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Thread: Touring Bike below 3L

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    Default Touring Bike below 3L

    Hi! I have been a follower of this forum for about a year and a member for a few months. I've put off posting this question to avoid repeating it but haven't found a satisfactory answer in either the What Bike section or the Ownership reviews.

    I am 29, 5'6" and about 60kgs. Reasonable amount of biking experience including Ladakh via Manali and back (on an RE CL 500). I learnt riding on RX 100s and CI Bullets before I owned one.

    I ride with a group of friends who own REs. I am looking at trips of around 500-800 Kms usually and maybe once in a while, a trip like Ladakh or Spiti or even the NorthEast.
    My problem is that since owning the CL 500 I am not satisfied with it. Given that it is more reliable than older CI Bullets, but it just doesn't seem like a good , reliable bike. Having a budget of anything less than 3L, what would be a good tourer ? Although I have considered the options available (Inazuma, Dukes, CBRs, Pulsar 200NS, Yamaha R15) , what specifically do they bring to the table at those higher prices compared to say a GS150R or a Unicorn ? Power , definitely yes, but riding with a group of REs, high speeds are definitely not on the cards for the rest of the group. I am looking more towards higher ride comfort and reliability at sub-100 speeds , the speeds we usually do. Plus me being slighter built, a lighter bike than the RE would be very desirable (although managed to pick it up at failed water crossings more than once) .

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    Default Re: Touring Bike below 3L

    Query Approved

    A 50k bike and 3L bike are not just differentiated by power. The quality of parts, finishing and pretty much everything are chalk and cheese.

    That being said, i cannot think of any bike i would buy currently below 3L which can be described as a 'tourer'. It is a different matter that we buy pretty much any bike we like and tour on it!

    So your search for a proper touring motorcycle will come up with nothing. But you pick a bike which does a little bit of everything reasonably well and that makes a reasonably good tourer!!!
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    Default Re: Touring Bike below 3L

    Going by your requirements, I would suggest the Inazuma.. Suzuki's refinement and reliability.. The only drawback or negativity of buying a Suzuki is the poor After Sales Service (ASS) they have build up with customers..

    but then, are we happy with the other manufacturer ASS?? They might not be as bad as Suzuki, but then they are bad too..

    The bike is very comfortable and a highway machine which can cruise and overtake a vehicle without strain..

    If you are ready to compromise on comfort (of course you can get the seats changed with better cushion) I would suggest the Duke 390.. enough power to run all day long without having to worry about the strain to the engine.. the sitting stance is simply perfect and the weight of the bike is less.. Test Ride the bike to see how it feels for you. If you are going to take a pillion with you, then forget about the comfort

    Have you given a thought on the Karizma siblings??
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    Default Re: Touring Bike below 3L

    we do not have any dedicated tourers or adventure tourers in that price range.

    however, suzuki Inazuma is can be a good tourer but since it is taken off the website of suzuki india, its future is unknown, so you may have hard time finding its spares in a few years. so i will say avoid it.

    CBR 250 is a good choice, sufficient power and torque for indian roads, soft suspension offers plush ride over potholes, liquid cooled, good engine etc makes it best choice. you can opt for it or wait for CBR300 if it comes.

    Pulsar 200NS is also a good bike.

    and the options end here.

    you can try upcoming Pulsar 400SS if you like.

    if you can live with a smaller tank, try the dukes.

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    Default Re: Touring Bike below 3L

    Inazuma- reliable twin cylinder, refinement, comfort, xcelent suspension, plush ride, top notch fit n finish, can cruise all day long at 80-110kmph without breaking a sweat.

    CBR- with a good set of tyres, it is a mile muncher, plush suspension, it has slight forward riding stance, good highway tool. Honda reliability. U feel like u are riding a much more powerful n improved karizma which is not bad at all in my opinion.

    Duke- it can be what u want it to be. I own D390.
    Positives- Suspension for corner carvers, tyres, ABS, all digital speedo, high revving single, can withstand abuse, light weight, aggressive engine, superb handling, nimble, fast, engine may seem unrefined due to it's unique note but it is it's character, covers distances at amazing pace, can wallop anything moving on 2wheels to the south of upto 5lacs.
    Negatives- not a bike for all, small tank range, engine braking on deceleration will take time to get used to, stiff suspension, stiff clutch, rear set footpegs can be worrying initially, comfortability on this bike is subjective, has few niggles which are being sorted out by ktm, more reliable than RE's but do not expect it to be on par with the japs.

    R15- track tool, can tour, reliable n proven engine, best 150cc out there, can keep up with RE's without any problems, forward riding stance, great handler, stylish.

    P200ns- most affordable for what it offers. All rounder, easy to own n maintain.

    Note- all the above bikes have their own pros n cons, u can tour on any bike with slight modifications as per your needs. There is no such specific touring bikes within 3lacs in India. As someone said "it's not the bike, but the biker". All the bikes u have mentioned below 3lacs can easily keep up with RE's n even out perform. Pick the bike which ticks most of the boxes for u.

    Goodluck :thumbup:

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    Default Re: Touring Bike below 3L

    I would suggest CBR 250 (bulletproof reliability) + pillion comfort + wider tyres (replace the continental tyres with pirelli diablo rosso) under 3 lakh but slightly heavy and fairing may break due to fall which u already had , Duke 390 suits best, good tyres (metzeler, its a sub brand of pirelli I guess ) pillion seat can be easily cushioned , less damage due to fall cause of no fairing, and its easily customisable as per needs. I would suggest duke with windscreen mod and pillion seat + luggage mod. Also its lightest bike in its class be it inazuma or CBR or ninja 300

    Also abs in duke 390 is most helpful in downhill riding. So considering ur weight,height, better buy a lighter bike than a heavy cbr or inazuma, wind blast issue can be solved by windscreen mods. CBR 250 is tried and tested but if it gets discontinued, parts might be a problem.

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    Default Re: Touring Bike below 3L

    CBR 250..all the way...Inazuma (Considering Suzuki's A.S.S), I am not 100% confident as they are just growing. CBR should be an idea choice , with ABS, best package available, should be pocket friendly as well...
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    Default Re: Touring Bike below 3L

    Hello sir,

    to answer your first question about what do Duke, CBR and R15 bring to the table which a Unicorn or GS150R does not.. is simply the technology, build quality and reliablity.
    These bikes have very good robust and butter smooth engines, and are made to run all say long without breaking a sweat. They'll run circles around a bullet without any problem. There are so many sensors and computers monitoring the bike's engine, that it gives optimum performance in any condition. If it is cold the temperature sensor will tell the fuel injection system to make air fuel ratio rich to help the bike start in cold mornings. If the temperature gets too hot the radiator will start to circulate the coolant to cool down the engine and start the raditor fan to further bring down the temperature. There is no need to adjust the carb everytime you go near a hill, the fuel injection system automatically changes the AFR according to the environment. It calculates and delivers the exact amount of fuel to the engine and it all happens in milli seconds.

    If I were to suggest a touring bike, it would be the CBR250R with ABS. A perfect combination of power, comfort and reliability. It has good proven engine, very comfortable seats, straight seating posture and the fairing helps reduce the wind blast at high speeds.Can do 100+ all day long.

    If you can wait a few months, CBR300R is coming.

    Inazuma is good but costly, and you wont get service centers everywhere.Even the big cities have just 1 or 2 service centers, forget about samll towns and rural areas. getting Spare parts few years down the line will be a problem.

    Duke 200 and 390 are good for a single rider,but not pillion friendly. Also the short gear ratios might be irritating in long tours. you'll also face wind blast at high speeds because these are naked street bikes, and it will tire you out quickly.

    R15: I own one and it is fantastic if you are alone because the pillion seat is just useless, it will be a nightmare if you take a pillion with you. everytime you touch the breaks, the entire weight of pillion will come down on your shoulders and wrists and they will pain like hell even after a week of tour(I took a pillion once for about 110kms, and vowed never to do it again). The seating is aggressive and you'll have to bend quite a bit to reach the handle bars. So if you are fit and dont have a history of back pain, its pretty good. I sometimes travel about 200-250 kms a day, and am pretty comfortable doing it as long as I don't have a pillion.

    As for performance, it will do 100+ all day long without any problems. and being just 150 cc its the cheapest among the above listed bikes and you get the maximum mileage (40- 45 kmpl).

    Take test rides and then decide.
    Happy bike hunting. Ride safe.
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    Default Re: Touring Bike below 3L

    CBR250, though I'm sure the future is not so promising for the bike. Maybe the upgraded CBR250 or the all new CBR300 on the cards? Then again, no specific timelines.

    Alternatively, Inazuma won't be a bad choice either. With a fly screen added would sure be a mile muncher.
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    Default Re: Touring Bike below 3L

    Well, no one suggested the Kawasaki Z250. The Kawasaki 250 motor has proved its worth over the decades. Install a wind-screen and you are good to go. Upright riding stance makes for easy riding. And it would cost slightly over ₹3L.
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    Ride safe and have fun.

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