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View Poll Results: Duke 200 or Duke 390 (with respect to City traffic, Issues, Heat gen, fun part)

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Thread: Duke 200(Orange) or Duke 390(White) ??? Very much confused.

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    Default Duke 200(Orange) or Duke 390(White) ??? Very much confused.

    I am sure there are guys who have used both Duke200 and 390. I need your suggestion in selecting one of these bikes. Have been reading many threads about these but not able to come to a conclusion which one to go for.

    1. City Riding in Bangalore traffic conditions (planning to take it to office once a week - 70kms both ways)
    2. Occasional long drives not sure though (assuming max twice a year)
    3. Does 200 has lesser problems compared to 390 in terms of over heating and other problems related to this?

    Most of the threads suggests duke 200 but i am inclined towards 390 because of abs, the sticky tires and orange frame and alloys

    Would love to hear from the users.

    Thanks and i appreciate any comments and suggestions.


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    Default Re: Duke 200(Orange) or Duke 390(White) ??? Very much confused.

    Query Approved
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    Default Re: Duke 200(Orange) or Duke 390(White) ??? Very much confused.

    I have ridden both bikes, though briefly.
    Even I am planning to get one of these or a CBR250R very soon. Here is what I felt when I rode the dukes.

    Duke 200 is a very good bike. Fun to ride, balanced, and cuts through the traffic.
    DUKE 200 :
    Pros :
    1. Cheaper
    2. Mileage
    3. Lesser maintenance (like tires cost much lesser)
    4. Fewer issues reported on internet (so I feel more reliable)
    5. Greater Tank Range (because of greater mileage).

    Cons :
    1. No ABS
    2. Tyre not as good in rain or sand
    3. Lesser power,speed and acceleration.
    4. Need to shift gears a lot in heavy traffic.

    Duke 390 I felt is more suited, if you feel you will be riding on open roads, or at least not as congested roads (like in Marathalli or Whitefiled in the evening).
    DUKE 390:
    1. More speed and acceleration.
    2. ABS
    3. Better tyre
    4. Lower seat height (just a bit : duke 200 - 810mm, duke 390 - 800mm)

    1. Heavy Clutch - I found the clutch heavy, and felt that in stop-and-go traffic, it may be a problem. I maybe wrong, and maybe you will get used to it.
    2. Lesser mileage, and hence lesser tank range (though it has an capacity of 1 L over the duke 200).
    3. Many buyers have pointed out issues like cracked wheels, etc. I don't know if they have been rectified in any recent batch.

    For me, I like to go for weekend rides to places around Bangalore. So a lesser tank range, was a problem for me.

    I have been using my friends CBR250R for a while. If you are not completely sold on the dukes, TR the CBR250R too.
    Whatever bike you get, ride safe and enjoy.
    And do keep us posted. Many people I know have the same dilemma as you.
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    Default Re: Duke 200(Orange) or Duke 390(White) ??? Very much confused.

    Considering your requirement of riding in Bangalore traffic, the D200 will be a better option. It has better low-end rideability than the D390. For truly enjoying the 390, you need wide open roads.

    I have owned the D200 for 2 years and it's a blast in traffic. Also great for occasional long rides. And you get better efficiency too. The 390 will be more relaxed obviously at high speeds though.

    And if you want those orange wheels and frame, you can always get them painted on the D200.

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