the sales figures of CBR are so low?
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